No XQD or Wireless SD Cards, Say SanDisk and Lexar

January 13, 2012 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories, CES 2012 | 2 Comments | |
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SanDisk and Lexar have both confirmed that they have no plans to release XQD memory cards in the near future. Speaking to Photography Blog at CES, representatives from both companies stated that they’re committed to Compact Flash, which is still popular with photographers. Lexar additionally pointed out that their new 1000x UDMA 7 is actually faster than the first XQD card from Sony, offering a guaranteed read speed of at least 150Mb/s, and that the current CF specification goes up to 167Mb/s, providing additional headroom for even faster CF cards.

In addition neither company is set to release an open-format wireless SD card, following the SD Association’s announcement last week. SanDisk already have a wireless card in Europe with Eye-Fi (but not in the US), while Lexar had a similar partnership that has now elapsed.

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#1 Wedding Photographer Leeds

I suppose it takes some real backing from the camera giants first, until we've seen a whole new line of cameras everyone's going to be using SD and CF. Personally I think SD is a little overlooked at professional level, it's now going lightening fast and at just a fraction of the cost of CF. The real question though is just how many cameras are actually being held back by the speed of the cards. Most of the time the limiting factor is the frame-rate of the body, so why invest so heavily in new technology until it's a little more needed!?

2:31 pm - Monday, January 16, 2012

#2 Danbat

I think XQD cards are in fact an advance to the upcoming of 4K and 8K video format. With the widespread of SD-compatible devices I don't expect a replace of this format in the near future. I guess devices using CF cards will choose between SD and XQD, depending on the level of demand for the device.

9:48 pm - Monday, January 16, 2012