Nikon Mirrorless Hybrid Camera

July 8, 2010 | Mark Goldstein | Digital | 2 Comments | |
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Nikon is planning to release a “new concept” SLR camera according to President Makoto Kimura. Available either this year or in 2011, the new Nikon hybrid may use the same mirrorless structure as rival cameras from Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung and Sony. According to the interview by Bloomberg, Nikon’s entry into the hybrid market will also possibly “have an enhanced function for video recording”.

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#1 Frank Stanton

You have the most bizarre advertising scheme for the "Check the Latests Prices" ads I have ever seen on the web. You'll be talking about a camera and the ads on the page that go with the article will have no relationship to the camera, whatsoever. Secondly, the ads don't describe what the prices are for. What that does is use up more bandwidth on your site and is a distraction and a waste of time for the reader. Lastly, why is it that you do not rotate many of the pictures in your picture section so that they can be viewed properly? This is another waste of time for the reader who has to download the pictures to properly see them, and a further drag on your bandwidth because of the added time it takes to view the picture correctly. Your site has great content, some of the best of all the camera review websites, but your interface is slow and misleading. In short, it's a rather outdated and tedious site to navigate. You need a better web designer.

3:42 pm - Thursday, July 8, 2010

#2 Ken Skier

Just wanted to let you know that you do two things extremely well, and they guarantee that I will read your blog whenever you post a new entry:

1)Your choice of cameras to review is EXACTLY the range of cameras that I am most interested in: compact zooms and mirrorless "near-SLRs" such as the Micro Four-Thirds cameras. (I don't care about "fashionable" tiny cameras with tiny lenses and tiny sensors...and for the photography I do, I cannot carry anything as big as a full-sized SLR. So I am thrilled that you focus on the range of small, quality cameras that interest me.)

2) Your reviews of these cameras are thoughtful, and extremely informative. You answer the questions I've got: not just basics such as wide-angle range and the range of the zoom...but the SPEED of the camera, from startup to first photo, and (of great importance to me) the speed of continuous shooting at the highest resolution. Many other websites review the same cameras you do, but most of them don't tell me what I need to know. You also let me know which cameras compete most directly (in features and price) with the cameras you review. This is very helpful.

So I just wanted to say Thank you. Keep up the excellent work!

8:15 pm - Thursday, July 8, 2010