Lomography Introduces Sprocket Rocket SuperPop

July 8, 2011 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Film | Comment |

Lomography has just introduced the Sprocket Rocket Superpop range. By including the sprocket holes found along the edges of every 35mm film roll, the Sprocket Rocket camera takes pictures with a unique look. Additionally, the Lomography Sprocket Rocket features a reverse gear which allows the photographer to move back and forth between the frames with two convenient scrolling knobs to enable taking multiple exposures on the same frame.  The new SuperPop versions come in flashy neon colours including yellow, green, orange and blue and are priced at £89 .

Lomography Press Release


·      Flashy Neon: The Sprocket Rocket goes Pop-Art in yellow, orange, green and blue
·      Remix it!: Two scrolling knobs allow you to move the film back and forth for maximum freedom of creativity
·      No Rocket Science: the simplest technology catches as much of the light coming through the lens as possible producing stunning panoramic pictures

Flashy Neon

Are you ready for some Pop-Art action? So, shine in arty style with the new Sprocket Rocket SuperPop! flashing in neon yellow, green, orange or blue! Drenched in the brightest neon colours these four clones would have been Andy Warhols favorites and will hit the dancefloors, catwalks and parties all over the globe to deliver the finest panoramic shots with simplest technology. Admittedly these clones were not designed for shy wallflowers but for creative people like you, who know how to stand out and have a weak spot for Pop-Art. Hop on the Pop-Art ride with the Sprocket Rocket SuperPop! Edition and let your sprockets rock on remixed film!

Remix it!

Remixing music is already old news… Have you ever tried remixing your film? Use the shiny scrolling knobs of the Sprocket Rocket to move the film inside the camera in any direction. Back and forth, forwards and backwards - the Sprocket Rocket will expose the film wherever and whenever you want it. Be it simple multi-exposures or the craziest time-travelling experience on film, let the Sprocket Rocket set your creativity free on all your photographic adventures. Get your sprockets rocking with this unique camera and enjoy its simple technology.

No Rocket Science

We have to admit, we will not win the Nobel Prize for technology with this camera but for sure the Nobel Prize for the best concept! When it comes to technology, we decided to keep the Sprocket Rocket as simple as possible: a plastic body, a super wide-angle lens, a shutter and light. That’s the whole secret behind a camera that takes technology into a new age with its simplicity. While other cameras only use the core of the exposed area and leave out the precious rest, the Sprocket Rocket makes the most out of the light which creates a very special effect. Crystal clear in the centre and blurry towards the edges, the photos produced by the Sprocket Rocket are fascinating light catchers. The Sprocket Rocket is more than just another analogue camera – it’s simply a blast!

Technical Details

·      Film Type: Standard 135 film
·      Lens: 30 mm
·      Standard image size: 72 x 35 mm
·      Frame insert: 72 x 24 mm
·      Focusing: 0,6 m - 1m, 1m - inf.
·      Shutter: 1/100, bulb
·      Aperture: f/10.8, f/16
·      Film stopping mechanism: White Dot
·      Multi-exposure: Yes
·      Retail price: £89

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