Norman Koren Reviews Canon EOS 10D

May 30, 2003 | Mark Goldstein | Canon EOS 10D | Comment |

Canon EOS 10DNorman Koren has published an exellent in-depth look at the Canon EOS 10D, including his reasons for buying the camera, initial impressions, sample images and more. A must-read for anyone that is even remotely interested in buying the 10D, and also for all current 10D owners.

“I was very impressed by the Canon EOS-10D at the PMA show in Las Vegas in early March, 2003. 13x19 inch prints were stunning and 24x36 inch prints still impressive when viewed from a moderate distance. (You wouldn’t expect them to be absolutely sharp at that size.) The fast, positive, 7-point autofocus, rugged magnesium body, lack of obvious shutter lag, and reduced price compared to the D60 ($1499 vs. about $2200) were factors in my decision. I ordered one shortly after I returned home, and it arrived, after a few days delay, at the end of March. This is a big change for me—I’d been using Canon FD manual focus cameras and lenses, which date from 1986 and earlier.”

Website: Norman Koren - Canon EOS 10D