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LG SecretThe LG Secret is a new 5 megapixel camera-phone that can also shoot DivX video at 120fps. At just 11.8mm thick, the LG Secret is the slimmest 5 megapixel camera phone on the market. Photo and video editing features include facial editing and SmartLight, a feature that automatically adjusts the picture’s light settings. After its European launch, the LG Secret will be launched in Asia and South America, followed by the rest of the world.

LG Electronics Press Release

LG’s Secret Unveiled

LG launches its third Black Label Series handset

London, UK, 24 April, 2008 - LG Electronics, a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, today announces the global launch of its third LG Black Label Series handset, the LG Secret (KF750).

Boasting style that lasts, the LG Secret has been specifically developed to satisfy the refined tastes of trendsetters who desire a sophisticatedly designed, yet durable handset. Following the success of its predecessors, the LG Chocolate and the LG Shine, this third model from the LG Black Label Series is as feature rich as it is stylish. At just 11.8mm thick, the LG Secret is the slimmest 5 megapixel camera phone on the market.

Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications, says, “Trends in the mobile phone market prove that today’s discerning consumer is looking for the ultimate mobile experience – style and substance. The great success of the previous LG Black Label Series models proved this and the LG Secret continues this style led technology legacy.”

Timeless style
The LG Secret will always look as new as the day of purchase thanks to the materials used to make it. Its casing of carbon fibre, one of the strongest composite materials used for aircraft and high-performance cars, adds to the handset’s durability. Its tempered glass LCD adds sheen and strength, as well as shielding the phone’s screen, and its neon touch navigation buttons sensitively respond to commands with a luminous blue light.

Timeless memories
As well as being the slimmest 5 megapixel camera phone, the LG Secret boasts the ability to take video at 120 frames per second and DivX® certified recording. Timeless moments can be edited with powerful photo and video editing features, including facial editing and SmartLight™, a feature that automatically adjusts the picture’s light settings. Users can also create their own music videos using the phone’s Movie Maker software.

Timeless entertainment
The LG Secret’s outstanding entertainment features take advantage of the phone’s touch-screen - users can access five multimedia functions which include music, photos, games, documents, and the FM radio. In addition, users can simultaneously flick through photos on the screen while listening to music. Microsoft documents can be opened easily and the handset is loaded with a Google package that enables the user to surf the Internet, log into Gmail, use Google Maps and watch YouTube videos.

Timeless convenience
Using Bluetooth, the LG Secret automatically synchronises with PCs without the need to use USB cables. Images can be viewed both horizontally and vertically using the phone’s auto rotating display, and the screen’s lighting adjusts to ensure that it is always clear. In addition, the phone also comes with Voice Clarity technology that guarantees perfect sound quality in every environment.

After its European launch, the LG Secret will be launched in Asia and South America, followed by the rest of the world. Please visit the LG Secret Microsite at http://secret.lgmobile.com

About LG Electronics, Inc.
LG Electronics, Inc. (KSE: 066570.KS) is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications, employing more than 82,000 people working in over 110 operations including 81 subsidiaries around the world. With 2007 global sales of USD 44 billion, LG is comprised of four business units - Mobile Communications, Digital Appliance, Digital Display and Digital Media. LG is the world’s leading producer of mobile handsets, flat panel TVs, air conditioners, front-loading washing machines, optical storage products, DVD players and home theatre systems. For more information, please visit http://www.lge.com.

LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company (LG) is a leading producer of UMTS (WCDMA), CDMA and GSM handsets. LG draws upon its cutting-edge technology and innovative handset design capabilities to create a higher quality mobile environment for its customers around the world. With a total range of wired and wireless solutions, LG is rapidly expanding its presence and market share in the global mobile industry. For more information, please visit http://www.lge.com.

LG Secret

LG Secret

LG Secret

LG Secret

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#1 lampard

Great mobile having many features on it.
1)5 megapixel camera.
2)Easy to shoot DivX video at 120fps.
3)LG Secret is the slimmest 5 megapixel camera phone in the market and many more.After launching this mobile will capture the market very easily.

1:42 pm - Saturday, April 26, 2008

#2 LG Secret

Great looking phone and nice review, the touchscreen and slide make this a far better device than the Viewty.

