Lomography La Sardina Beach Editions

May 4, 2012 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Film | Comment |

The Lomographic Society has launched a range of limited-edition La Sardina film cameras. Wrapped in ten various fabrics, the La Sardina Beach Edition comes in two flavours: the La Sardina St Tropez ships without a flash and is available for £59, whilst the La Sardina Capri comes bundled with a matching flash gun for £99.

Lomography Press Release

The Lomography La Sardina Beach Editions

Beach Party: The La Sardina Beach Edition takes you back to the decadent times when Louis de Funès amused the beach babes of Saint Tropez!

To Flash or Not To Flash? Choose between La Sardina Capri to go flashy or the La Sardina St.Tropez if you are more a fan of natural light

Ten Times Uniqueness: The La Sardina Beach Edition is wrapped in ten various fabrics, cut in a different way every time - no camera looks the same

In 1964 Louis de Funès and his Gendarmes confused and amused the beach babes of Saint Tropez. These were the times when the sun was always shining, the bikinis were colourful and beach boys and girls were dancing the Watusi whenever they could. To take you back to these jolly times we designed a very special Beach edition of the La Sardina using deck chair cloth to decorate every camera differently. The cloth is cut in a different way for each camera which makes them unique und unmistakably yours. Decide between the La Sardina Capri with flash or the La Sardina St.Tropez without flash….and don’t forget to dance the Watusi!

La Sardina St. Tropez (without flash): £59.00
La Sardina Capri (with flash): £99.00

All are available from www.lomographyuk.com

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