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Olympus FE-20The new Olympus FE-20 digital camera offers 8 megapixels and a 3x optical zoom lens. The FE20 also features a 2.5-inch LCD screen, Digital Image Stabilisation, Face Detection, xD-Picture Card and microSD Card compatibility and measures just 21.5mm in depth. The Olympus FE-20 will be available in September and comes in silver or black for £119.99.

Olympus UK Press Release

Fun and easy compacts

Latest Olympus FE series models: Compact size, powerful optics

London, 25 August 2008 –The latest Olympus FE series cameras continue to impress for their user-friendliness, attractive pricing, and great image results. Like all Olympus cameras, they pack superior optical performance into compact dimensions. Boasting up to 5x optical zoom, these FE cameras allow users to get up close and personal with their subjects. The high-grade optics matched with
8 Megapixels ensure premium image quality and precise picture details. In addition to internal memory, photos can be stored to xD-Picture Card or – thanks to a bundled attachment – on microSD Card. Find the newest Olympus FE camera at a store near you this September for an RRP of £119.99 for the FE-20. Each model is also available in a choice of colours.

The Olympus FE-20 unites strength and simplicity. The power of its 3x optical zoom and 8 Megapixels is always at your fingertips with this sleek and compact camera measuring just 21.5mm in depth. But don’t let its looks and features fool you – the FE-20 is fun and easy to use. Face Detection Technology makes it simple to capture your friends and family with optimal focus and exposure settings. And with Digital Image Stabilisation, ISO values of up to 1000 help prevent blur, so you can always be sure that your pictures will come out crisp and clear. This stylish, powerful camera comes in silver or black, and its large 6.4cm/2.5” LCD makes framing and reviewing your shots a cinch.

All of the latest FE series cameras follow a “one button, one function” design principle. Also on board are a help function and a multilingual menu for easy navigation and operation. The included Olympus Master Software also makes for easy photo handling on the computer. Internal memory is just one option for storing photos. Results can also be saved to xD-Picture Card or – thanks to the bundled attachment – on microSD Card too.

The newest addition to Olympus’ FE series – the FE-20 – will hit the shelves in September 2008.

Main features:
• 8 Megapixels to make poster-size prints
• “One button, one function” design principle and in-camera help guide for easy operation
• BrightCapture Technology for better views on the LCD in low light
• Multilingual menus (up to 39 languages available)
• xD-Picture Card and microSD Card compatible
• Shipped with Olympus Master software
• Miniature 3x optical zoom (36-108mm*) in slim body to capture everything from great scenes to stunning portraits
• Digital Image Stabilisation (up to ISO 1000) for less blur
• See and share images more easily on the 6.4cm/2.5” LCD (154,000 dots)
• Perfectly focused and exposed faces even in tricky situations thanks to Face Detection Technology
• 16 scene modes (e.g. Night Scene with Portrait and Candle) ensure the camera has the right settings for different situations
• Liven up your memories with movie recording with sound (up to VGA resolution at 30fps)

* Equivalent to a 35mm camera
microSD is a trademark of SD Card Association


BrightCapture Technology
A technology developed for better shooting results in low light situations. In the FE-20, FE-360 and FE-370 it uses all available pixel information from the image sensor to provide a view on the LCD that’s up to four times brighter than conventional types, to make framing easy even in dark surroundings. In the FE-370, BrightCapture additionally increases sensitivity in some scene modes (while reducing resolution) to return well-exposed images with accurate colour reproduction, high contrast and definition, even when not using the flash.

Digital Image Stabilisation
A special shooting mode, where the camera automatically increases ISO sensitivity to allow shorter shutter speeds – which helps to avoid image blur caused by camera shake or by fast-moving objects.

Dual Image Stabilisation
Providing two-fold protection, this special function helps to avoid image blur caused by camera shake or fast-moving subjects. It combines high ISO values with a CCD-based mechanical image stabiliser, where a built-in gyro sensor detects camera movement and adjusts the CCD accordingly.

Face Detection Technology
A technology that searches for faces in a composition and recognises them as the main subject. It then automatically puts them in focus and optimally adjusts exposure to create an image that’s sharp in the right places and ideally exposed. Face Detection Technology can detect up to three faces.

Advanced Face Detection Technology
A technology that searches for faces in a composition and recognises them as the main subject. It then automatically puts them in focus and optimally adjusts exposure to create an image that’s sharp in the right places and ideally exposed. Advanced Face Detection Technology can detect up to 16 faces.

Intelligent Auto mode
This “intelligent” type of AUTO mode uses Face Detection Technology to allow the camera to detect the five most commonly used scenes automatically. It enables the capture of perfect photos without any need for manual settings.

microSD compatibility
A special attachment comes bundled with this camera which provides for microSD Card compatibility in addition to being able to use xD-Picture Cards.

“One button, one function” design principle
Controlling the camera becomes child’s play. All essential functions like shooting, playback and viewing on the LCD, as well as erasing, are easily activated via a single button.

Perfect Fix
Facilitates the instant correction of image mistakes at just the touch of a button. It allows the lightening of shadows and can also remove the red-eye effect. Each of these editing features is available directly in the camera.

Perfect Shot Preview
Allows the effect of various settings to be previewed before shooting. Users can therefore be confident of capturing the image perfectly. The image appears in a multi-frame window on the LCD in real-time, making it easy to compare options and take the best possible shot.

TruePic III image processor
Olympus’ newest-generation image processing engine. It automatically enhances important aspects of image quality including: Colour reproduction (colour range, saturation and brightness), picture sharpness (reduced image noise, improved edge reproduction), as well as providing faster processing speeds.

Olympus FE-20

Olympus FE-20

Olympus FE-20

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