Lomo LC-A+ Silver Lake

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Limited to just 1000 pieces, the Lomo LC-A+ Silver Lake edition celebrates the heritage behind the Lomo LC-A+, the little camera credited with starting the analogue “toy” camera movement. It comes adorned in genuine brown leather and packaged in a specially designed wooden collector’s box. Every camera is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Featuring a “Minitar 1” 32mm f/2.8 lens, a hot-shoe for an external flash and a multiple exposure switch, the Lomo LC-A+ Silver Lake takes standard 35mm film cartridges and is available for €379.00.

Lomography Press Release

The Lomographic Society Proudly Presents


Classy Craftsmanship: A shiny new version of the classic Lomo LC-A+ wrapped in silky smooth genuine leather
Limited Edition: Only 1.000 pieces of this camera will be available – certificate of authenticity included
Timeless Features: Shadowy vignetting, super saturated colours and the brilliant multicoated Russian Minitar lens  

It’s been a while since we released the last version of the legendary little camera that started the whole analogue movement but now time has come! Limited to just 1000 pieces, the luxurious LOMO LC-A+ Silver Lake celebrates the craftsmanship and heritage behind the LC-A+. It comes adorned in genuine brown leather and packaged in a specially designed wooden collector’s box. Not only does this little gem feature a classic Russian-made Minitar 1 lens, each camera will also arrive with its very own Limited edition authenticity certificate. Don’t hesitate and hunt for your very own limited Lomo LC-A+ Silver Lake!

To add some more exclusivity to this edition, we limited it to 1.000 pieces worldwide. Every camera is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove that you have one out of 1.000 pieces of this rare silvery camera. Its stunning looks are escorted by the legendary multicoated Russian Minitar lens that is cherished for its vignetted images and super saturated colours. Embedded in a specially designed wooden box, this little gem will find its way into collector’s hands faster than one might think – so be fast and get your Lomo LC-A+ Silver Lake while stocks last!

The Lomo LC-A was the first member of an ever-growing circle of Lomographic cameras built for creative pleasure and spontaneous joy. In 1984 the production of this smart little camera started in a factory in Saint Petersburg during the times of the Soviet Union. Seven years later the Soviet Union was crumbling and the fate of the Lomo LC-A seemed sealed but a group of Viennese students rediscovered this little fellow while travelling through Prague and the Lomographic bug began to spread fast around the globe. For 25 years, the Lomo LC-A has been a reliable and robust travel companion and its resurfacing reaffirmed for thousands of Lomographers that the perfect tool for artistic, everyday life photography was here to stay.

Technical details

Brown goats leather
Russian Minitar 1 f/2.8 32mm lens
Multiple exposure switch for easy, real-time double-exposure
Expanded film ISO settings from 100 to 1600
Cable release thread for shake-free night-time and indoor shooting
Hot shoe for external flash
Film type: 35 mm
Elegant wooden box with brown and golden coloured stamping
Production quantity limited to 1.000
Certificate of Authenticity
Price: 379 EUR

The Lomographic Society International is a globally active organization dedicated to experimental and creative snapshot photography. Boasting over a half-million members across the world, the concept of Lomography encompasses an interactive, vivid, blurred and crazy way of life.
Through our constantly expanding selection of innovative cameras & photographic accessories, we promote analog photography as a creative approach to communicate, absorb, and capture the world.
Through the efforts and skill of our Lomographic Society members, we seek to document the incredible planet around us in a never-ending stream of snapshots – literally a global “Lomographic” portrait as seen through the eyes of countless individuals and cultures.

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