Minox DCC 5.1

February 8, 2010 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Digital Compact Cameras | Comment |

Minox has launched the Minox Digital Classic Camera 5.1, a minature replica of a classic 35mm rangefinder camera that has a five-megapixel sensor inside. Featuring a 2” rear monitor, the Minox 5.1 can be outfitted with a detachable eye-level optical viewfinder and a host of other accessories. Apart from taking 5mp still photographs, the camera is capable of shooting video in AVI format. All data are stored on external SD cards, while power is supplied by a removable Lithium-ion battery. The Minox DCC 5.1 has a fixed-mount, fixed-focal-length lens that accepts an optional chrome-plated brass lens cap and an add-on teleconverter. Focus can be set to 0.5m, 1m and infinity. The suggested retail price is €199.

Minox Press Release

MINOX DCC 5.1 - A small masterpiece with huge performance

Designed in fascinating detail and with a sophisticated stylish format the new Digital Classic Camera MINOX DCC 5.1 is a true example of first-class German engineering from the fifties. Devotees of timeless elegance and precision mechanics will find it hard to resist the amazing look and feel of the camera. This small ingenious masterpiece in a scale of 1:3 is no ordinary digital camera and quietly reflects its owner’s confidence in style.

The external look is a tribute to classic, legendary design. Inside the new MINOX DCC boasts all the convenience features of state-of-the-art technology. Featuring a 5.1 megapixel hardware resolution, 2-inch display and a small and sophisticated attachable viewfinder this exquisite camera is a cult object. With a host of accessories it will arouse emotion in every follower of traditional photography and give great pleasure to all of its users. The 5.1 megapixel resolution delivers pin-sharp images rich in detail. In addition to the optical viewfinder the large 2-inch display helps the user to compose the picture and also shows the details of the selected camera settings. Film sequences can also be shot in video mode in AVI format. All data are stored on external SD cards with a capacity of up to 16 GB. Power is supplied by a replaceable Lithium-ion battery.

Optional accessories offer additional stylish features and functional highlights. For instance, a teleconverter and a wide-angle converter open up completely new perspectives and offer even more photographic fun with the small DCC. Even in the close focus range of up to 50 cm the new Classic Camera captures every subject in amazing and brilliant detail.

A lens cap made of chrome-plated brass and designed in the original classic look of the fifties is a further stylish component that also protects the front lens. The sophisticated attachable viewfinder of metal design can also be kept safe in an optional, small leather case. Other accessories include a leather case for the camera, a leather strap, soft carrying strap, wrist strap and the legendary Classic Camera Flash.

The scope of delivery of the DCC 5.1 includes a Lithium-Ion battery, power pack, USB cable and user manual.

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