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3 Legged Thing has launched its One Legged Thing Monopod Range. The lineup includes a three-section carbon-fibre monopod called Pete (£145; pictured), a three-section magnesium-alloy monopod named Sid (£99) and a five-section carbon-fibre monopod dubbed Bob (£139). Each monopod has a load capacity of 18kg. Pete weighs in at 450g, Sid at 532g and Bob at 456g. The first two monopods fold down to 635mm and extend to 1660mm. Bob has a folded height of 455mm, and extends to 1690mm.

Press Release

The long awaited One Legged Things have arrived...

3 Legged Thing is proud to announce the launch of the much anticipated One Legged Thing Monopod Range. It's been a couple of years since we had a monopod available, not because we didn't want one, but simply because we wanted to do it right, and technology has moved on a long way since the launch of our first ever "Bob".

With a serious amount of help from our endorsed professionals, and particular thanks to AFP Photographer Leon Neal who managed to destroy a number of our earlier incarnations with no small amount of bizarre experiments and rugged determination, 3LT have developed three brand new monopods for the world at large...

The new 3LT PETE is the lightest and most rugged of our new range...

Pete - 3 Section Professional Carbon Fiber Monopod

Our flagship monopod, Pete is designed with the big lens users in mind. From sports photographers to wildlife shooters, Pete is the largest monopod we make, and also the lightest! Weighing in at an astonishing 450g, and constructed of rigid 10-core Stealth Carbon Fiber, and hardened, anodised Magnesium Alloy, the 3LT Pete is as robust as he is stylish and as stable as he is light-weight.

Sid is an alloy replica of our Carbon mono, Pete...
Sid - 3 Section Professional Magnesium Alloy Monopod

Our alloy monopod, Sid is an exact replica of his carbon brother, Pete. Weighing just 82g more at a very respectable 532g, Sid was designed for those photographers on a lower budget, or those who favour alloy to carbon fiber. With all the same functions and features, Sid is a brilliant choice for photographers of all levels.

Bob is the ultimate travel monopod, and will fit in your hand luggage!
Bob - 5 Section Professional Carbon Fiber Travel Monopod

Bob is the smallest and also the tallest of our One Legged Things, and is the second incarnation of our original travel monopod - but that's where the similarity to his predecessor ends. Bob 2 is just 450mm long when folded, and extends to a massive 1.7m. With five leg sections, including our unique 10 core Stealth Carbon Fiber top section, Bob is ideal for traveling photographers with limited weight and size allowances.

Case not dismissed

Many of our competitors make a good monopod - that goes without saying, but we make a great monopod (or three) and we include a funky, padded and very versatile bag into the equation. Lined to fully protect your magnificent monopod, and with room enough for a head inside, it also comes with pockets for memory cards and spare underpants. The 1LT case comes complete with full length zip for easy extraction and stowage, D-rings for connecting to other devices and bags, rugged cord zips for easy use on cold days when you may need gloves, a shoulder strap and a comfortable (and rather groovy) carry handle.

"The new carbon fiber monopods from 3 Legged Thing show a leap forward in low weight and solid stability.  Having had the chance to get my hands on Bob and Pete, I've found they've been perfect for every situation that I've thrown at them.  Pete has proven particularly useful with an above-normal height, ridiculously low weight that has to be handled to be believed and really rigid stability, capable of handling every lens that I've thrown at it so far.  I've ditched every other camera support option for these bad boys" - Leon Neal, AFP

Our monopods are finished to exquisite detail, with hardened, anodised, aircraft-grade Magnesium Alloy, capable of surviving the toughest of conditions and the harshest of temperatures. The strap is tethered to a copper-anodised swivel, which spins freely around the 32mm, 10-core Stealth Carbon Fiber Tubing.

We only use the highest quality stainless steel for our connection screws. Our new monopods feature a spring loaded multi functional mounting point, with both 3/8" thread and a recessed 1/4" thread for direct connection to a camera. This thread also enables us to dock our monopods with our tripods, to form huge lighting stands and stabilised monopod platforms (up to 13 feet) - a feature entirely unique to 3LT.

Full specifications of each of the new monopods can be found, along with downloadable hi-res image packs at the following URL's

About 3 Legged Thing
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What makes us unique? Here's a link to short video about our colour scheme, and why we do things a little differently. We encourage you to watch it, unless you have a particular aversion to grown men in spandex.

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