Lomography Launches 'Beluga' and 'Czar'

October 14, 2011 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Film | Comment |

Lomography has expanded its La Sardina range of 35mm film cameras with the addition of two new models, named ‘Beluga’ and ‘Czar’. These “metal edition” cameras feature gold-tone designs and metallic bodies, and come packaged in a wooden La Sardina box. Each camera is equipped with a matching ‘Fritz the Blitz’ flash, and the scope of delivery also includes a special-edition book entitled ‘The Caviar Diaries’, chronicling the adventures of Lomographer wil6ka as he searches for the origins of caviar through Europe and the Caspian Sea with his La Sardina camera. The cameras cost €149 each and are available from the website below.

Website: Lomography Online Shop

Lomography Press Release


Introducing Beluga and Czar

Lomography brings you flair in the form of two new, sophisticated metal edition La Sardina cameras
Mesmerizing gold-tone designs and metallic body
Equipped with rewind dial and MX switch for graceful execution of multiple exposure shots

As the names “Beluga” and “Czar” paint pictures of caviar and cheese filled platters, fresh autumn air soirées, and countless adventures in dimly lit streets, Lomography brings you two new edition cameras sporting those rustic names. Romantics, you’ll fall in love once you lift these La Sardina’s out of their beautiful wooden La Sardina boxes and never let go especially when you head to your favorite late-night haunts, lighting up hidden alleyways with the handy Fritz the Blitz flash.

Aside from being powerful and illuminating, Fritz the Blitz comes complete with 3 unique distance settings that allow you to set the power of the flash - giving you maximum creative control. This flash is also packaged with yellow, red and blue filters, so off you go to paint the town red!

Stunning gold-tone designs and metallic body
Mouth-watering wide-angle lens
Rewind dial and MX Switch for easy multiple exposure shots
Deliciously powerful Fritz the Blitz flash
Packaged in a beautiful wooden La Sardina box
Includes a special-edition book entitled ‘The Caviar Diaries’ - This book chronicles the adventures of Lomographer wil6ka as he searches for the origins of caviar through Europe and the Caspian Sea with his La Sardina camera.

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