Nikon Acknowledges Component Problems with 3 SLR Cameras

September 26, 2005 | Mark Goldstein | Digital SLR Cameras | 106 Comments | |

Nikon D70Nikon has posted the following notice on its Support page for the D70 / D2H / F55 cameras.

It has come to our attention that electronic components related to exposure control in some D70 cameras may, on rare occasions, fail.

Should you experience this problem with your D70 camera, Nikon will replace the associated components free of charge even if the camera’s warranty has already expired. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have suffered because of this problem.

To check if your camera has failed due this reason, please read the symptom description, below.

Website: Nikon Support

How can I identify if my camera is faulty?
With a memory card inserted: The green memory card access lamp blinks continuously and camera does not respond to any controls.
With no memory card inserted: The camera will not turn on despite the battery indicator showing a fully charged battery.

How can I contact Nikon on-line?
You must be registered for Nikon support. Mke sure that all your personal details are registered in full and are up to date, as these will be used if you return your product to us. You must also register your D70 and serial number. For instructions where to find the camera serial number click here.

1. Register for Nikon Support.
If you are not registered for Nikon Support, click here to create a new account. If you already have an account, check that your personal details are up to date and that you have registered your product and serial number. To do this, login and click the ‘My Account’ tab, then click the ‘Profile’ sub-button. When finished, click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.

2. Submit your Question
Click the ‘Ask a Question’ tab near the top of the page and fill in the required fields, please add the words ‘D70 notice’ to the ‘Title’ field and add your comments to the ‘Question’ field. When you have finished, click the ‘Submit Question Button’ and then you will be asked to click the ‘Finish Submitting Question’ button on the last page.  We will endeavour to answer your question as soon as possible.

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#1 H.Relyveld

I also have a Nikon Pronea S camera which always failed to make the foto when pressing the button, sometimes I have to press twenty times before it makes the foto even with a new battery. My camera nr is
2112822 five years old and it happens already two years ago.

10:00 am - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#2 D Cunningham

Nikon is being less than frank when it says the recent problems with D70s failing are "rare." I bought two D70s last year, one in March and the other in July. Both have died with this problem in the last two weeks. Nikon should come clean and recall every D70 from the faulty batch. If not they could leave themselves open to legal claims from disgruntled explorers who find themselves up the Amazon without a camera. Nikon know these "time-bombs" are out there and they owe it to owners of dud cameras to, at least, warn them of potential catastrophic failure. Why is it so hard for them to issue the serial numbers of all potentially faulty cameras? Could it be that this problem is far more widespread than they are admitting?

5:03 pm - Tuesday, October 11, 2005

#3 Stephan Testa

D70 notice
I am in Florida and in trying to search for Blinking Green LED on Nikon USA's site nothing. I found this by doing the same search in GOOGLE.

I did find the notice and printed my form.....I am sure my camera will be back by christmas....RIGHT!!!

10:53 am - Thursday, October 13, 2005

#4 David Thomson

Can't believe 2 days before heading off for the holiday of the year and the very same symptons appeared with my D70 as per blogs above ... Arghh!!

After scouring the websites all roads led back to the Nikon Support Center - however being dogmatic, I persisted to try a few things first. By sheer luck the camera is well without the need for Nikon.

Anyway here's what I tried.
Turned on/off the camera a few times, changing the battery.
With camera turned on, pressed the "hard reset" button - underneath camera near serial number (a couple of times!)
Connected PC to camera using the supplied USB cable.
Repeated same process (a few more times!)
Removed the PC cable and suddenly the D70 jumped back into life.

Couldn't believe it when the green light stopped blinking and the clock displayed!!!

I can't guarantee this will work for all problems. An the scientific braincells suggest this will only fix software related issues. Keeping my fingers crossed and atleast hoping to make it through the holiday.

Hope this helps anyone experiencing similar problems

4:13 pm - Saturday, October 15, 2005

#5 Lee Saar

I agree that this problem with the Nikon D70 is not rare. We have 5 people at my office that have the D70 and 3 of them have had this problem so far. That is 60%. That is not rare at all.

4:01 am - Sunday, October 23, 2005

#6 Denika

I recently had the blinking light of doom with my D70 and I found a post about it with a link to what looked like a Nikon advisory page. I followed the directions and ended up sending my camera to a place in Louisville, KY that I thought was a Nikon facility. After further research and no confirmation from Nikon, I believe I was scammed. Has anyone else had this problem?

7:29 pm - Thursday, December 1, 2005

#7 William Propest

My D70 purchased in April 2004 died in Oct/Nov time frame of 2005. Exposure would not lock in any mode. I went through all the procedures suggested by NikonUSA. They suggested that I send it for an estimate to repair the problem. They quoted me a $200+ figure for their proposed repair and cleaning the sensor. When I called customer service and asked specifically: Is this a systemic problem with all D70's? I was told that it was not. However, I was asked for proof of purchase documentation. I faxed the info and within 15 minutes received a phone call telling me that the camera would be repaired without charge.
Now the returned camera works fine except for the small fact that the red-eye reduction cannot be turned on.

11:26 pm - Monday, December 26, 2005

#8 jo hammond

i have been asking by the shop i bought my D70 from, to return it due to a faulty light meter. every image i have ever taken on any setting was too dark, gutting after an extended trip to OZ and japan! but after contacting Nikons web site they tell me there's nothing wrong with my camera!! any ideas guys? oh and i have the recalled battery how's my luck!

4:08 pm - Tuesday, January 3, 2006

#9 terry

Just sent my d70 in for repair. I got the dreaded blinking green led and tried the usb idea noted above to no avail. I am told to expect the repair to take 6 weeks! Jeesh!

2:35 pm - Wednesday, February 22, 2006

#10 John Nguyen

So my D70 all of a sudden blinks inside the viewfinder, and the exposure meter is all fuct. In all automatic modes, it will shoot 1/4 f3.5 in FULL SUN....the D70 will not expose anyshot properly like it used to.
Was purchased back in May/June 2004.
So what should i do first? Call Nikon service first?
Register online first?
Just mail it off the Nikon repair facility??

