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Nikon today announced the new LD-1000 LED light for Nikon 1 system cameras and Coolpix compact cameras. This portable light provides a continuous light source for close-up photography or movie making. Compatible with any camera equipped with a tripod socket, the LD-1000 comes with the SK-1000 bracket and two LS-32 lock screws. The Nikon LD-1000 LED light carries an RRP of £119.99 / €146.00 / $99.95.

Nikon Press Release

LD-1000 LED light—flexible continuous light source

RRP: £119.99 / €146

London, UK, 5th September 2013  Nikon today announces the new LD-1000 LED light for Nikon 1 system cameras and COOLPIX compact cameras.

Stylish-looking and exceptionally easy to use, this ultra-portable light provides a continuous light source for close-up photography or movie making. Designed to be used on-camera or off, it’s an incredibly handy way to add impact to your images. Use it to help avoid flat-looking photos, soften shadow areas, compensate for backlight or add depth to colours. When shooting movies from close up, the small and lightweight design makes this a great light source to take on location.

Simon Iddon, Senior Product Manager, Nikon 1 Compact System Cameras, Nikon UK, says: “The new LD-1000 LED light is a great way to add a creative touch to photos or movies when shooting from close-up. The fact that you can see the effect of the light before you shoot makes it easy to play with shadows and highlights, and create the kind of images you want. Just as stylish and flexible as the other products that make up the Nikon 1 system, this compact light can be used with COOLPIX cameras too.”

What you see is what you get
Using a continuous light source means there’s no need to wait until you’ve taken the shot to see if your lighting ideas work. Unlike working with a flash, you can see the effect of the LED light on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder before you shoot. There’s no need to worry about setting the correct flash settings and it’s easy to adjust the angle of the LED light to achieve the effect you want.

The angle of the LED light is freely adjustable even when it is attached to the camera, or you can shoot with it off-camera for even more control over the height and distance of the light from your subject. Project the light from below and add depth to the colours of the natural environment when shooting outdoors, or experiment with different ways to light your subject’s face. A gentler light source than a flash, this LED light can help capture beautiful portraits, especially of someone not used to having their photograph taken. People won’t be distracted by the flash or blink repeatedly because of it, and you can explore angling the light in order to create a glow around someone’s face or capture intriguing flickers of light in the eyes

Incredibly simple to use, the light attaches to the tripod socket on the camera and can be easily detached for off-camera lighting. One switch on the back of the light lets you set the strength of the beam to ‘high’ or ‘low’, and turn the light ‘on’ or ‘off’. In addition, the light is equipped with a diffuser on the LED window that allows soft, natural-looking shadows and helps reduce strong reflections when photographing shiny subjects.

Nikon 1 style
Available in black or white, this sleek and portable LED light compliments Nikon 1 camera bodies perfectly. Compatible with any camera equipped with a tripod socket, the LD-1000 is also ideal for use with COOLPIX compact digital cameras.

The LD-1000 comes with the SK-1000 bracket and two LS-32 lock screws for attaching the light to the camera’s tripod socket.

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