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February 7, 2012 | Mark Goldstein | Digital SLR Cameras | 12 Comments | |
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Want to see exactly what the new Nikon D800 DSLR camera looks like in the flesh?

The D800 has a high-resolution 36.3 megapixel full-frame 35mm sensor that Nikon claim makes it a rival to medium-format cameras, especially the D800E version which removes the anti-aliasing filter to achieve even more detail. Nikon UK predict that 10% of Nikon D800’s sold will be the special E version, which will be available at more specialist retailers.

The D800 still offers similar noise levels to the D700 (which carries on alongside the D800) and outperforms the D7000. ISO 50 is claimed to be better than Kodachrome, said Nikon UK’s James Banfield at yesterday’s launch event, with ISO 100 delivering the best quality of any ISO speed.

With high-speed SD and Compact Flash dual slots, the D800 offers maximum flexibility for a wide user base, although the brand new XQD format has been reserved for the flagship D4 camera.

Check out our extensive hands-on gallery of 34 photos of the new Nikon D800 camera.

34 photos of the new Nikon D800 DSLR camera.

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#1 Dan

Canon, it's over to you. Let's see what you have up your sleeve with the 5Dmk3...

8:05 am - Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#2 Gerry Reilly

WOW and double WOW did not expect this at all, looks very exciting, time to break the piggy bank or maybe not!

9:35 am - Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#3 Low Budget Dave

That sound you hear is thousands of people checking their bank accounts to see if they can afford a new Nikon.

The only thing that seems crazy to me is 36 MP. Are there any lenses good enough to provide that kind of resolution? If so, I bet that adds a few pounds to the overall price tag.

12:11 pm - Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#4 Del-Uks

Nikkor 28-70... WTF ?!?

1:15 pm - Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#5 Bailey

Full frame and 36mp. I've got to try this out!

5:08 pm - Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#6 dante villanueva

very very beautiful nikon, nice! time to save money for this one

12:46 am - Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#7 Vincenzo

Hopefully this will kick Canon where it hurts. As a present Canon 5Dii user, I can't wait to ditch all my gear and go Nikon.
Canon, There for You (until you need them)

2:12 am - Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The best part of the introduction of a camera like this is what it does for the industry. This isn't a "one up" on the competition, it's more like a "3 or 4 up" on the competition. They not only have to produce a camera that's as good, they have to "top this one" now! And look at the price they'll be competing with. I don't know what the other camera manufacturers are thinking, but I'm sure they're all scratching their heads now. ... Joe Prete

5:14 am - Saturday, February 25, 2012


I am torn between getting a D800 for quality or a compact for its small size. Anyone have any thoughts to help me decide?

PS. Nice lens!

12:27 pm - Thursday, March 8, 2012

#10 Low Budget Dave

Arbhd: It depends what you shoot with now, and what feels comfortable to you. If you shoot with a big camera now, try carrying it with you everywhere for a week and see if it annoys you.

If you have a good backpack, and you can afford the D800, you can't go wrong. Every camera is a compromise, but the D800 (seems like) makes a lot fewer compromises than most.

If you buy the GX1, for example, and are disappointed with the bokeh, you really can't do much about it.

If you buy the D800 and don't like the pictures, it's you.

11:55 pm - Thursday, March 8, 2012


I guess you guys know by now that I've been shooting Nikon for the past 25 years. I left Canon when they changed the mount. But you should also know that I am one of Nikon's biggest critics. Or as they call it, thorn in their side. Some times they actually deactivate functions to make it fit the price. I've bought non working cameras just to hack into them and find out what's going on. They dropped the D700's price by $1,000.00 and the dealers are happy to sell them. How much does it cost to make a D700, LESS THAN $300.00 And they sold plenty at $3,000.00 I would urge you guys who are deciding, to take a good look around before dropping your cash on the counter. And those anti-Canon guys, just take a look at the EOS 1 D X and the feature packed, full frame EOS 5D Mark III. There's a lot of competition going on, make the best use of your money. OH,
One other thing don't forget about Fuji and of course SONY
they've got a lot going on over there. You may be very surprised of the "Bang for your buck" at SONY. ... Joe Prete

4:14 am - Friday, March 9, 2012


LOW BUDGET DAVE IS RIGHT, take your time and be sure. If the camera is too heavy to carry for long periods of time, what good is it going to do you if you left it home! It's nothing to be ashamed of, if you're in a studio, with a tri pod it's fine, but for Someone out chasing stories, you should be sure about the weight. ... Joe Prete

8:17 am - Friday, March 9, 2012