12:01 am - Thursday, March 2, 2006

#11 clare

nikon takes incredible photographs. i have a collection of rare ones 1900-1920. do any of you know the best blogs to discuss these with?

9:29 pm - Saturday, March 11, 2006

#12 Bruce Trickey

My D70 was purchased April 2004. The third day of my vacation last week in Charleston SC, my camera stopped working. The (green) metering light would flash when I turned the camera on and it would not respond. Upon returning home, I drove to the Nikon Support center in Mississauga, Ontario with the camera thinking that I was lucky that the warranty had not expired.
I was told that this was a metering problem and that the camera would be fixed at no charge even if the warranty had run out.
Prior to going to Nikon, I had called the camera store where I had made the purchased and explained the problem. They were unaware of any problems with the camera and informed me that they are usually the last to be informed.
After returning from Nikon I searched the internet (D70 metering problems) and came up with this site and made a copy of the "component problem" and supplied this information to the camera store.
I certainly agree with others and feel that Nikon should notify their distributors of problems such as this. In todays world of computers it would be nothing to send off a notification to all Nikon distributors of any and all problems.

1:28 pm - Tuesday, March 21, 2006

#13 Martin Lynam

Mine D70 has gone down today with the dreaded green blinking light problem. Absolutely dead as a Dodo.

Not amused by Nikon over their claim that this is an isolated problem.

4:39 pm - Sunday, May 7, 2006

#14 Labryn

I have had the same problem with the blinking green light, and have found that the lid to the battery port is loose, all that's needed is a little pressure applied to the lid, and shaboingo the camera comes right on with no problem, apparently after a while the lid comes loose.

Try it out and see if it works for you!


4:17 am - Thursday, May 18, 2006

#15 Labryn

Then again, maybe not...

I'm thinking about giving it a good 20 yard PUNT!

4:30 am - Thursday, May 18, 2006

#16 Ruud

I've encountered the green light blinking-problem as well. But it's just occasionally. Taking the battery out and placing it back usually solves the problem.
Other than that, the camera is in a perfect working order.
Should I be worried?

10:22 pm - Saturday, June 10, 2006

#17 V Skirton

I have had nothing but problems with my D70. It had to go back with a shutter problem within 3 months of owning-it locked up and wouldnt return. that took 2 months to come back and when it did, they had replaced 3 other parts inside the camera that i didnt know needed replacing, anyway, as it took so long, I missed taking my camera to australia, which was the whole point of getting it when i did!not pleased. 3 months after getting my D70 back,one of the 5 focusing points failed, and would not focus onto the subject. Back again to Nikon! Ok, a bit of dust was in the way, hmmm, thats too easy to happen obviously. That took 4 weeks to return. Now, 5 months later after recieving it back, none of my focus points work, and its as if the toggle that controls them is broken-however the toggle still works when I go into the menu, so something internal is dead. I'm taking it back to the shop this week to hand it back to have some kind of replacement...I dont want the same one back!

1:18 pm - Monday, June 12, 2006

#18 Ruud

Well, I guess I should've been worried. My camera had totally died out now. I'm going to take it to the Dutch Nikon Import department tomorrow. Hope they can fix it before I go on a holyday...
This sucks! :(

9:17 pm - Thursday, June 15, 2006

#19 ian huntington

:mad: I too had the green light of death, apparently, components within the metering units fail. I sent mine to H.Lehmann, stoke on trent UK, authorised nikon service centre. It returned 5 working days later repaired at no cost. however, my charger charges the battery and the camera only takes 40 or so pics now and shuts down with low battery flashing. i recharge it but it will only charge for about 10 mins and indicates fully charged. Is this a battery or camera problem, does anyone know? Has anyone else had a similar thing? any help greatly appreciated as i am beginning to wish i had never bought this camera.

6:28 am - Sunday, June 25, 2006

#20 nick in japan

The great thing about Nikon is their lenses! The fact that they are adaptable to many other cameras is wonderful. The Nikon to 4/3rds adapter may be a big seller soon, especially after seeing the images of ASA 200 and above from the D200. Just a thought!

7:06 am - Sunday, June 25, 2006

#21 Ruud

Too bad that has got absolutely nothing to do with the subject of this topic :P
So Nick, when your D70's green light starts blinking, come back ;)

11:42 am - Sunday, June 25, 2006

#22 nick in japan

OOPS! Forgot to include the Nikon to "K" adapter, looking like a Christmas tree out there with all those blinking lights!
Those angry D70 owners gotta be looking elsewhere for peace of mind, sure sounds like a viable option, and to consider other options. You sound like your denial has the best of you, Rudd.

12:15 pm - Sunday, June 25, 2006

#23 Ruud

Denial? Dude what are you talking about :p
By the way, I am not mad at all, I just can't wait to get my camera back. And besides that, it's not that strange to be a bit disappointed when you just buy a new camera and it fails within 3 months.

I like Nikon as well, just like you, I just wanted to point out that this topic was meant for people who DID have the blinking light problem to share their experiences in.

12:30 pm - Sunday, June 25, 2006

#24 nick in japan

Rudd, I am sorry if I intruded, just my empathy and thin skin prompting me to comment. I had a Photographer friend here in Japan have the same problem, and I AM kinda angry too. I love Nikon, and hope they put the quality control in their consumer models as they certainly have with the pro ones!
My dream for a long time was to get a D2H, then the "s". I have all the film "F' series except the F6, and lottsa lenses that I use on my Canons.
When I was brousing thru this section my empathy kept growing and growing and thought that maybe if some folks may have had an investment in Nikon lenses, that there really is a viable alternative, if they are strong enough to change. The new Sony and Panasonic may be a nice upgrade for someone, while using Nikon glass.
I didn't intend to anger anyone.

