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December 18, 2013 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Software | Comment |

Interealtime have launched Light Boost, an iOS app promising "brighter, clearer photos and videos in low light." There are three low-light exposure modes on offer. Light Mode, which "instantly boosts brightness while preserving image clarity," Night Mode, which enables long exposure times and Grain Reduction Mode, which uses a noise filtering algorithm to produce cleaner images. Other key features include live shutter speed and sensitivity display and separate locking of exposure, focus and white balance.Light Boost is currently available at a 50% discount on the iTunes App Store.

Interealtime Press Release

Light Boost: the cure for dark, grainy photos - For iPhone and iPad

As the world's most popular camera, the iPhone takes great photos and videos - except at night, when shots turn dark and grainy. Light Boost is a new app that's designed to help. Take a photo or video with Light Boost using its easy one-touch controls and it'll be brighter and less grainy. In very low light, Light Mode brightens the image, Night Mode enables long exposure times for dramatic improvement, and Grain Reduction reduces image noise. The result is spectacular performance.

Cheshire, United Kingdom - UK-based app developers Interealtime today launched Light Boost, a brand new light boosting camera that takes brighter, clearer photos and videos in low light. It's a universal app that works on both iPhone and iPad. Having built the first night vision app for iPhone with realtime image enhancement (True NightVision) and the first true long exposure app for iPhone (NightCap), their new offering promises the best possible performance in all conditions, from merely indoor to moonlight.

Light Boost offers a fine balance of high performance and ease of use. Simply open the app and take a photo or video, and in low light the results are consistently brighter and less grainy than the regular Camera app.

In very low light, Light Boost has additional tricks to squeeze every last bit of performance from the camera:

* Light Mode instantly boosts brightness while preserving image clarity
* Night Mode puts the camera into a special mode optimised for ultimate low light performance
* Grain Reduction Mode helps reduce image noise
* Zoom control (camera-style for easy, smooth zoom)

In Night Mode, photos get much longer exposure times which give the camera more time to absorb light - 5-15x more light, depending on the iPhone or iPad model. For video, on recent devices the camera is put into a special mode that works at a lower resolution but massively increases sensitivity. Light Boost also uses Dynamic Framerate, reducing frame rate automatically to boost brightness even more.

Light Boost includes a full set of pro tools too:
* Live shutter speed and ISO display
* Quick, separate locking of Exposure (EXP), Focus (FOC) and White Balance (WB)
* Adjustable Light Mode exposure compensation and Grain Reduction

App Features:
* Designed to out-perform the standard Camera app in low light
* Designed for easy, automatic use: simple, 1-touch controls for all major features
* Designed for quality too: full resolution photo and video output on all devices
* Universal app that runs on both iPhone and iPad
* Clear, easy to use, uncluttered interface with separate versions optimised for iPhone and iPad screens
* Long exposure photos in Night Mode (to the maximum your device supports, between 1/3s and 1s)
* Video mode works at 15-30 fps (frame rate reduces dynamically in low light to boost brightness)

Video mode runs in special, lower resolution modes in Night Mode on newer devices. This dramatically increases brightness in low light. Framerate in Night Mode is 10-30 fps, helping increase brightness even further.

Device Requirements:
* All iPhones except 3G and original iPhone
* All iPads except original iPad
* All iPod touch models that have a camera
* iOS 6 or later (optimised for iOS 7)

Pricing and Availability:
Light Boost 1.0 will initially be discounted by 50% (to $0.99 or local currency equivalent) to celebrate the Christmas season. It's a universal app that works on both iPhone and iPad with a single purchase. For full details please see the App Store description. If you're interested in covering or reviewing either app for your website or publication and would like a free download code please contact Interealtime.

Light Boost 1.0:
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