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Panasonic DMC-LX1Panasonic DMC-LX1 is announced today. The Panasonic DMC-LX1 is an 8.4 megapixel digital camera with a 4x Leica optical zoom lens equivalent to 28-112mm, optical image stabilizer and a 2.5 inch LCD screen. The DMC-LX1 is the world’s first digicam with a wide angle lens and 16:9 aspect CCD. The aspect ratio can be easily selected between 16:9 or 3:2 in addition to the conventional 4:3 by using a switch on the lens barrel. The Panasonic DMC-LX1 can also record moving images at 848 x 480 16:9@Wide VGA at 30 fps. The Panasonic DMC-LX1 will be available in the UK in August in silver priced £449.99.

Panasonic Europe Press Release

Panasonic is launching a new LUMIX 16:9 wide LX series with the introduction of the DMC-LX1, 8.4-Megapixel 4x optical zoom (equivalent to 28 mm to 112 mm on a 35mm film camera) full manual compact camera. This creative compact incorporates a 8.4-Megapixel CCD and a high resolution 2.5-inch LCD in its undersized body. The aspect ratio is easily selectable between 16:9 wide, 3:2 and conventional 4:3 with a switch located on the lens barrel to shoot in the framing aspect that best suits the subjectsf composition or imagefs purpose of use.

The lens unit is comprised of 4x optical zoom LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT Lens and renders superb picture quality. Like other LUMIX cameras, what distinguishes the DMC-LX1 from the rest is MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer), a key feature Panasonic considers should be standard in all digital still cameras. Unintentional handshake, the major cause of digital camera misshooting, is controlled by MEGA O.I.S. to allow every user to take clear, beautiful images even indoors or at nighttime. The newly incorporated Extra Optical Zoom extends the zoom ratio by using the center part of the high resolution CCD to achieve 5x for 5.5-Megapixel 16:9 image recording with minimal deterioration.

Extensive manual controls including manual focus and manual exposure can be smoothly operated with a joystick incorporated along with an omni directional cursor. Just pressing and holding the joystick shortcuts to a setting menu containing the frequently used white balance adjustment, ISO setting, image size setting and compression format.

Taking advantage of these outstanding features, the LX1 incorporates the high speed, high quality image processing LSI, the Venus Engine II. It boasts quick responsiveness that realizes the best-in-class level release time lag of 0.01 sec. For the AF, five AF modes are available; 9-point, 3-point high speed, 1-point high speed, 1-point normal speed and spot. The 1-point high speed AF boasts predominantly fast AF for stress-free focusing.

In addition, the DMC-LX1 is the first digital still camera that can record moving images at 848 x 480 16:9@Wide VGA, as smooth as 30 fps.
With a volley of features providing both enhanced image quality and responsiveness, the DMC-LX1 is an advanced compact offering elaborate manual controllability while being accommodating to entry-level users through a variety of scene modes and auto setting functions. Panasonic dares to introduce this artistic instrument suited to users at all levels who enjoy creative shooting.

1. 8.4-Megapixel 16:9 aspect CCD and 28mm wide 4x optical zoom LEICA DC Lens
The DMC-LX1 features the 8.4-Megapixel Industryfs first* 16:9 aspect CCD and 4x optical zoom 28mm wide angle** (equivalent to 28 mm to 112 mm on a 35 mm film camera) LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens. Incorporating three aspherical lenses provides high optical performance while preserving the compactness of the unit. The aspect ratio can be easily selected between 16:9 or 3:2 in addition to the conventional 4:3 with a switch on the lens barrel on a shot-by-shot-basis to best suit the composition of the image. Even after shooting, the 16:9 ratio can be converted to 3:2 or 4:3 with the camera according to your purpose of use.

The extra optical zoom, made possible by using the center part of 8.4-megapixel high resolution CCD, further extends the zoom ratio to 5x for 5.5-Megapixel image recording in 16:9 aspect with minimal deterioration.

* As a CCD of digital still camera, as of July 7, 2005.
** In 16:9 aspect ratio.

2. Image stabilizing technology MEGA O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabilizer) and high speed high quality image processing LSI Venus Engine II
MEGA O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabilizer), that Panasonic thinks it indispensable for all digital cameras, especially for compact models that lacks stability, is subsumed under LUMIX all line-up released in this year. Every slight hand-shake movement is detected accurately with the sampling frequency at 4,000 times per second and will be compensated to render clear, sharp images.

MEGA O.I.S. is equipped with 2 selectable modes. In gMode 1h, the O.I.S. lens continuously compensates for vibration and in gMode 2h, the O.I.S. lens suppresses hand-shake only at the moment the shutter button is pressed. In this mode, the lens can move in all directions at the moment to maximize its effect, and higher-resolution image can be taken by capturing the image as close as to the center of the lens. In consequence, since MEGA O.I.S. enables a beautiful picture shot without blurring at slower shutter speeds of more than three steps compared to the conventional models without O.I.S., you can enjoy shooting clear and beautiful pictures easily even in the situations using slow shutter speeds, like indoor shots for portraits and nighttime scenery for illuminated object, as well as in shootings using zoom or macro mode.
For the brain of the camera, high-speed high-quality image processing LSI Venus Engine II is incorporated to render clear images in detail, compensating for the color aberration at the edges subject to occur. It also compensates for vignetting and generates bright image in every detail. This engine boasts its high performance resulting in the industry leading level in class release time lag of 0.01 sec for achieving more stress-free operation.

*Not including the time for AF.

3. Joystick-operated intuitive manual control
The DMC-LX1 offers manual focus and manual exposure, and both are adjustable with a joystick independent of an omni directional cursor. A switch on the side of the lens barrel lets you quickly change the focus mode between MF, AF or Macro AF. When you focus in the Manual Focus mode, not only the focus distance but also the DOF (depth of field) according to the zoom range and aperture is displayed. An MF assist function enlarges the center of the image to make focusing easier. Both features contribute to easy and comfortable manual focus.