12:59 pm - Sunday, June 25, 2006

#25 Ruud

No hard feelings here either :)

I also had a dream, I wanted to take my photography on a higher level, I wanted to trade in my compact camera and buy a DSLR. I did a really good purchase on Ebay, but a few months later, the trouble began.

The camera cost me 600 euro's, quite a lot of money for a student, so I was very disappointed that my camera broke down.

I think Nikon's statement, saying: "...exposure control in some D70 cameras may, ON RARE OCCASIONS, fail..." is a bit understated. I've read lots and lots of reactions of D70 users having the same problem. My camera is being repaired at the Nikon Service Centre right now, for free and I hope it'll be back in a few weeks, before I go on a holiday.

p.s. Is it possible to use Canon, Sony and Panasonic lenses on a Nikon body? I thought you said something like that. Or was it the other way round, can you use Nikon lensen on Canon, Sony and Panasonic cameras?

1:58 pm - Sunday, June 25, 2006

#26 nick in japan

Rudd, Thanks for the reply. good luck on your camera, hope you get it soon.
I am no expert about anything, but I know that Canon lenses are hard to adapt to anything (EOS). The reverse is true, most other combinations are pretty popular. I use a 300mm 2.8 Nikon on my 10/20D, of course as with all adaptations the electrics dont match so you are put into a manual focus situation. Metering in most cameras works too, altho there are restrictions some times. The "L", screw lenses( Leica mount) extend deep into a body so the mirror prevents their use generally.
For we collectors, the non-use of a lens means death to the lens, they need to be excercised, so it becomes kinda like a game to mix and match on the camera bodies I use. Interesting combos are Nikon lenses on the APS Canon bodies, as well as Digital designed Canon lenses on the APS too. I want to find a nice Nikon APS body, Pronea, and try the big Nikon glass on it too.
I'll probably go for the new Sony DSLR, or, the Panasonic body, and do the lens swap there too.
Good shooting! My motto is " 20 a day keeps the doctor away"
Semper Fi!

10:29 pm - Sunday, June 25, 2006

#27 Dave

Has anyone had this problem with the current (2006) D70 "s" model, or just the first generation D70?

I'm looking at the D70s after many years of being away from SLR world. I still have a FM2, but cost/convenience of digital outweighs emulsion.

2:19 am - Friday, June 30, 2006

#28 Ruud

The guy at the repair centre told me that the problem only occured with the D70 models, produced in a period of a few months in 2004. I don't think the d70s has got this problem.

3:26 pm - Friday, June 30, 2006

#29 Jonnnn

My d70 had the blinking green light of death a few months ago, i was going to send it off for a repair when one day it came back to life. i had just left it alone for a while.

all worked fine up until yesterday when i switched it to aperture priority setting, and saw that the predicted shutter speed was fluctuating from 2seconds to 8000ms ?!

are the two problems linked?

the light meter is useless at the moment and i am having to guess.

8:53 pm - Tuesday, July 11, 2006

#30 nick in japan

This all reminds me of the Canon 10D error problem that lottsa folks had. I don't think the real reason for getting it was ever disclosed, I suspect the same, "rush to production" mentality is the culprit here too. Too much going on for the computer chip to handle is my thought. My friend in Canada just went for the new "s" version and has researched this matter to the point of believing that the problem has been fixed with the later versions.
Stress reduction is done by letting Nikon solve your problem with warranty help, advice or replacement. I had an issue with my 10D ( a complete loss of an entire 1 pixel line of sensor elements) and my camera was replaced, on the spot, with a new one.
Good luck to you!

10:37 pm - Tuesday, July 11, 2006

#31 Ruud

Thank you :)
The guy at the repair centre mailed me that reparation would take approx. 6-8 weeks :(
A little while ago, they told me 4-5 weeks :@ Next friday it will be 4 weeks since I took the camera away. I'm planning to go on a holiday somewehere in the next 3 weeks, I hope the camera will be back by then, I'm beginning to miss it really bad :P

1:19 pm - Wednesday, July 12, 2006

#32 nick in japan

Good luck on the return time Rudd! I hope you have a back-up camera , just in case! If you don't, sometimes a shop will let you borrow a camera, even a new one, on a trial/test basis. I have a friend in Canada that tests stuff alot, returns it within 10 days if he doesn't like it. No harm in asking, kinda like a loaner-car while yours is being repaired!

10:43 pm - Wednesday, July 12, 2006

#33 Ruud

Thanks Nick :)
I already asked the repair centre if I could get a loan camera, but they said that they don't do that.
My sister has got a Sony compact camera (a pretty good one) that I can borrow when I go on a holiday. But still, I really prefer my DSLR, but I don't think it'll be back before I leave.
Well, take care!

8:52 am - Thursday, July 13, 2006

#34 ian huntington

hi everybody. got my camera back from nikon service entre. it is indeed repaired but i canr help wondering, what exactly was replaced as the camera seems to have lost other minor faults that it had. however, it has comeback with new fault.
the battery indicator shows full for about 10 flash pics. it then drops back to empty
the camera shuts down after a total of 40 pics but on removal and re-insertion, it will take another 5-10 pics.
i was able ( by repeating this procedure ) to take another 200 pics.
is this a battery fault or a camera fault.
nikon have said return the camera AND battery.
brilliant. have to to without for another 5 weeks.

9:18 am - Thursday, July 13, 2006

#35 nick in japan

Summer vacation for students is really great IF you can get to go on vacation! Get alot of pictures! Life is just a memory!
My son tried to get a vacation from his job to come visit us, no such luck, treasure your free time! Stay in touch Rudd!

9:20 am - Thursday, July 13, 2006

#36 nick in japan

Ian, my first impression is that the service center is NOT a Nikon facility, but maybe an outfit that advertises Nikon repair. If so, then contact Nikon for advice. If they are exclusively an Authorized Nikon Repair Center, then they should put a priority on the repair and do alot of apologizing, and, get it back to you quickly! Good luck!

