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Linquet is an innovative product for iPhones, iPads and Android devices that promises to not just find missing objects, but actually prevent them from getting lost or misplaced in the first place. Simply attach Linquets to your valuables - including photography accessories - and link them to your phone through Bluetooth. When a piece of gear goes out of range, an alarm will go off both on your phone and your "linqued" possession, preventing you from forgetting / losing it. From a photographer's point of view, this invention seems most useful for those who do not like to leave home without their camera - but in a more general sense, it can prevent you from misplacing or forgetting about your valuables such as your purse, tablet, keys and the like. The commercialisation of Linquet is backed by a crowdfunding campaign, which reached its goal on the very first day. The Linquet device and associated smartphone app will be free, with the company charging a monthly fee of $2.99 for the use of the service.

The company has already started taking pre-orders.

Website: Linquet

Linquet Press Release

Linquet for Smartphones Uses the Cloud to Prevent Loss of Valuables

New iOS, Android and Bluetooth solution, powered by the Internet of Things, will end the era of “lost and found”

VANCOUVER, SEPTEMBER 15, 2013 — Linquet (, an innovative product for iPhones, iPads and Android devices that promises to not just find missing objects, but actually prevent them from getting lost or misplaced in the first place, today announced the start of its crowdfunding effort.

By “linqing” possessions to the mobile app with its tiny devices, Linquet creates a fully customizable mini network for each user, connecting their most valued possessions to the “Internet of Things.” Users simply attach a Linquet to their prized possession (even a pet’s collar or a child’s clothing) and are then alerted whenever the object and the user’s phone are separated by various distances up to 100 feet. The user is immediately notified of this separation as to prevent loss in the first place.

“We’ve all been there. We always lose our phones, keys, wallets, laptops, pretty much everything,” said Pooya Kazerouni, Linquet’s president. “Now, we have a solution that is much more than a ‘lost and found.’ Linquet actually prevents your valuables from getting lost in the first place.”

Linquet is a cloud-based solution, with many amazing features like “real-time tracking”, so that if users miss any alerts, Linquet provides a time and location signature to track down objects after the fact. “Cloud-based profiles” let users personalize the experience based on your environment so the alarm won’t, for example, sound in the office. The “Trusted Friends” option lets people add trusted contacts to help them retrieve items. “Reverse Mode” will sound an alert when a linqed item comes into range (e.g. a suitcase on a baggage carousel). It also has a powerful programmable button which can even be used as a panic button or to simply activate the camera by remote control or many other things.

Linquets are available now for pre-ordering at $2.99 per month per device (there is no cost for the device itself and the app is free to download). Discounts are available depending on volume. For more information, visit

About Linquet
Part hardware, part smartphone app and part cloud technology, the innovative Linquet is designed to prevent the loss or theft of phones and other valuables. The first cloud-based anti-loss solution, Linquet gives people an effortless way to keep tabs on everything important to them by allowing them to “linq” their valuables to their smartphones. Using Bluetooth technology, Linquet can be linqed to phones via the free Linquet app. Linquet works with iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0. Its battery lasts up to 1 year, even with constant use. Slightly larger than a quarter, Linquet is so tiny it can easily be slipped into even the smallest wallets or attached to a passport cover. For more information, visit, find us on Facebook at, and on Twitter at @Linquet.

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#1 Ayisha

Very exclusive idea for Linquet. I love to read your post very much. A big thanks for sharing with us !!

8:14 am - Saturday, September 21, 2013

#2 ertan

Does monthly charge mean that the company will know about where our belongings are all the time? I'd prefer to buy the devices and the software and not share my sensitive information.

9:48 am - Saturday, September 21, 2013

#3 Linquet

Hi Ertan, we value our users' privacy a lot and that's why you'd have all the control to easily turn on/off location backup.

7:13 pm - Saturday, September 21, 2013

#4 Lady Lilith BloodCrave

Love the idea. I find at times it can be difficult to locate digital files especially with so much going on. This app is sure to be a big hit.

5:23 am - Sunday, September 22, 2013

#5 Jinnat

I like your photography. These are awesome. And also these styles. Thanks a lot for the nice images.

5:57 am - Monday, September 23, 2013

#6 ff0rt

So it becomes fundamental don't lose the smartphone in the first place!

8:18 am - Monday, September 23, 2013

#7 R.Jeyapriya

Simply superbbbbbbbb style.......This app is very useful......i like this app very much..........

2:27 pm - Monday, September 23, 2013

#8 BlackBox

OKAY, a remark from someone who was NOT programmed or paid by Linguet to come here and comment.

I don't see much use in this thing.

First, it's too big, too white and too obvious. If someone wants to steal my laptop, they'll simply rip the big white thing off of it.

And second, one day you'll get so used to this thing that you'll trust it. And that's precisely when the battery will die and you WILL forget your wallet somewhere where you can't come back.

Lots of clever words in the brochures, VERY few clever solutions.

11:26 am - Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#9 Linquet

Dear Blackbox (or Maloy7800), we see that you've systematically copy-pasted this exact comment in different places around the web (talk about "being programmed").

Nonetheless, please allow us to address your concerns.

Some people may be ok with spending $500-$5000 to replace their lost camera, but most people prefer to 'prevent' that from happening in the first place.

Also, Linquet is small and so thin that you can easily insert it into smallest wallets, let alone a camera bag. As you can see from our pictures, the Linquet is not visible on a camera bag nor on a child because it was simply put in a pocket.

Moreover, not only does Linquet notify you when the battery is running low (way before it dies), but also your phone will alarm you the second your battery dies, so you WON'T leave anything behind.

5:43 pm - Tuesday, September 24, 2013