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The Manfrotto ML840H is the largest and most powerful LED light in the range. The ML840H incorporates a ‘‘ball head to hotshoe’’ system that allows it to be pivoted, angled and turned to direct the light as required. The new Manfrotto ML840H is available now and retails at £249.95.

Manfrotto UK Press Release

Manfrotto launches the ML840H, expanding its existing LED light range

London, July 2012 – Manfrotto, the leading global developer of imaging accessories and supports, is proud to announce the launch of the new Manfrotto ML840H as part of its innovative range of LED lights. This new model expands the extraordinary range of lights and aims to introduce a new and bold way to experience photography and videography, based on advanced technology and with special attention to design.

The Manfrotto ML840H adds a fresh new dimension to the existing Manfrotto lighting systems; it is the largest and most powerful in the range, and incorporates a ‘‘ball head to hotshoe’’ system that allows it to be pivoted, angled and turned to direct the light as required. It can be mounted on a flash hotshoe either horizontally or vertically thanks to the DUO feature with its two shoe attachments, allowing multiple ML series lights to be stacked together to give an even stronger light.

The Manfrotto ML840H also has a flash setting, triggered by a sync cable, that emits a pulse of light four times brighter than the maximum continuous light it can produce. The presence of a variable dimmer allows for precise control over light output and exposure. In addition to this, it also includes useful light modifying accessories - a diffusor and two gels.

This LED light has an in-built rechargeable lithium battery which will keep it lit at full brightness for approximately 1.5 hours and retails at £249.95. It allows professional photographers and enthusiastic social recorders alike to enjoy full control over the areas that should be illuminated and those where it should be dark.

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#1 Steve

250 quid for 294 lumen light with 90 min battery life ? Hahahaha...

2:10 pm - Monday, August 13, 2012

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#3 Led Flood Lights

It is good information that the Manfrotto ML840H is available on £249.95. But I have a confusing regarding its electric consumption(high/low).

3:24 pm - Thursday, August 16, 2012

#4 Ashley @ Led downlights

Every things has two side good as well bad. since article is too good and interesting. recently i bought lot of little LED lights for my bed room but it is too slow and dim.

6:09 am - Saturday, September 1, 2012

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11:26 am - Wednesday, October 31, 2012