9:27 am - Thursday, July 13, 2006

#37 Ruud

It really sucks that your camera still isn't working correctly Ian...
I hope mine will come back in full working order. I'm planning to go to Crete (Greece) with my girlfriend next week, and this holiday was one of the reasons of me buying this camera in the first place. So I am really wishing that I receive a letter from Nikon telling me that my camera will arrive in a few days...but so far no luck.
I will let you know how things are going, ok?
Happy holodays!

9:59 am - Thursday, July 13, 2006

#38 ian huntington

fingers crossed for you ruud. i did contact nikon and they told me to send it to them. this is why it will take another 5-6 weeks but i am going try and phone them... ian

10:12 am - Thursday, July 13, 2006

#39 Ruud

Thanks dude :)
I hope that the camera will be back really soon, I've already missed like hundreds of good shots since it has been in repair :(

It really sucks that your camera broke down AGAIN...these problems are not good for Nikon and their reputation. If they'd really want to and if they were willing to invest in their customers, they could help people much better with problems like these.
Their customer support is OK in general, but they should have way more capacity and people available for repairing the broken D70s and other models.

Well, take care and good luck!

11:06 pm - Thursday, July 13, 2006

#40 ian huntington

guess what, nikon dont want to know now, they said because we didnt repair the fault and one of our agents did, it is their problem. the agent (h lehmann), have said it is a different fault and may end up costing me, even though it wasnt there before they repaired it. im at wits end. never thought i would say this but, I WILL NEVER EVER BUY NIKON AGAIN!!!!!!!

5:48 am - Friday, July 14, 2006

#41 nick in japan

I think your beef is with the agent, Ian!
My experiance with repair from a major manufacturer is that when they return a repaired product to you, it has been completely tested and will carry a complete guarantee, for about 30-90 days, maybe more.
I understand your anger, but, using this as an expensive education may be the best approach. I would consider a talk with the president of the repair company and discuss what he can do for you , and, the possible things you could do for him and his company.
Plan your work, work your plan, and all will get better and better, I'm sure.
Best of luck! Maybe Rudd will invite you to go on his vacation with him... maybe not!

6:48 am - Friday, July 14, 2006

#42 Mark Stout

I'd say the D70 is a piece of crap. I have one bought when it was fairly new on the market. I also own the D100. While the D70 flash will sync at 1/500 sec and the D100 will only sync at 1/180 sec and the D70 will run the creative lighting system, both very nice features, Nikon threw quality out with the bathwater when they built the D70. My D70 suffers from backfocusing issues and I'm constantly looking for objects about 6 inches in front of my subject to focus on and now it has completely shorted out. I get "err" everytime I press the shutter button and the "remedies" don't work. Nikon says if they don't to call tech support, but they do not provide a phone number, instead they say to mail the camera in (at my expense) and get an estimate. The online tech support rep simply referred me back to the "remedy" that didn't work even though I told them I had already tried it. My d100 doesn't suffer these problems and is an impressive camera. I've considered getting the D200, but with the problems I've had with my D70 and problems I've had with Nikon's SB800 flash unit (often times will not go into menu mode to allow me to change functions, this problem is present on BOTH of my SB800s), I'm beginning to think Nikon no longer cares about quality and customer service and it's time to go back to Canon. Sad, because Nikon is truely innovative in what they have come up with in terms of lenses and their creative lighting system.

10:49 am - Tuesday, July 18, 2006

#43 Glenn

I was in Croatia on a holiday 2 weeks ago. First day there....the blinking horror started! I was fully prepared to take wildlife pictures, having my different hides in the car, contacted local guides etc...DAMN!
Anyway, I retured last weekend and today I went to the official Nikon Belgium repair store. I must be very lucky because a local technician told me that tomorrow about 70 of the new metering chips were due to arrive. I should have the camera back by tomorrow evening :coolsmile:

12:00 pm - Wednesday, July 19, 2006

#44 Tibor

Nikon used to have the best quality cameras. Then like many other companys they got a "name". Now they turn out crap one after another, UNLESS you buy top of the "top of the line". I bought the D70 when it came out and have that metering problem now too. I love the camera, but what can you expect when theyre just shooting out quantity instead of quality. And the D70 isnt cheap either!. ahh well so many good companys build their products in countries like Thailand now. Im sure some of the problems are a result of that.
ok Im off to the Nikon center. wish me luck.

4:28 pm - Friday, July 21, 2006

#45 Pete D

I agree with D Cunnigham, Nikon seems to be shirking it's responsibility to it's customers and should do a recall. By taking the 'fix them when they break' attitude they are damaging their high quality reputation and making customers unhappy.
I'm writing because my Nikon D70 died right in the middle of an assignment. Blinking light any zilch functions working.
When you're supposed to be getting the pictures, the last thing you need is a company getting it wrong.

11:51 pm - Sunday, July 23, 2006

#46 Ruud

I got my camera back yesterday, after being in repair for 5,5 weeks. Thank God it is in a perfect working order now. They even upgraded my firmware :D

I still think this problem sucks bigtime, and Nikon's approach to the problem and their customer service (though the Dutch customer service people were very nice and helpful) is failing. They could make things a lot better by being more honest and helpful to their customers. Even though we, the D70 users, are not the high-end users, we still are a vast part of Nikon's customers and we should be treated equally.

Despite of the problems, I still love my D70. It shoots beautiful pictures and I think it is a great camera for the money. Nikon's lenses are also great. If I'd go for a new camera, it would probably still be a Nikon. Every brand of cameras and every type of camera has its problems. The D70 problem is a pretty big one, but it doesn't mean that everything that Nikon creates sucks.
But Pete, you're right saying there should've been a recall.
But hey, everybody makes mistakes ;)

I hope your cameras will be fixed!
Good luck :)

10:31 pm - Wednesday, July 26, 2006

#47 PeteD

Cheers Ruud,

I sent my camera off a couple of days ago so now I'm waiting, and missing it!
Yes I'm a big Nikon fan, so it would take a lot to make me switch to say, Canon.
At least they fix it for free which is good.

