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Issue 16 of Landscape Photography Magazine is now available for download. The redesigned magazine includes an interview with Colin Prior, a guide to long exposures, an article on finding your personal style and many more articles, tips and techniques. Note that the full contents of Landscape Photography Magazine are available to subscribers only.

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Press Release

Issue 16 of landscape photography magazine is out now.

Landscape Photography Magazine has been re designed and now offers a brand new and vibrant look. Our top class stories, articles, interviews, advice and tutorials remain the same and as always, highly inspirational.

We are promoting imagery from landscape photographers worldwide. We are also showcasing some spectacular landscape locations in great detail for all to visit.

It makes no difference if you are using a large format or a compact camera, the magazine welcomes everyone the same way. We are here to help each other improve and make sure that Landscape Photography will be here for ever and remain one of the best and most inspirational genres in photography.

This month’s contents include: Interview with Colin Prior, A guide to long exposures, Finding your personal style by Guy Tal, Dynamic range and Lightroom 4 and many more articles, tips and techniques. Note that the full contents of Landscape Photography Magazine are available to subscribers only.

And of course, some exceptional landscape photography sent in by our readers. These are just some of the subjects we are analysing in depth.

A magazine full of inspiration.

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#1 arnaldo

learn photography easily.earn money without sweating.plain and

1:14 am - Saturday, June 2, 2012

#2 Steve Schadt

Thanks for doing all this work - it's appreciated. Your site and mag are hugely valuable...

Steve Schadt

3:03 am - Saturday, June 2, 2012

#3 Coffee

I really don't know what to think about some of the images that pass as landscape photography these days. On Landscape Magazine's home page ...

... there's an unreal, dream-like looking image of a group of steep, rocky mountain peaks rising out of some kind of blueish-white mist. While this "photo" certainly looks attractive it doesn't resemble anything I have ever seen in the real world and I doubt human eyes have ever encountered such a scene on this planet. Underneath the "photo" it says that "long exposure and the latest technology in filters" are the tools of choice to create such surreal effects. I suspect there's also a good deal of "post-production" computer-based processing involved. But I'm wondering where's the point in all of this? If people want to create surreal and sanitized looking images, why not leave the camera in the bag and do all the work Pixar-style at the computer? I'm not denying or even criticizing the legitimacy of such heavily manipulated images. But I think they shouldn't be called photography.

Personally, I find the gritty beauty of our real environment much, much more attractive than any such a visual fiction can ever be.

2:56 am - Monday, June 4, 2012

#4 Dimitri


To really understand about the image you are describing and the process behind it, you will need to read the article inside the magazine.

As for the attraction of the image, remember that different people have different taste, our world would be dull and grey if we all liked the same things and had the same taste.

12:42 pm - Monday, June 4, 2012