A joystick was incorporated to facilitate operational ease and thereby get the best technical advantage of the multitude of functions offered by the camera. You can quickly shortcut to frequently used variables containing white balance adjustment, ISO setting, image size setting and compression format just by pressing and holding down the joystick, even while monitoring a subject on the LCD.

Shutter speed extends up to 60 sec at slowest in Manual Exposure mode and adjustable from 1/2000 to 60 sec for wider ranging shooting opportunities. Noise reduction is available for images taken at slow shutter speed.

The AF/AE lock button supports free framing while keeping the focus locked or fixes the same exposure setting regardless of the color of a subject for taking multiple shots.

Panasonic DMC-LX14. Crystal-clear, large 2.5h LCD monitor
The 2.5h large LCD is excellent not only in size but also in the resolution, which is as high as 207 k pixels. The advantage is apparent when you check the focus during or after shooting, or when you display images even in tiny thumbnail size, across which you can move an omni-directional cursor to select. They can be played back in 9, 16 and 25 on multi-split screen in addition to the normal 1 frame playback thanks to the large high resolution LCD. This helps you to search for the image you want out of a number stored on the SD Memory Card, even if the images are in bulk. Furthermore, you can virtually checkmark your favorite images and keep them selected apart from the others to make a special slideshow with them only, or make concurrent deletion of the non-checkmarked ones if you do not need them anymore. Thanks to this feature, the LX1 can serve not just as a tool of shooting images but also as a digital album, to enjoy the seeing and showing of your favorite pictures.
To offer a clear view even in sunny outdoor conditions, the Power LCD function increases brightness by 140% just by pressing an independent button.

5. Excellent responsiveness, smart control and quick AF
The DMC-LX1 incorporates high performance image processing LSI the Venus Engine II in both speed and image quality. Thanks to the multi-task image processing, response has also been accelerated, resulting in the best-in-class level release time lag of 0.01 sec achieving more stress-free operation. For the burst shooting mode, it also boasts high consecutive shooting performance, providing shooting at 3 frames/second at 8.4-Megapixel full resolution. This function can be@instantly activated with the independent button*. Unlimited Consecutive Shooting function** allows limit-free consecutive shooting up to the capacity of the SD memory card.

An AF method can be selected according to the shooting situation: 9-point, 3-point high-speed, 1-point high-speed, 1-point normal-speed and Spot. The 1 point high-speed AF, initially incorporated in the high zoom line DMC-FZ5, dramatically reduces the AF time to realize stress-free operation. Although screen-freeze in high-speed AF is now minimized, if you take the picture of subject with fast movement, you can select 1 point normal-speed AF which does not have any screen-freeze while focusing.

* The button also performs as gDELETEh in playback mode.
** The speed of the unlimited consecutive shooting varies depending on the SD Memory Card.

6. Industryfs first 16:9 aspect Wide VGA moving image recording*
In addition to the conventional 4:3 VGA moving image recording, the LX1 can record moving images even in the 848 x 480 16:9 Wide VGA format at 30 fps, making the most of the industryfs first 16:9 CCD. Shooting is one thing but viewing is another, and you will be suitably impressed by the 16:9 moving image when it is displayed on a wide screen TV.

* As a digital still camera, as of July 7, 2005.

7. Easier and more comfortable operationality
Along with the joy stick and omni-directional cursor, a dial-operated mode shift also improves the camerafs controllability. The mode dial allows quick, direct switching between various shooting modes, moving picture mode and playback mode. In addition to the conventional ProgramAE, the LX1 is equipped with Auto mode, which caters for the entry level users. A total of 14 scene modes including Baby, Soft Skin, Food, Starry Sky and Candle helps you to take beautiful images easily in wide-ranging situations. Still it is easy to select the one out of them thanks to the Scene Mode Help Screen that shows the description of each mode and the knack for shooting of each scene and helps users to take beautiful image easily.

The LUMIX DMC-LX1 is like no other compact camera, enabling both high-end amateurs and entry-level users to explore the creativeness that surely enhances the joy of shooting.

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#301 nick

ALso... What happened to movie mode, ASAs 100, and below, F 2.0, "Solar Mode" and Infrared???? The IR mode is VERY VERY nice, and can be combined with "Solar" for some AWESOME effects! Sure, movie mode is a questionable option, but for great, outings with the family, sometimes that special sequence of events is best captured with a little clip!!!!

10:54 pm - Monday, September 19, 2005

#302 AA

OK I must stop living in my mind of the future...... and live in the present of what I have in front of me.
I don't even own the LX1 yet...... I am getting ahead of myself as usual, thinking about what I want in my gadgets.......

We still haven't switched completely to High Definition anywhere in the world yet! We have the service, but no one has made the total transition!

So where was I? Ah yes........ hahahaha

4:42 am - Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Yes, Nick, the F828 has a faster lens, but the R1 has a lot less noise
and higher resolution. I expect the R1's high ISO noise will be much
improved once it is in production. It has a huge sensor compared to
the F828 sensor, which was already bigger than most.

No R1 movie mode? That's what you have the LX1 for.

As for a lack of low ISO settings, basically, Sony is saying there is no
point in having ISO settings below 160, since at that setting, there is
already virtually no measurable noise.

Yes, in time, Panasonic will have exactly what you want, so maybe it
is a better idea to "suffer" with the F828 until then. We should all be
so unfortunate. :)

AA, what model car do you have and where do you park it? :)

5:04 am - Tuesday, September 20, 2005

#304 nick

Never figured out Pre-production models having lower qualities than a production model????? Sounds like a cop-out to me, or maybe more bad advertising (Hype) Look closely at those R-1 charts, who in their right mind would even consider the camera after they publish that much noise? Bigger aint always better, Sony has skimped in too many areas for me to get excited about this camera, I'd have to hire someone to help me lug it around also, that lens extender will cost half as much as the camera! I lugged an RB around quite a bit, still have nightmares about that!!! It sure would make a nice prop for a model to hold tho!!!!

5:39 am - Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Something tells me you have a grudge against Sony. The noise level
of a preproduction R1 at ISO 1600 was pretty close to that of the 50%
more expensive EOS 20D and even closer to the similarly priced EOS
350D, but better than that of the F828's ISO 200. In all fairness, Sony
should probably have limited the R1 to ISO 1600.