In the meantime it's back to the good old F90x and film...!

10:42 pm - Wednesday, July 26, 2006

#48 nick in japan

PeteD...Keep shooting, that film scans great, and, some new films are AWESOME. If you dont have a back-up digital camera, maybe a compact, I highly recommend getting one. Even the average compact camera can do a GREAT job with close-ups, and portraits.
Rudd... Lottsa folks love the D70 , and produce AWESOME images, ie..DOYOULIKEIT !
Looks like the B/W mode on that camera may be one of it's greatest assets!!

10:55 pm - Wednesday, July 26, 2006

#49 Ruud

Nick, what do you mean with the B/W mode?
It's not black and white, right? You can't shoot black and white pictures with a D70, I thought.
With a D70 and a little help from Photoshop or Picasa or something like that, someone can make photographs that look really professional. It makes really clear pictures, with nice and vivid colors.
I've got an AF-S Nikkor 24-85mm 1:3.5-4.5G lens with it, it's a good set for me :)

2:54 am - Friday, July 28, 2006

#50 nick in japan

The word applicable here is "assume", I assumed the D70 had a black and white mode, therefore my assumption made an "ass" of "me"!
Sorry about that, I think that whatever DOYOULIKEIT is doing to get the awesome B/W shots is now the subject! Converting color to B/W is tricky and, really, an art. One more credit to him!
Evidently, the D70 provides , as you say, really clear, nice vivid colors to work with!

3:54 am - Friday, July 28, 2006

#51 Ruud

Lol ;)
I would've been an ass as well if i'd find out right now that my camera DOES have a B/W mode.
But don't be too hard on yourself Nick ;)
Converting to B/W is pretty easy in photoshop, but I ASSUME it is difficult when using film? I don't know anything about that, and though I find developing photographs from film very interesting, I just don't have the time, space or money to do so.
Nick, do you happen to have a website or anything with some of your work on it?
I like to see other people's work, it really inspires me.
You can also mail me: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Take care!

11:25 am - Friday, July 28, 2006

#52 nick in japan

Rudd, I'll be writing you very soon! I'll be happy to send you some of my photos, I find websites and galleries a bit, well, vain. Some folks have alot of talent, and ambition, for those folks I respect their decision to have websites and galleries. I take, and have taken, hundreds of thousands of images, and continue to do at least 20-30 a day, but I've never been interested in going public, love sharing with family and friends tho!
I've transitioned almost completely from film, altho I sometimes use digital lenses on my 2 favorite APS cameras, just for fun.
I loved to shoot medium format, and miss those 6x9 fujichromes from the Mamiya Universal Press! But, now it's digital, no waiting and all the stress about the quality of the image is gone, instant proofing!
Many folks still do the film thing and scan to digital for GREAT results, that is the easiest way to convert to B/W from color, lottsa control! But still time consuming for the film processing, and the "unsure factor" that film always has.

9:52 pm - Friday, July 28, 2006

#53 Bob Hayward

I finally subcomed to the green light of death while in the Smoky Mountains trying out a new lens before my trip to kenya in September. Fortantly I found out about the problem before my trip to Kenya. Anyway, I sent the camera to the Louisville repair facility on Jul 17th. Does anyone know how long its taking to fix the problem? If not, does anyone know the phone number of the repair facility? Thanks

4:18 am - Saturday, July 29, 2006

#54 Ruud

@Nick: I received your e-mail, I will be sending an e-mail very soon, I'm a bit busy at the moment!

@Bob: I've heard many different stories about the duration of the repair. The repair of my camera took about 5,5 weeks, but I've also heard stories of it only taking a week.
I think you'll have your camera back before going to Kenya. What is the exact date of you departure?
You could try to e-mail of phone the repair company, and explain your situation, so they can have your camera fixed before September.

Good luck!

10:13 am - Saturday, July 29, 2006

#55 Tibor

Nikon Canada knows all about the BGLOD. They took in my D70 and 3 weeks later Its fine and they fixed it for free.

7:23 am - Thursday, August 10, 2006

#56 Eugene in Hong Kong

here comes my D70 going down after serving me since mid 2004. will take it to the dealer for repair and they said they could have it repaired in 5 working days. and it will be free if it is really the "known" problem. well, i agree that they should really have all the D70 recalled and upgraded for FREE! ;-)

3:36 am - Tuesday, September 5, 2006

#57 Al C

Apparently I am one of many with issues of the D70. Purchased this in late July, the errors started as early as a few days after. But stopped. VERY random...except taking slow night shots and that became impossible.

Just last week Tues Sept 12, stopped at a Jacks Cameras shop. The assistant was about as boggled as I was, an hour later, after resetting the camera (2 green buttons) AND the master reset under the camera. All seemed back to normal. That is until I finally wanted to get some good shots of my friends sons soccer game Sun (worked perfect from Tues - Sun) Camera pulled the same nonsense. Beeped in every setting, totally lock up and die.

What I thought, more like hoped was some setting issue..Nah, Its flawed! And I am more than a tad disgusted.

So since I will demand a new camera, I dont expect my guess ship to Nikon and maybe ill get it back before Xmas? The Nikon Support site, and number had not be much help for me either.

5:33 pm - Tuesday, September 19, 2006

#58 Ariel Zriel

Hey guys you can also find the electronic components you need on Their is a 1 week free trial and you get access to everything! Pretty cool.


5:29 pm - Thursday, September 28, 2006

#59 dennis sacco

Nikon d70's are junk,I just had my Second Failure Just out of the Blue for no REASON,Also it dont keep track of the shots as it should,I ll never by another NIKON PRODUCT..I HAVE A FUJI 9000 THAT WILL SMOKE ANY NIKON EVEN THE HIGH END ONES,,14k PICTURES WITHOUT A FAILURE WHATSOEVER,I SENT MY D70 JUNK IN AND TOLD THEM EITHER SEND ME A BRAND NEW ONE OR IM GONNA SUE THEM..ITS ONLY 9 MONTHS OLD HAS ONLY 3000 SHOTS

1:56 pm - Friday, October 13, 2006

#60 Ariel Zriel

I prefer Canon, my Fuji was crap.

so there!

