Nikon D800 Video - “Joy Ride”

February 7, 2012 | Mark Goldstein | 5 Comments | |
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Nikon and photographer Sandro have teamed-up to showcase the new D800’s video capabilities. Joy Ride is a short film shot with the D800 in a variety of lighting conditions, including a motorcycle sequence where the D800 was strapped to the bike. There’s also a behind-the-scenes video which goes into a little more depth about how the impressive Nikon D800 was used.


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#1 Mumbly

Videos like that may be technically impressive, but I don't like the message of this video at all, as it suggests that speeding is fun. I drive myself a motorcycle and I hate those idiots on their sports machines who think that the roads are a speedway. They not only put their own lives and those from other people at risk, but they afflict some huge damage to the bikers image too. We (the bikers) are not all hot-headed adrenaline junkies and Valentino-Rossi-wannabes; speeding through the city has absolutely NOTHING to do with fun, but is grossly irresponsible and simply stupid!

8:33 am - Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#2 Biker1

Some people just don't know how to understand a movie apart from a true-to-life actions. There are even no people on the streets in this action sequence. So what lives-risk are we talking here? The intent or message of this movie is to exhibit the camera's ability to shoot at low light, the consistency of the video quality at fast action, and the image quality derived from it and nothing else.

5:38 am - Thursday, February 9, 2012

#3 ottoub

I agree with #2. #1 is just acting out his super "resposible" holier than thou image of himself, clothed in socially acceptable language. The truth is, speeding IS FUN. You can speed between 0-60kph and it's still FUN. It depends on how long you take to get to 60. "Huge damage" to biker's image is false. WHO cares about bikers's "Image" apart from the Honda design team of the mid 60's? I agree it's no fun watching someone else do it. Do it yourself! Stupid is never simple and simple is never stupid. Apart from the soapbox ear-bash, this is about THE CAMERA, stupid/simple! This camera is worth the Dash and the CASH! Excellent video camera work too! Last thing,for the uninitiated, the "speeding" in this video clip is metaphorical, not actual.

1:13 pm - Thursday, February 9, 2012

#4 Mumbly

@Biker1 and ottoub: Of course, the action in the shown video is just fictional. And for sure I can make the difference between fiction and reality. But the real problem is the implicit message of the video. Alone its title "joy ride" suggests, that speeding is fun. Just as those many car commercials on TV suggest with "dynamic" images (drifts, panning shots, zooming effects, low angle shots, huge dust tails behing cars etc.), that a car must have lots of horsepower and that one will have a lot of fun driving with a "sporty" style while still remaining absolutely safe. People are influenced by such a bullshit (just like they did when the Marlboro man suggests that smoking has something to do with individuality, manlikeness and freedom) and really believe that fast paced driving is fun. This also explains the popularity of such idiotic movies like "the fast and the furious".

This weren't a problem, if people would just put their own lives at risk. But they mostly leave families and put other peoples lives at risk – and this isn't acceptable at all. So I don't mind if some speed junkie crashes into the next alley tree (my only comment would then be "good riddance – one less idiot on the roads"), but car (and bike) accidents unfortunately do make a lot more people suffer...

7:46 am - Friday, February 10, 2012

#5 Chris

00:46 I see the horrid aliasing patterns remain, eve n in this compressed video. let's see what Canon can come up with.

9:11 pm - Sunday, February 26, 2012