Speaking of preproduction vs. production, one of the easiest things to
tweak prior to production would be the R1's noise reduction firmware.

6:39 am - Tuesday, September 20, 2005

#306 nick

No grudges at all, I feel as tho we consumers are not being given the honest eval of cameras. Noise is going to be Sony's demise unless they fix it. I like Sony for many reasons, I dislike Sony for many reasons too. Pros and serious shooters will go elsewhere.....

6:59 am - Tuesday, September 20, 2005


But the noise of the R1 was not bad at all.

7:07 am - Tuesday, September 20, 2005

#308 Nick in Japan

We must be looking at different charts, looks awful to me! I never move up to 400 ASA with the 828, awful... I'm tired of all these "Beta" models Sony is testing on the Public, the H-1 has a super zoom, IS but no pixels, the 828's 4 color sensor is a flop, the R1 has a lens that belongs in a studio. 40-60mm is considered by many as a "Normal" lens, 2X is what the R1 has, did you ever hear of someone going out and buying a 2X pair of binoculars? Add the price of the accessory lenes to the cost of the R1 and you have the "Real cost" I think Sony should fire their R&D Manager, and hire Panasonics'. I live with the 828 because I know it's limitations, fringing in high contrast pictures, other than that, when the light falls off, I need to grab the 10D and yank that Sigma zoom off, and not worry about noise. Sony needs to buy up all the extra 16X9 Panasonic sensors, and IS system, and get busy with that R1 test bed!

7:36 am - Tuesday, September 20, 2005


By your calculations, the LX1 is even less than 2x zoom, and you still
bought it. I'll go back to my original theory. I think you have a grudge.

Catch you later.

8:29 am - Tuesday, September 20, 2005

#310 Nick in Japan

LX-1 is a different species , a pocket camera that is not a prime camera for a photo shoot, altho , it has such wonderful attributes, it will be used as a prime camera, not a back-up. The image quality and size , now qualifies it. Before I bought this camera, I didnt intend for it to be anything but a back-up. Now that i shoot 3 times as many pictures with it, and, am constantly amazed as the pictures I am getting, it is indeed promoted, meritoriously, to a prime camera. As far as my opinions go, I'm just uttering my , as AA would say "No spin" obsevations!

8:43 am - Tuesday, September 20, 2005

#311 AA

Nick, how much Panasonic stock do you own? Hahahaha......

No spin? When did I ever say that........? :gulp:

5 more days.......

3:59 pm - Tuesday, September 20, 2005

#312 zymonk

I've been eagerly awaiting the LX1 review at
but it is delayed because their sample died. Hummmm.
Not a good sign.

4:34 pm - Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Now that's funny, Zymonk. So Nick, I guess you will not be trading in
your F828 for an R1?

8:47 pm - Tuesday, September 20, 2005

#314 Nick in Japan

AA..A little humor you didn't catch, maybe I should have said "The Spin Stops Here", but then again you don't watch Bill O'Reilly so...Well, never mind! Gary, you are right! I use the 828 alot, the IR mode is valuable to me, and, previously I mentioned the "Trimming" feature that allows images from another camera to be zoomed/cropped and copied at 8mp, an interesting feature. Now that I intend to use the LX-1 alot , piggyback, on the F-828, it becomes, sort of an added feature too! New cameras are coming out fast, competition is fierce, Fuji has always been attractive because of their lenses being the standard in the movie industry, the awesome Fujinon lenses, BUT they, too, missed the boat with their new Sony look-alike. I'm awaiting for the camera of our dreams, but I aint gonna hold my breath, I'm quite happy now. My next camera will probably be the 20D, the trend with Canon is to go to a full size, nearly, sensors that will eliminate the 1.6X factor, which is very useful with my tele work, I'm tempted to get another Sigma 170-500 ( actually a 168-550 in Canon mount, f5-5.6), not IS but it is fast enough to keep images sharp easily. Rain today, think I'll stay in and play with some old images in PS. Cheers!

10:40 pm - Tuesday, September 20, 2005

#315 AA


Bill O'Reilly? There's your problem, right there! I think you're getting too much Spin, that you are SPUN! Hahahaha!
Just kidding.....

It's raining here in September in Southern California. September. Rain. SoCal. Does. Not. Compute. Need. Sun. Gimme. Sun. Now.......

OK OK Nick, just get rid of the F828, for crying out loud - the sensor is so damned small! It's a shame you're on the Canon - because the Nikons have Sony sensors in them so thr color renditions are the same....... that's why when you plug a Nikon into a Sony TV you don't have to mess with the colors.....

It's so damned hard to streamline everything though, eh? So you end up owning a little piece of everything.
At least the LX1 uses SD cards - I can steal the SD out of my compact and slide that over......
But I guess I have to get used to the Panasonic color tendencies in order to get the printed photos calibrated correctly......... sigh....... that's going to be so damned difficult, again....... oh well.
I just might end up buying a little Panasonic TV just to do color tests on it....

I wonder what the color patterns are when printed to Epson printers fromt the LX1.......
and why doesn't Panasoni make printers, goddamit!

11:15 pm - Tuesday, September 20, 2005

#316 nick

AA.. Check out Panasonic's new CL 400 Printer! You are going to go nuts when you see the LX-1's color! I hope you enjoy this little gem as much as I. Even with no filter attached, the colors and filtering with whatever coating combos they got on those elements are right-on!

1:27 am - Wednesday, September 21, 2005

#317 AA

Sorry I meant to say "Photo Printers" - printers that are specifically made for printing photos. You would think that they would at least have a LITTLE one that can print 4x6s at least, since they have a pretty good number of cameras.
May be that's what's also on the horizon for them....

3:41 am - Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Shame Panasonic does not support PRINT Image Matching. Most
others do. Sony, Ricoh, Nikon, Casio, Konica Minolta, Olympus, ...