2:18 pm - Tuesday, October 17, 2006

#61 tibor

do people who post messages here, read any of the other's comments? instead of talking about "sueing" nikon.. have them fix the prob no charge. since mine was fixed ive had NO prob at all.

7:48 pm - Tuesday, October 17, 2006

#62 tibor

AND... just because a camera has 9MP, doesnt mean the pics are better quality. Plus unless you are doing specialized work, a 4MP image is more than enough to get a great print.

7:52 pm - Tuesday, October 17, 2006

#63 dennis




Espically for a 1400.00 Piece of JUNK D70 or any other NIKON PRODUCT....

8:04 pm - Tuesday, October 17, 2006

#64 tibor

;-) settle down, you'll live longer

9:24 pm - Tuesday, October 17, 2006

#65 dennis

Im 60 Thats Long enough for ME

9:55 pm - Tuesday, October 17, 2006

#66 Lemon

My D70 is shooting blanks and very very underexposed dark pictures. Sometimes the photos are completly black. Does anyone know what is going on with my camera? The camera is about eight months new. Thanks!

5:15 am - Saturday, January 13, 2007

#67 Dennis

To 66...Sometimes the selection Knob (top left does not stay in place,Mine did that the other day 4 blanks,What happened is somehow when i picked it up to take a shot I must have move it between Auto and P Mode or what ever,Make sure it is clicked in before you shoot......

8:26 am - Saturday, January 13, 2007

#68 tibor

hey Lemon,
It can be your FPC card in the camera. This is a known problem for the earlier D70 s and Nikon has been fixing it at no charge. They fixed mine and its ok now. They fixed it at no cost even though my garantee was over by about 6 months.

8:12 pm - Saturday, January 13, 2007

#69 chris hanks

I purchased the Nikon d70s as i liked the solid feel and size compared to the smaller Canon,although i have always used Canon units i thought the Nikon unit was rugged looking,however after 6 months use the pop up flash has stayed popped up and it doesnt return closed.Very poor design i am having it fixed at NIKON UK and then i will be going back to Canon thanks Nikon but i think the days of solid Nikon units is long gone,in the meantime i will use my Canon eos1v as this works very nice thankyou CANON.

9:50 pm - Monday, March 5, 2007

#70 ashikmd

well i bought my camera in jan this year and after using it for just 2 months it went dead. it just wouldnt turn on. i havent seen any green light blinking, the camera just wouldnt turn on. has any one had this problem and if you have experienced this problem can you please give me some advise.

6:42 pm - Friday, April 20, 2007

#71 Ruud

I think that the problems that were posted the last few comments are not about the actual D70 green-light problem. I think we need to see things in perspective here: Cameras include delicate electronics. Whereever there's electronics, there's failure. There's not a single brand of cameras that doesn't manufacture an imperfect example every now and then. The green light problem is really a design problem, you can blame Nikon for that, but you can't blame them for every camera that has a minor failure. Those things are mostly component issues, and since Nikon doesn't manufacture all of the camera's components itself, you can't blame them for all that. I'm very sure that there are Canon cameras out there with failures!

9:22 pm - Friday, April 20, 2007

#72 Ruud

p.s. Number 63: Please get a life or at least change your black and white vision...

9:23 pm - Friday, April 20, 2007

#73 paul buckley

D70 has worked fine over the last two n a half years. Then went dead, had it repaired and now two months after getting it back the mirror seems to stick 'err' apears and i have to repress the shutter. Sometimes the photo is taken but i have serious camera shakes. Any sugestions on how to solve this problem at home without losing my camera for a month.

6:18 pm - Monday, May 7, 2007

#74 Tel

Buy another one.

Or buy the D40 instead.

It's cheap enough! Move on!

10:33 am - Tuesday, May 8, 2007

#75 tibor

since when did the D70 become a disposable camera. and we throw it away and buy something even cheaper? some of us dont have big money falling out of our pockets. wrong attitude Tel.

6:30 pm - Tuesday, May 8, 2007

#76 Ariel Zriel

Dear All,

If you want to know Nikon 3 SLR Cameras Memory is visit this website for free information and discount memory.

Take Care,


8:54 pm - Tuesday, May 8, 2007

#77 Tel

Wrong attitude? Huh?

Seriously - the camera he owns is probably 4 years old, at least. He put it to good use, and it is now broken.

More time he spends fretting about NOT having a camera at his disposal, the more he's going to stress about it.

Another $500 investment, in a BRAND NEW camera, is money well spent - I think.

I'm not saying we all got money growing in the trees in our yards, but he needs a replacement.

If you think the D70 is a disposal camera, that's up to you. But, it is also a camera that was phased out for new ones.
I also never said that he should throw it away. I just said he should just buy a new camera - plus, he'll be happier for it anyways.

YOU've got the wrong attitude for coming at me, putting words in to my mouth. Go sit on a bike without a seat and swivel, OK?

11:14 pm - Tuesday, May 8, 2007

#78 tibor

I would, but my bike is broken... oh maybe i should go out and buy a BRAND NEW one.and then i can "move on". relax, life is short.

3:05 am - Wednesday, May 9, 2007

#79 Janine


I had a few problems with my Nikon camera and I was searching the web for a solution. finally I found a great tech support site that help me solve my problem. They also have free live chat support...

Here is the page for Nikon Support

I am sure you will find some solutions there!

