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Muku Shuttr from Muku Labs is a new wireless remote release for iPhones and a number of Android-based smartphones. Founder Kevin Leung has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign that seeks to raise $10,000 to help him commercialise the product. For more information, visit the website below.

Website: Muku Shuttr on Kickstarter

Muku Press Release

Worlds’ first mobile shutter for both Android and iPhone launched on Kickstarter

Oxford Graduate Kevin Leung quit his job to build a remote shutter release for taking selfies with his daughter. He recently launched a Kickstarter campaign that seeks to raise $10,000 to fund the last mile of the mass production. Backers will be rewarded with a mobile shutter from one of the first shipments at a reduced price.

When Kevin was a child, a camera was a luxury item in Hong Kong and his family couldn’t afford one. “I don’t even have a family photo before the age of 3, that’s why I love taking photos with my daughter and wife”, Kevin said.

But he was frustrated that he wouldn’t find a decent mobile shutter in the market. “They are either too big that you seldom carry, or require a 3rd party app which often fails to work”. Kevin said, “When I talked to my friends, I found that it was a common problem. So I quit my job to build a remote shutter that was missing in the market”.

After one year of R&D and production preparation, Kevin and his team built Muku Shuttr that is the first ever mobile shutter to be able to works on both iPhone and Android, and without 3rd party camera application. Muku Shuttr is also elegantly designed with an outstanding build quality. However, after spending all his proceeds from selling his apartment, Kevin still needs another $10,000 to finish the final injection moulding. “I built a dozen of working prototypes and show them to friends. Everyone likes Muku Shuttr and ask where can they buy one. So it’s logical to run a kickstarter campaign, where friends can act as backers to support the project and they would be the first one to receive one.”

More information about Muku Shutter including funding goals, deadlines, and rewards for backers may be found on the new Kickstarter page at:

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