NTI Shadow 3 Review

June 7, 2008 | Mark Goldstein | PhotographyBLOG | Comment |

NTI Shadow 3Regularly backing up your data is important for everyone, but especially so for photographers. Losing either all your memories or your means of income is a frightening prospect, yet numerous studies have revealed that relatively few of us have a daily backup routine. Enter NTI Shadow 3, an award-winning and simple-to-use backup software application which is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. NTI Shadow can continuously monitor and backup all changed files, or be scheduled for a certain time. The latest version includes backup to any optical media, including Blu-ray, useful now that the HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray debate has finally been resolved. Best of all, NTI Shadow 3 is available for just $29.99, so there really is no excuse to start backing up your photos right now. Jon Canfield guides you through the process in our NTI Shadow 3 review.

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Stop press: NTI are running a special promotion until June 8th, where NTI Shadow 3 is completely free!

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