11:10 am - Tuesday, May 15, 2007

#80 bob

I also have had the green light of death on my D70. Jumped through all the hoops like everyone else and finally sent it to the factory for repair. I sent the body and lens as a complete package so they could see what I was using along with a discription of what was wrong. (Turns out to be the classic D70 problem) I called them not knowing about the acknowledged free repair bullitin and they said I would have to "authorize" repairs, $200.00, and took my credit card number. After finding out today that there is a defect I called the company again, even got lucky enough to talk to the same guy. I explained that I found out about the D70 factory defect and the free repairs and he asked me if I'd like to have my repairs "re-evaluated"? I said of course and he said they would notify me of their results. (It's been gone 3 weeks so far)
I was upset because they even wanted to charge me over a hundred dollars for evaluating what I believe to be a perfectly fine lens. But after talking about it he said if there was a problem with the lens that it would probably be covered by a 5 year warrenty. I am really upset with Nikon. This is my first one. I've been into photography both professionally and non for over 40 years. I've had Mamiya, Minolta, and Olympus and haven't had any problems with them. They all still work fine. I finally decide to go Nikon and this camera isn't even 2 years old and completely malfunctioned. I even bought the dedicated 600 flash. That lasted about a month and completely died, had to be sent back but was covered under warrenty.
I wanted to go with the Cannon Rebel but figured that the D70 Nikon being new and state of the art would be the way to go instead.

3:28 am - Thursday, June 28, 2007

#81 Ruud

I must say that I am very much surprised by all of your negative experiences with Nikon.

When my D70 broke down, I brought it to the Nikon repair centre. The people were very kind, no questions were asked, and no expenses were charged. I had my camera back in perfectly working order within 5-6 weeks, and they also upgraded the firmware. No problems at all!


12:32 pm - Monday, October 15, 2007

#82 Ariel Zriel

Did you know that the D70 supports up to 8GB of Memory?

This link will show you what kind etc..

Hope this helps!


8:49 pm - Sunday, October 28, 2007

#83 Chris Barker

Well, at least they have finally owned up to the GLOD.

Will all the people who had to pay to get it repaired before this admission get their money back?

9:21 pm - Tuesday, October 30, 2007

#84 francis Keating

ive had problems with D70 also....
when using it with studio lights, every so often the images appear a reddish pink color then return to normal ive tried auto white balance and flash for white balance also the infared device hardly ever fires the lights.It does when i press the test button. Ive also got a d100. both cameras are dated now. thinking of updating to cannon am i wise

1:45 am - Thursday, January 21, 2010

#85 RickS

Applying a human characteristic to an electronic machine, have we become that brain dead that we become so offended when we have to answer a machines request of how to process something we just did. That we can’t just say no and take more pictures. No, we have to turn it into a racial thing and make a Global Statement claiming racism by a camera manufacturer that creates a wide variety of optical equipment that benefits all mankind, it boggles the mind. I think only a racist could find this racist and isn’t serious enough for me to give up my NIKON F4s over because it captures every thing, this includes color, acurately. This camera would probably ask the same thing if I took one of a younger brother of mine, because he was always being asked if his eyes were open, during the pictures and looking at the prints. I think if the camera asked ‘there was an ugly person in the picture or did you get everybodys good side, do you want to save anyway’ then we might have a problem. Until then use the other option of turning it off. Here’s a project for you see if it asks that when people are laughing so hard they close their eyes or when someone is sleeping. Oh and here is another one get a friggin life.

3:45 am - Sunday, January 31, 2010

#86 RickS

This is concerning the camera that wonders if you are blinking. Meant to include it in a previous blog.
Applying a human characteristic to an electronic machine, have we become that brain dead that we become so offended when we have to answer a machines request of how to process something we just did. That we can’t just say no and take more pictures. No, we have to turn it into a racial thing and make a Global Statement claiming racism by a camera manufacturer that creates a wide variety of optical equipment that benefits all mankind, it boggles the mind. I think only a racist could find this racist and isn’t serious enough for me to give up my NIKON F4s over because it captures every thing, this includes color, acurately. This camera would probably ask the same thing if I took one of a younger brother of mine, because he was always being asked if his eyes were open, during the pictures and looking at the prints. I think if the camera asked ‘there was an ugly person in the picture or did you get everybodys good side, do you want to save anyway’ then we might have a problem. Until then use the other option of turning it off. Here’s a project for you see if it asks that when people are laughing so hard they close their eyes or when someone is sleeping. Oh and here is another one get a friggin life.

3:49 am - Sunday, January 31, 2010

#87 PeteD

I do believe there was a full moon tonight...

6:49 am - Sunday, January 31, 2010

#88 Ruud

@ #86: Who are you responding to? It looks like I missed something here...

@ #87: Thanks for letting us know ;)

10:41 am - Sunday, January 31, 2010

#89 francis Keating

i dont know who recks was responding to either he certaintly didnt help my reddish pink problem, in fact i think he somehow managed to post on the wrong site. With his deep meaningful physiological longwinded bull, had he been on a different web site perhaps someone from the young literary club could have discovered his talents.This is always a problem when one posts on help forums. you leave yourself open to fools.Can you imagine this persons diplomacy taking pictures of your kids with his big brother f4s camera if they didnt sit properly. hopefully he just captures livestock and wildlife and nature and his own family

3:58 pm - Sunday, January 31, 2010

#90 Ruud

Hmmm...I don't think that the chances of being discovered on a photography forum are not very likely...

I'm sorry, but I don't think I can help you with your colour problem. I'm pretty shure though that it's got nothing to do with the BGLOD problem where this topic is about.
Both the D70 and D100 are offcourse quite dated cameras. But I wouldn't write off Nikon in general. When you'd go to Canon, other problems will arise. It's not that the Canon brand is flawless, they've got some models with problems as well.

Currently I own a Nikon D700, wich is a great piece of equipment, and altough I've encountered the BGLOD problem with my D70, I've never had any other problems with D70 or the Nikons I've owned afterwards.

I hope you can find a solution to your problem. If you do, I'd love to hear it.

8:20 pm - Sunday, January 31, 2010

#91 Ian

I bought my D70 when they first came out. Great camera of course, but have had one problem since day one. Allmy images are dull and bland in colour. I have to rework all of them in Photoshop. All it takes is to push up the Brightness scale and they come alive. But what is wrong with the camera or settings? I have the camera saturation up to vivid, but to no avail.