7:11 am - Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Nick, I hope you're putting the LX1 through its paces on your tropical
island lifestyle shoot ... I mean vacation. :)

9:00 am - Thursday, September 22, 2005

#320 nick

It is Thursday night here, we leave tomorrow at 0700, ferry to Kyushu, on to Mt.Aso, Saturday is Safari Land and their Jurrasic- Park- like drive amongst the Tigers and lions and stuff. All cameras will get a work out, the piggy-backed LX-1 probably the most. Somehow I got into that burst mode by accident again today and ended up with some , almost, dupilcate images, real easy to do without realizing that the process is happening, gotta figure out why it happened, maybe the burst mode is the default setting, I'll investigate, packing now......Cheers!

12:10 pm - Thursday, September 22, 2005

#321 zymonk

I read on the Leica forum that a Leica D-Lux 2 will be announced in October and shipping in November. Rumor has it that it's a rebranded LX1. Hmmm. If it's true I hope it has a threaded lens.

4:26 pm - Thursday, September 22, 2005


Its adapter for attaching the camera to a spotting scope leaves room
for that hope.

7:47 pm - Thursday, September 22, 2005

#323 Nick in Japan

A picture of the dlux2 shows it a different model than the LX-1, with a different lens set-up, 2x3 sensor. lens has threads, as it is much bigger than LX. I'm suprised that new stuff isnt going 16x9 ! Love it, AA.. all Plasma/LCD TVs' are produced in the Wide mode, not necessarily HD, but "Wide", my JVC 42 isnt HD but it's format supports the 16x9 images of the camera/video out-puts. Heading out the door, catch you Sunday night, my time! Cheers!

10:30 pm - Thursday, September 22, 2005


Nick, it's the "D-Lux" 2, not "Digilux". Have a great vacation.

1:25 am - Friday, September 23, 2005


Here is a link to the Leica D-Lux 2 press release.

2:36 am - Friday, September 23, 2005

#326 AA

Oooooooooooooooooooooo...................... dribble dribble........ Ahhhhhhhhhhh.............

I'm drooling.........

what should I do.....?

Should I wait for the Leica......? How much will that Spotting Scope extension cost........?

I guess there aren't any detailed images for it yet.......

man I can't stop drooling........

Ooooooooo......... ahhhhhhhh..............

3:47 am - Friday, September 23, 2005

#327 shen

Nick, would you mind sending me some of your sample shots from the lx1 too? .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Thankss.

3:50 am - Friday, September 23, 2005


AA, about $70, based on existing Leica Televid spotting scope adapters.
I would wait at least until there is more information available. If it has
lens threads, then you will be happy you waited. Very little downside if
you wait and it doesn't.

7:32 am - Friday, September 23, 2005

#329 AA

The downside will be this:

LX1: $600

D-Lux 2: $1000

Of course, reading the press release from Leica, they are offering a neat little package of the extra battery and some software..... but is that enough?

The lens thread had better be there. I doubt the thread will help with a filter on the wide end (vignetting), but at least with the thread there, I could zoom in a little to get it off the wide and use some filters in the medium to long end, which will be good.

Sheesh I have to wait another 2 months!

8:37 am - Friday, September 23, 2005


Where'd you get that $1000 price? There are some rumored prices,
but they are DigiLux 2 prices mistakenly associated with the D-Lux 2.

10:12 am - Friday, September 23, 2005

#331 AA

I'm guessing that's probably what it would cost, based on the price differences of the other Panasonic/Leica re-skinned cameras.........

for example,

Panasonic LC1/ Leica Digilux 2

has a difference of around $300, average. But that's also after a year of being out in the market.

OK so may be not $1000 for the D-Lux 2, so I'll say $900 to be generous...

7:10 pm - Friday, September 23, 2005


I agree, it will be more expensive, but no extra battery included, only
its 64 GB SD card, versus 32 GB for the LX1, and the extra software.

My point about the downside was there is very little downside to wait
another couple weeks until we have more information about the lens
thread and price, even if you then decided to stick with the LX1. Are
you interested in the spotting scope adapter, or just a lens thread for
filter attachment? That would be a big factor in whether to pay extra
for the D-Lux 2. Personally, if I were interested in the lens thread for
filter attachment only, I would still pay a couple hundred dollars more
because I do not like clumsy attachments.

8:22 pm - Friday, September 23, 2005

#333 AA

GB? You mean MB! Holy shit, if they could only make 64 Gigabyte Flash Memory at lightening speed!

Well you know, if I'm going to wait some more, then I might as well wait another year, and then another 5 years, and then another 10 years and wait for the perfect thing, until the next perfect thing is projected to come out 20 years from now. Haha.

The other downside is that if I wait until November, all the Fall leaves will have changed color and will have begun to fall off the trees. Of course, being in SoCal, I will some more time before all the leaves are gone, but..... I would love to be able to take some photos of the autumn with the 16x9. I can get some practice time squeezed in from now until then, get used to the camera and its tendencies........

Looks like I'm going to wait until Christmas, at this rate..... may be.......

9:36 pm - Friday, September 23, 2005


Oops. I hear ya. There has to be a waiting cutoff point. You may
have to shoot those wide fall scenes in 4:3 or 3:2 for another year,
but weigh that against how bummed out you will be if the D-Lux 2
does have a lens thread, and only costs a little more than the LX1.

I hear photo-stitching can be a lot of fun. :)

10:23 pm - Friday, September 23, 2005

#335 stupidlammer

Next Photo may be coming up with a lense thread adaptor for the LX1,, I last emailed em and they said that they are considering and asked that i email again to find out the decision, which i have not done. Do email to encourage em to start making the accessories, then, we all would be able firmly attach a filter without paying the extra money for e d-lux2

6:39 am - Saturday, September 24, 2005


S'lammer, that may solve your filter attachment problem, but you still
will not be able to attach a converter lens, or spotting scope, like with
the D-Lux 2 (presumably).

9:08 am - Saturday, September 24, 2005

#337 zymonk

If anyone has a link to a picture of this new D-Lux2 please post it. I can't seem to find one. It sure sounds like the LC1 from the photoworkshop link.