9:01 pm - Thursday, May 8, 2008

#3 sam

how much is the LG Secret - LG KF750 ? in american money or canadian money

6:00 pm - Sunday, May 18, 2008

#4 Andy

I've just ordered mine sim free from mobile fun - £359.99 - they are showing that they are in stock. I've spoken to customer services and they say that mine has been sent out now and should be with me tomorrow. i got mine from this site http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/product/16442.htm

9:58 am - Friday, May 23, 2008

#5 Chris Sullivan

The LG Secret was launched in the UK on Friday 23rd May. I received mine on the day of release (under contract to 02).

The phone has a good look and feel, it is very weightly and appears to be well put together. The box and packaging is very stylish and along the lines of the iPhone (plenty of black !).

The phone has lost of great feature but also some infuriating features. The manual is badly written as it skips a lot of important detail. As regards the camera settings when using either the video or photo camera settings revert to the default. The manual informs you that you must select "save" in order for the phone to remember your custom settings. Unfortunately you are never presented with a save option !

The quality of video (at standard frame rate) is good, as are the quality of the photographs. This is not so when the best / optimum settings are not selected i.e. the gimmicky 120fps.

The flash (where required) is sufficient for most applications.

The battery life (so far) after a lot of use is also very good. I'd just feel happier if there was a case that came with it or if the lens were better protected. Apart from that a quality and fun phone.

6:34 pm - Monday, May 26, 2008

#6 LG Secret

I wish they'd hurry up and release this mobile phone on the Three network otherwise Orange is going to get my business! Has anyone actually used the 3G feature on it?

6:19 pm - Thursday, June 12, 2008

#7 tot

Here are some of the useful links that you may find relevant:

1. To download a soft copy of your handphone manual - http://www.lostmymanual.org (it's free!)
2. To download free games and applications for LG phones especially Secret, Viewty and Voyager - http://viewty-resource.blogspot.com

I'll add more useful reference sites as I find more along the way. Hope this helps! =)

2:39 pm - Sunday, June 22, 2008

#8 Maik


ich habe gerade dieses Video gesehem, wo gezeigt wird, dass angeblich LG Secret unzerstörbar ist. Stimmt das?
LG Secret Video

Gruss Maik

8:53 am - Tuesday, June 24, 2008

#9 Satya

Really good article. I have been following your blog for last 3 months. You have good knowledge
on Mobile(cell phone) Industry and happenings. Please continue the good work. Thank you.

5:08 am - Wednesday, October 15, 2008

#10 Daniel

..can you please help me,i have a LG Secret and the camera shots that i take..well they are not good,they are poor. I think that the settings are ok but maybe,i set them wrong. Can you please help,becouse pictures are horible!!!

4:18 pm - Saturday, January 3, 2009

#11 Electronics Product

Electronic and information technology" is a term used in the 1998 amendments to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The term is used to define the scope of products covered under Section 508. Section 508 requires that electronic and information technology that is developed, procured, maintained, or used by the federal government be accessible.

2:26 pm - Saturday, February 21, 2009

#12 LG Arena

Really nice phone and good review, although Im now looking at the arena as the LG handset to have!

3:28 pm - Friday, March 20, 2009

#13 Sean

The best phone I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Versatile and sleek. All my previous phones would not support the video files I wanted to play on my phone, but this one never fails me and allows me to carry my full video library around with me on the 8gb memory card that came free with it. I'm not interested in any oher phone now, this is the ideal phone.

9:08 pm - Saturday, March 28, 2009

#14 LG Review

Better phone than the viewty, but Ive heard LG are releasing the viewty 2 which looks better than both!

2:56 pm - Monday, March 30, 2009

#15 http://www.topmobilephonereviews.co.uk/lg-kf750-se

The Viewty 2 is now out and it is a great looking phone. Definitely worth giving a go.

8:24 am - Friday, September 4, 2009

#16 LG Secret

Just saw that the viewty 2 is not avaliable yet...sorry guys

8:26 am - Friday, September 4, 2009

#17 Anne Johnstone

Help! how do i bulk delete text messages from my LG secret i cant seem to find out how to and deleting one by one is driving me mad!!

4:47 pm - Wednesday, October 7, 2009

#18 amna

hello jat cel,i ve got that cell fone , i was using that,, but now its not turning on ,,,i am in pakistan and dnt know from where to make it re[air,,
its awsome mobile

5:54 pm - Thursday, March 25, 2010

#19 tabitha

how much is this phone i want to get it ????

1:38 am - Friday, July 2, 2010

#20 SIM Free LG Mobile

Do you want to buy a lg mobile phone before christmas, just go to this site http://www.bizrusonline.co.uk and buy your product.

1:45 am - Sunday, December 21, 2014