Nikon 1 Lenses Hands-On Photos

September 21, 2011 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories, Compact System Camera, Lenses | 1 Comment | |
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Want to see what the new Nikon 1 lenses and accessories look like in the flesh?

Here’s a gallery of hands-on images showing off the four new Nikon 1 lenses and various accessories from every angle.

46 hands-on photos of the new Nikon 1 compact system camera lenses and accessories.

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#1 zebarnabe

30-110 looks pretty small, making the 10-30 + 30-110 a small but very versatile package to carry...

... but 10-100 is freaking huge... well to be fair 27-270mm equivalent is comparable to 28-280mm on the 14-140mm from m43 ...

The 10 pancake remind me of the 14mm m43 pancake, shame the f/2.8 aperture :/

So much glass.... the lineup looks interesting, but how much it costs and how good it is, it's still to be seen.

12:33 am - Thursday, September 22, 2011