5:18 pm - Saturday, September 24, 2005


Zymonk, let's not confuse everyone. You're thinking of the DigiLux 2,
which is a rebranded version of the LC1. The D-Lux 2, which is what
we are interested in here, is a rebranded version of the LX1.

Leica D-Lux 2 === Panasonic DMC-LX1 (16:9 CCD, 4x zoom, 8 mp)
Leica DigiLux 2 === Panasonic DMX-LC1 (4:3 CCD, 3.2x zoom, 5 mp)

D-Lux is NOT the same as DigiLux. I think Leica could have chosen a
less confusing name.

5:53 pm - Saturday, September 24, 2005


Here is a front-view of the D-Lux 2, with attached lens cap, making it
impossible to see if the camera has a lens thread.

Here is a website accepting D-Lux 2 orders at $794.95 for delivery
mid-November. It also has a picture, description. and specs for the
D-Lux 2, but no accessory item descriptions, so we still cannot see
if the spotting scope adapter is threaded to the camera lens.

8:59 pm - Saturday, September 24, 2005

#340 zymonk

Gary you the man. Thanks. I was indeed mixing up my C's & X's. It will be interesting to see how the scope attaches. I wonder if a black body will be an option. I sure hope so.

12:15 am - Sunday, September 25, 2005

#341 AA

Samy's??? Nice!!! That's right down the street from my house! And I know the Sales Manager there on the Digital Photography floor! Yeay! I can get a discount!!! Yeay!

Thanks Gary

Funny how Samy's don't carry the Panasonic versions.

2:18 am - Sunday, September 25, 2005

#342 stupidlammer

the leica's aluminum body is beautiful. Its about $200 more expensive, what do u people reckon? worth the difference?

3:48 am - Sunday, September 25, 2005

#343 nick

I'm back.. Thanks for the clarification on the 2 Leica's!!! DUH!! Anyway, I skimmed thru the postings while I was away and looked at the pix of Leica COPY , by Leica of the LX-1!! Looks like they got you guys! Jack up the price of the LX-1 by sticking a Leica Logo on it! P.T. Barnum had it right! If this copy has threads on that collapsible lens, I'll really be suprised! I wouldnt even be tempted to touch the lens when it's extended, let alone attach something to it. The LX-1 can be had in Japan for $499, I bet the price drops a bit in the States,soon after it's released. What did I miss Gary? The LX-1 is made by Panasonic ( In bed with Leica ) so it is, essentially , made by Leica! Wouldnt it be something if the Leica had the Panasonic stamp on it, just like my Leica II has?!

2:40 pm - Sunday, September 25, 2005

#344 stupidlammer

The thing is, i think the leica would have a different firmware as compared to panasonic, just like in e d-lux and DMC-Fx1.

Although both made by panasonic, Cnet claims that the leica has better picture colours. The link's below.

It would be reasonable to expect the slightly better performance from the Dlux2 if it indeed it has a different firmware yet again.

2:54 pm - Sunday, September 25, 2005


Nick, hope you had a great vacation, but glad you're back.

I am not worried about the D-Lux 2 having the Panasonic stamp, but
I am worried about your reluctance to attach anything to the LX1 lens.
That does not sound good for our hopes that Leica has added a lens
thread to the D-Lux 2 for attaching to a spotting scope by means of a
digital adapter.

I did some research. Leica has previously made a digital adapter for
attaching their DigiLux 1 to a spotting scope. For this rig, the adapter
is a short tube with a clamping mechanism at one end for attaching to
the eyepiece of a spotting scope, and a THREAD at the other end, for
attaching to the DigiLux 1 lens. So, the DigiLux 1 definitely has a lens
thread, but so does its Panasonic equivalent, the LC5.

Now we have an LX1, which thanks to Nick, we KNOW does not have
a lens thread, but we also know that its Leica equivalent, the D-Lux 2,
has a digital adapter accessory option for attaching the camera to the
eyepiece of a spotting scope. So the question remains, how will Leica
connect the D-Lux 2 to the spotting scope?

If they do it the same way as they did it for the DigiLux 1, then we can
assume they have added a lens thread to the D-Lux 2. I think we can
rule out the O-ring attachment method that is used for attaching filters,
as this would not be strong enough to support the camera's weight. Is
there any other way that Leica could attach the D-Lux 2 to the spotting
scope that would not require the use of a lens thread?

I did some more research. There are "universal" digital adapters that
do not require a lens thread. Rather than being short tubes, they are
more like "L" brackets, with a clamp on one leg of the "L" for attaching
to the eyepiece of the spotting scope, and a sliding screw on the other
leg of the "L" for attaching to the camera's tripod mount. So this would
be one way Leica could adapt the D-Lux 2 to a spotting scope without
having to add a lens thread to the camera.

We need more information. AA, since you have a connection with the
Sales Manager at Samy's, maybe you could him.

7:30 pm - Sunday, September 25, 2005

#346 MGySgt. Nick Pecukonis Ret.

Thanks for the kind words.. Glad to be back, especially to talk with you guys! Anyway, You hit the nail on the head, the collapsing lens would necessitate a real small filter/adapter thread diameter and redesign of the assembly to do the thread thing, can't imagine that ever happening. The logical attachment is via the tripod adapter, not a screw attached contraption to the rigid part of the lens housing as I use. Kinda obvious when you have this tiny gem in your hands. Tweaking the existing program for the "Leica" sounds like Sony with their "Improved" F717 vs the 707, not enough to justify the upgrade, more hype! Some folks in this world will buy ONLY something with a specific NAME on it, no matter what the thing does, or what it's tests prove. I suspect IF Leica improves something, it wont be much, the die has been cut with the LX-1, cosmetic changes will enable the die-hard Leica owners of the world to be happy, so they can say "Look what I have to go with my Gucci boots". DUH!!!!

10:23 pm - Sunday, September 25, 2005

#347 AA

OK fellas, let's re-read what the press release and Samy's descriptions of the "spotting scope" attachment method says:

Neither one says anything about "threading." One says "connecting" and the other says "mounts easily."

