MicroSync Digital Wireless Flash Trigger

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MicroSync Digital Wireless Flash TriggerThe new MicroSync Digital is the world’s smallest and lightest wireless radio slave flash trigger. Measuring 27x51x11mm and weighing just 30g, the MicroSync Digital fits onto the hot shoe of your camera. The MicroSync transmitter and receiver kit will be available from June for £189.99.

Tamrac Press Release

MicroSync, from Tamrac inc. release the World’s smallest and lightest wireless radio slave flash trigger.

MicroSync Digital is a tiny, advanced radio transmitter which slips onto the hot shoe of your camera and wirelessly transmits a signal to the receiver unit in order to remotely trigger your flash when the camera is fired.

Measuring just 27x51x11mm and weighing just 30g, the transmitter is significantly smaller than other systems on the market and just a fraction of the weight. With 4 channels to choose from you can also maintain separation between yourself and other Photographers running MicroSync nearby.

Both the sender and receiver incorporate an advanced automatic power management system which turns the units on when the shutter is pressed and off again milliseconds later, this gives an expected battery life for the transmitter of 3 years. Since this power management is totally automatic with no on/off buttons there is no chance of accidentally draining your batteries by leaving the unit turned on.

Adapters are also available to link MicroSync to your camera’s PC socket if the hot shoe is occupied, or to link it to your PC socket equipped flashmeter for wireless test shots. Additionally, MicroSync can be connected to your camera’s remote socket and used to wirelessly fire the shutter.  Additional senders & receivers are also available separately.

The MicroSync transmitter and receiver Kit will be available at all good photographic dealers from June at a suggested retail price of £189.99.

Full details can be found on the Tamrac UK website at: http://www.tamrac.co.uk

MicroSync Digital Wireless Flash Trigger

MicroSync Digital Wireless Flash Trigger

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#1 Lonnie

I was less than pleased with the performance with my system. It barely outlasted the warranty and cost almost as much to repair the transmitter as to replace it. I have had better luck with cheap systems.

2:57 am - Saturday, August 22, 2009

#2 Web developers

Quite inspiring,

i dont need one but it looks so i good, i might have to get one just for the sake of it lol

Anyway, thanks for the post

12:18 pm - Thursday, October 8, 2009

#3 Steve Tan

Dear Sir.

May i know where i can buy this MicroSync Digital Wireless Flash Trigger?
I am from Malaysia.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Thank You
Steve Tan

7:15 am - Saturday, October 19, 2013