4:52 pm - Sunday, February 14, 2010

#92 Ruud

Hi Ian,

It's hard to tell what causes your problem.

What camera did you come from? Because a lot of DSLR cameras tend to deliver slightly dull images when they are coming directly from the camera. That way, you can adjust the images more precisely to your taste.
Compact cameras automatically adjust sharpness, contrast, brightness etc. before the images are even displayed to the LCD display. So when you're coming from a compact camera, you might think that the DSLR pictures are dull.

You could try messing around with the camera settings a bit more. If I remember correctly, you can adjust several variables (e.g. contrast, sharpness) in the camera itself. Try that.

Are the images correctly exposed? Nikon cameras tend/tended (I don't really know if that's still the case, I don't really notice it with my D700) to underexpose by 0,3 EV. Lots of Nikon users set their exposure compensation to +0,3 EV by standard.

Have you also tried different lenses? And different exposure programs (M, S, P, A)? And different white balance settings?
Try to eliminate as many variables as possible. That way, you can strip down your problem a bit better.

I hope this information was useful to you. Please let me know how you're coming along.


10:29 pm - Sunday, February 14, 2010

#93 Peter Franks

Bottom line, the Nikon D70 is absolutely, with out question the WORST camera I have ever owned. I have been shooting 35mm and 6x7, and of course digital point and shoot, for 30 years and I have never owned a camera with the problems of the Nikon D70. The brand new camera failed in the first week and the store flashed the firmware then it failed again in less than a month and was sent back to the factory for repairs which took two months. Back about two weeks it started draining batteries like they were free. Rechargable or new non-rechargable, they would take almost 24 frames and they were drained. Back in for repairs, another 6 weeks and it worked for almost a month then started the same battery drain problem. That was two years ago, I have been using a Canon ever since and it works great. I ran across the D70 in the back of a cabinet last week which prompted my search that found this website. I intend to send the camera and all of the lenses, etc.that I wasted my money on to YASUYUKI OKAMOTO the CEO of Nikon USA with instructions on where to stick it. I saved for years to get a Nikon and will never own one of their products, of any type, again.

8:12 pm - Sunday, May 2, 2010

#94 Ruud

@Peter Franks

I don't think it's fair to judge a camera brand just because your experiences with only 1 model and 1 sample of that brand. When you would've gotten a new camera, a new sample, it would have been possible that you'd still be shooting with it now.
Canon is a good brand, but they also have their flaws. They also produce a single camera every now and then that keeps on failing. That's how technology is.
But for both Canon, Nikon and any other brand it's the same story: 99,9999% of their cameras work perfectly, but the 0,0001%, that keeps failing makes a brand completely worthless?

In the internet you can read tonns of Canon complaints just like your Nikon complaint right here.

So IMHO comments like this add absolutely nothing to the discussion. When you would have bad experiences with 15 different Nikon cameras, and they were all failing, then you would have the right to make a judgement, but not from just 1 sample.

That's my 2 cents!

8:39 pm - Sunday, May 2, 2010

#95 Peter Franks

@ Ruud

IF Nikon had fixed the problems, IF Nikon had stepped up and said "yeah this one is bad all the way around, we goofed, here is a non-defective one to replace it", IF Nikon had admitted the number and extent of the problems with he D70 and corrected them market wide I could agree with you and just chalk it up to bad luck and move on. However, Nikon failed on every count in this instance. Maybe I just got lucky and happened to get that 0.0001% of cameras, as you say, they make that have problems. That does not give them a pass when it comes to making it right. They had multiple chances to do that and failed each time.

A single bad product item may not be an indictment of an entire brand. The failure of the manufacturer to correct the problems over months and even years or even admit the scope of the problems IS an indictment of that company and the entire brand. Screw Nikon

11:46 pm - Sunday, May 2, 2010

#96 Ruud

@ Peter

You are certainly right about the fact that Nikon should've offered you a replacement. But I don't know if Nikon HQ in Tokyo defines the rules when it comes to customer support. It might be the Nikon importer who does that.
Here in the Netherlands, the Nikon customer support is great. Very helpful people and I'm 100% sure that I would've gotten a replacement when I my new camera would be failing as much as yours. So I'm not sure if you can blame Nikon as a brand for that.

Don't get me wrong though, I can completely understand your frustration. I just have had no such bad experiences with Nikon as a brand, and all of the Nikon photographers I know feel the same.

But I'm happy for you that Canon is more to your liking. In the end it's all about the picture.

4:37 pm - Monday, May 3, 2010

#97 Michael de Berry

Sorry all the people that have problems with the D70.Not a camera i have ever owned,but i do have a lot of Nikons,the best being a D1x.My advice is buy a secondhand Fuji pro and use your lenses on that,i have a Fuji S2 pro,and it takes superb pictures,and remember it was about 3 times as much as the D70 new.The only drawback is the batteries,but i have overcome that using re-chargeable Cr123's.It takes professional quality pics and you would have to buy the D90 to beat it,which my son has,so i know how good they are.

8:01 pm - Wednesday, May 5, 2010

#98 Viren

My Nikon D70 is not giving me correct meter reading. It is either over/under exposed in Manual, Aperture, Shutter and Program mode. However all the option under the Automatic modes seems to work fine. Is the sensor going haywire in Manual related mode??

5:38 pm - Monday, August 2, 2010

#99 georg

Got a new D70 in 2004 worked fine till we went to Italy, then it locked up, hard reset seemed to work, but noticed a lot of card errors, which I solved by taking out and then inserting again. Now in frustration it is acting up again. My question, is there a publoshed list of the offending cameras serial numbers available or is it all of the 70 bodies?

3:29 pm - Friday, September 24, 2010

#100 eddie

my Nikon d70 photos never turn out right. when opened in Photoshop they are always short of white in the levels histogram. having to use auto levels to correct every photo i take is becoming a pain. has anybody got any ideas how to put this problem right?

7:00 pm - Sunday, January 15, 2012