May be some of you folks have seen or even have used the spotting scope that they are talknig about - how does the spotting scope fit on to current models of other Leicas that they mention?

So, without a thread of some kind, how does one affix an attachment to the lens barrel (in this case, a barrel which is electronically controlled to extend its zoom to the long end)???

Does the spotting scope's end have a clamping grip that goes AROUND the very edge of the zoom barrel and grab that way, with some sort of screwing system to tighten its grip?

However it is going to fit, it's going to be one funky looking attachment.

Not that I'm ever going to photograph animals.......

12:27 am - Monday, September 26, 2005

#348 AA

But I like my Gucci products, thank you....... my belt, my wallet, my cologne are all Gucci...... what do yo have against Gucci, eh? Hahahahaha........ :-)

(they were all gifts, honestly! gift certicates, ya know)

I know that a friend of mine is going to wait for the Leica, for surrrrrrrrre...... just because it says Leica and because "it looks cool." DUH!

I was going to order the LX1 through Amazon, but I decided that I am going to go to a store down the street to check it out and touch it and play with it first.......

12:33 am - Monday, September 26, 2005


Here is a diagram showing how a spotting scope adapter attaches to
a camera via its lens thread. This is similar to the Leica digital adapter
for the Digilux 1.

Here is a picture showing how a spotting scope adapter attaches to
a camera via its tripod mount.

1:10 am - Monday, September 26, 2005

#350 MGySgt. Nick Pecukonis Ret.

This type of clamping device has been around for a long time, I still want to see exactly what Leica has put on the market for their LX-1 COPY. I, personally would never attach anything to these delicate collapsible lens mechanisms! Clamping to the non-articulating housing works for me, for the Ring Light and filters, a bracket from the tripod mount is too much for me, a bit too Rube Goldbergish. AA... I bet you wear Gucci well, I just used that as a stereotypical example of the Morons that have no idea that having a Leica camera /lens is NOT a guarantee of qualiy. Leica has made less than quality stuff, and stuff that is "Just" average .

3:01 am - Monday, September 26, 2005

#351 AA

Gary -

that's exactly how I imagine the Mickey-Mouse clamping/grabbing/tightening attachment to be. I was trying to describe exactly that in my last post, when I said:
"Does the spotting scope’s end have a clamping grip that goes AROUND the very edge of the zoom barrel and grab that way, with some sort of screwing system to tighten its grip?"

And so far, I guess we're on the right track? You guys honestly think this is going to be the method on the D-Lux 2? Ugh..... would be one of the ugliest things ever, kind of like those contraptions that we used to see for people who were getting their teeth braced and re-aligned..... remember those whole-head clamps? That's what I would feel that I am holding in my hand, if I had to use a clamp like that for the spotting scope -
which, by the way, would obviously NOT be able to accomodate any sort of FILTER...... and the spotting scope would only be used on the long end of the articulating zoom, taking out the wide end altogether! .......Sigh........ :down:

Nick - yeah well, you know, these people are only in it for "the looks" - it's not about quality of the shot, or the prints, it's about how cool they are going to look when they are "wearing" these items around themselves.......
My Gucci belt is sort of cheesy, actually, with a circular "G" on the buckle that makes me look like a Green Bay Packers fan or some super-hero...... hahahahaha.....! But my wallet is very cool, with a nice button that snaps in to place.

So - it looks like Amazon is out of stock. And I have called around some stores here, and no one has the LX1 anywhere. This is not a good sign. What are Panasonic doing? NOTHING! Where's the massive promotion for this wonderful new gadget? No advertising (well, at least I have not seen any in any magazines!), and definitely no TV commercials so far. Who's working for Panasonic in their marketing department? Don't they realize that the LX1 is going to revolutionize still photography? I am shocked, actually. They need to make some more noise!
The only thing I noticed is the PRICE has now been released on the Pansonic website, which means, I guess, that it has gone on sale!?
DMC-LX1 Price

And yes, I am thinking about buying the Black one.... Silver is too typical "trendy" for me....... I like the traditional black look for cameras.....

4:17 am - Monday, September 26, 2005


I may have misled you. I was trying to find examples of how a digital
adapter would attach to the camera with and without a lens thread. I
was NOT trying to illustrate how it attaches to the spotting scope.

Here is an actual digital adapter for the Digilux 1. As you will see, the
spotting scope end is much cleaner than that of the "universal" digital
adapters. The reason I did not use this illustration before is because
it does not show how it attaches at the camera end, which after all, is
our main concern.

Don't forget, the reason we were interested in seeing a digital adapter
in the first place was to speculate whether or not the D-Lux 2 has lens
threads, which if it does, would be a much cleaner method of attaching
filters and the like, than with the LX1. The spotting scope was just an
added bonus.

5:40 am - Monday, September 26, 2005

#353 AA

OK -

but still...... this thing is essentially a "cup" that fits over and around the outer rim of the non-moveable part of the articulating zoom barrel, right? And it has a screw on this one too I see, which is how one would tighten its hold on to the camera.
Either way, this is also what I meant - I didn't know how to describe it, exactly, but I think you hit it on the head.
You didn't mislead me. You were right, and this is how I imagine it, either way - it was going to be simple as this "cup" or as large as the other one.

I think this is exactly how it's going to be held on to the D-Lux 2. I can't imagine the design being so different from the LX1. They wouldn't do that - otherwise it'd be a completely different camera, and if people found out that the D-Lux 2 had a thread, they would only buy that, I should imagine.
Plus the weight really is an issue - how would the spotting scope's weight be managed in tandem with the body of the camera? There has to be some contraption to make the two not so "breakable" at the connection, supporting each other's weight better than just connecting it with a thread.

A cup with a screw is the way to go, with an arm clamp beneath the camera and the scope that connect the two that are together able to be firmly secured to a head of a tripod.

Ah well. No filter for either camera, I guess.

7:35 am - Monday, September 26, 2005


The screw tightens to the spotting scope eyepiece, NOT the camera.

The OTHER end of the adapter has internal THREADS which attach
to the camera. First you have to unscrew the lens' outer ring, which
exposes an external thread, which matches the internal thread of the
digital adapter, which makes for a very secure connection. The wide
angle and telephoto lens converters, and standard E49 filters, attach
exactly the same way via another barrel adapter w/ internal threads
at both ends.

Here's the Digilux 1 instruction manual. Page 153/154 of the manual
(not the Acrobat Reader page numbers) describes and illustrates the
removal of the lens' outer ring and the attaching of the adapter barrel.

If Leica uses this system on the D-Lux 2, IMHO, it will be AWESOME.

9:34 am - Monday, September 26, 2005

#355 Nick in Japan

That head brace is alive and well here in Japan, my 13 year old Daughter, Miho, is in the process of aligning jaw/teeth, gonna cost me more than 1 million yen , about $9000, she is out of the brace now, just braces for a while now..... Just like to say that after a load of pictures on my trip, I was so impressed with the images I was getting, that I just left the Ring Light/filter stuff in the van, and shot "As-Is". Lottsa fun making that stuff tho! I dearly love this LX-1, and, I have absolutely no reason to pump Panasonic up, I just hope they continue with this sensor in a SLR type, with the IS, Grid, Histogram and great view screen set-up. Cameras that have a lens that can't be removed is really nice in keeping the sensor clean, I have had to blow off dust a few times with the 10D, and it always worries me that I'll get something on the sensor at the wrong time and blow a shoot. I didn't get a chance to test the LX-1 in a 1-2 second hand hold, but I have gotten down to about 1/2 second with no problem, I think they advertised about 3 stops slower than you are capable of using. That seems about right for shooting in 28mm.

9:57 am - Monday, September 26, 2005

#356 Nick in Japan

That cup looking contraption is exactly what I built, using the old Olympus lens hood as the cup, A 62mm filter is the minimum size needed for effective use, I just added the adapter for using the Sony Ring Light around it.

10:06 am - Monday, September 26, 2005

#357 zymonk

I wonder if the D-lux2 will be available in black? After having a look at that manual that Gary posted I suspect that it's going to be easier to attach filters to the Leica version of this camera. At least I hope so.

4:52 pm - Monday, September 26, 2005

#358 AA

Gary - I see the ring on the Digilux 1 that is removeable - but if we were to adopt that setup, that is where the SWITCH for the aspect ratio is located on the LX1/D-Lux2, isn't it?

Well I guess the D-Lux2 is going to have something to make the scope work. I just don't think it's going to be something that'll work for a filter.

5:22 pm - Monday, September 26, 2005


You may be right, but it is worth waiting to see what Leica comes up
with for the D-Lux 2. At least for a week or two.

If the LX1 had an outer removable lens ring, it would be the piece in
front of the piece containing the aspect ratio switch. In the Digilux 1
manual, in the first few pages where they show all the camera parts
numbered, the outer removable lens ring (part 1.8) is just in front of
the manual focus ring (part 1.9).

Who knows, maybe the ring on the LX1 "is" removable. Nick, do you
own a large pair of vise grips or channel locks? :)

6:34 pm - Monday, September 26, 2005


BTW, do you plan to check with your Samy's sales manager contact
about the adapter(s) for the D-Lux 2? I hope he works at their main
store (in LA).

6:48 pm - Monday, September 26, 2005

#361 Nick in Japan

The only space on LX-1 lens, is a narrow, grooved nearest the body, lip, that the lens cap fits on. This is what my homemade mount fits on. If I was designing an ultimate filter attachment, I would follow Gary's lead with the Clipping action that the cap has, to secure a rigid plastic tube with 62mm threads at the end to mount a filter. The camera is so small that more weight attached to the lens housing lip would be, maybe, too much stress for it (ie. Scope ) Any other attachment would be attached to the tripod mount, i'm sure. This camera has been produced with an awesome lens as far as multicoating goes ( Just my opinion, based on picture quality obtained in all lighting situations) . Gary, this is the wrong forum for this question, but you are here and something has bugged me for a long time, my Son in Albany couldn't help, I'm sure you have the answer, or at least an idea. How can I get a music track of about 3-4 minutes compressed to about 1mb. I made a great movie from a recent model shoot and I cant send it to alot of friends because it is about 10mb and only 1 friend's servers will handle it. Larry Sparks' John Deere Tractor is just too big! DUH!!! Thanks!

9:59 pm - Monday, September 26, 2005


Nick, MP3 encoders are readily available as freeware on the Internet.
I cannot recommend any specific one because I do not use them, but
any of them should do the job. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

I emailed Leica to ask about the D-Lux 2 lens thread, but they said no
information will be available until after October 1. Maybe AA has had
more success with Samy's.

4:19 am - Tuesday, September 27, 2005

#363 zymonk

Have you heard anything about a black D-Lux2 body?

3:51 pm - Tuesday, September 27, 2005


No, nothing yet. Give it another week and we should know.

4:56 pm - Tuesday, September 27, 2005

#365 zymonk

The price seems to be coming down. $500 with shipping seems to be the average. Strange to see the black body going for more.

The only thing keeping me from placing an order is more certainty about the D-Lux2 and if filters attach easier.

12:43 am - Wednesday, September 28, 2005

#366 nick

What is strange about a black body going for more? It is obviously the classier looking camera, $469-$489 is a great price! Also, as you already know, slow speeds for moving water creates that soft, milky effect that has the "Wow" effect. anyway, it's an easy job with the IS system, we went to a mountain stream near Mt. Aso in Kyushu, and the LX-1 performed wonderfully at slow speeds, hand held. I can't wait for you guys to get off your asses and get one, and report your findings!!!I'm thinking about getting another one for back-up, I can't live without it!

5:09 am - Wednesday, September 28, 2005

#367 AA

Zymonk -

I wouldn't recommend buying anything from that place "Broadway Photo" - I can pretty much guarantee you that it's either grey market or is a stripped package with no warranty, battery, no manual and no charger.
And they will try to sell you their own warranty from some sketchy place in New York that they claim will do an overnight service for repairs.

Just go to Panasonic and buy direct from them. You'll pay the normal price for everything in the package.

6:17 am - Wednesday, September 28, 2005

#368 Nick in Japan

B&H is pretty reliable, my friend Mike got alot of stuff sent here to Japan from B&H and never had a problem.

6:35 am - Wednesday, September 28, 2005

#369 AA

There's a problem with the product order:

Check it out for yourself!

Go to the site, go to the Lumix cameras page, find the LX1K or LX1S and click "Add to Cart."
Now click "Check for Availability" -

and voila!

It tells you that it will ship on or about 11/14/2005!!!!

What the hell is going on here?

A supply problem? I'm guessing that they're now holding off until the Leica one is ready?
May be they're holding off until the Spotting Scope is ready for both camera designs?

So after all, I can't have it until November. I am going to miss out on the Fall leaves color change....... I'll barely have enough time to get used to the camera!

7:22 am - Wednesday, September 28, 2005

#370 Nick in Japan

Go to Sammy's and talk with them, maybe they can get one, those big companies have connections, just takes a personal touch! Doing business over the phone/e-mail will get your money in their account, drawing interest for a while, maybe a long while, they are all back-ordered I'm sure, this is a hot item.

7:32 am - Wednesday, September 28, 2005

#371 zymonk

The delay might be a bug problem and not a supply issue. dcresource had to send their review sample back because something was wrond with it.

5:10 pm - Wednesday, September 28, 2005

#372 zymonk

There's no picture yet but the D-Lux 2 scope adapter is listed here: 2&item_no=3

8:52 pm - Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Good eye, Zymonk. We are getting closer.

9:20 pm - Wednesday, September 28, 2005

#374 ronnie

hello all. i got my lx1 from broadway photo. it arrived last thursday. price was 509.00 back then for the black body. registered it with panasonic. it is not grey market. and included all of the accessories with the exception og the 32 sd card. but what can you do with that. great camera! i have a D70 as well and the noise about the lx1 noise is way overstated.

12:02 am - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#375 AA

Ronnie -

We don't know ya from a hole in the wall. You can tell us all you want about how you got one, but unless you can prove it to me with a receipt, a photo of you holding it with a smile, some photos of the packaging that you shreaded and some actual sample pics from the LX1 to show us how you thunk that "the noise about the LX1 is way overstated" (I think you mean to say that the LX1 has good noise control of the photos? - or do you mean that there's a lot of hype?)........ We won't believe you. Hahahaha.

And how can it not have the SD card? That means someone went in to the packaging and removed it. See, that's the sort of crap that a place like Broadway Photo will do. What can I do with that? Complain and have them send you one, pronto, otherwise tell them that you're going to send the camera back.

And what do you mean by "back then"?? The camera's only been in the market for 3 days, according to release dates that were posted on the web. Today is Wednesday, and 3 days ago would make it Sunday, the 25th.

How can you have possible got it before the official U.S. release date?

1:09 am - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#376 ronnie

i'll post some pics. aa you at too funny. $509 baby. broadway photo. perhaps you should call them and ask how long they've had the camera.

1:33 am - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#377 AA

I'll believe it when I see it.

And none of them fake photos cropped from another camera. If you're going to post it, you'd better post it with all the EXIF information attached to the photo.

I won't call Broadway Photo, because I am still waiting for the Leica version to see what they're going to do with the Scope.

2:07 am - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#378 Nick in Japan

AA.. I think Ronnie was eluding to the fact that a 32mb card doesnt hold many pictures. MAYBE some people have actually gotten something from some of those outfits in N.Y. that have horror stories attached to their names. I dropped off the family this morning and went out to the rice fields for some pictures of the harvesting that's going on, came back and started tweaking the LX-1 shots, after a few, I made up my mind, I called the camera shop and ordered another , black of course, with extra battery... I can't live without this camera, and a back-up is needed for when my wife takes her class to their class-trip this winter, she will love it too. Gotta get back to CS2.....

3:11 am - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#379 Nick in Japan

AA.. Couple more parting shots.... Panasonic probably is slow due to the Guys they are sleeping with, LEICA, buying up all their LX-1 stock piles, and, probably, Leica is busy re-packaging this little Panasonic beauty , into a "Leica Copy" so they can cash in on it's , obvious, worth !... Also, drag any picture onto one that has EXIF info, and that picture adopts the EXIF info as if it was it's own, a simple procedure in photoshop, OR, it can be done in the trimming feature, by inserting a card from a different camera into one with trimming, proceed with the trimming and it adopts the new info from the processing camera, the IMG sequence of Canon became DSC of Sony when I did an extreme zoom/ transformation to 8mp from the 10D's 6mp image.
It is possible that Ronnie got a camera from Broadway, he may be the only customer they have, or maybe he is the Owner's son!

3:29 am - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#380 FF in Hong Kong

I am from Hong Kong. The price here is HKD 3680.

Dear Nick,
I would like to know the result of the battery life testing during your trip, do I miss it in the comments?

3:38 am - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#381 Nick in Japan

Dear FF... I, indeed noted that battery life was different than I had previously tested. On my initial test report, I never turned the camera off and on, just shot pictures in different light/dark situations with flash for a portion of the time. On the trip to Kushu, I was constantly turning the camera on/off and using the camera's flash for , maybe 25% of the time. Suprisingly, I filled up the 512 card and got the "Low Battery" warning at the SAME time! This happened at the 126th picture. All the pictures were daylight, mostly scenics, with lottsa detail. I probably could have taken more pictures on that battery, I didnt exhaust the battery, just changed it. Call me, or send your e-mail and I can send some shots if you like, I'm new to blogging, get the feeling no-one reveals their real identitys.....!

4:04 am - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#382 AA

Barrrrrrrrr humbug!

Like I said, I'll believe it when I see it.

When the Panasonic website tells me that they can't deliver until November, something fishy is going on.
I shall call them in the next day or so, and see what is really happening. And they can probably tell me if Broadway Photo is for real or not.

Either way, I am screwed, because nobody seems to have the camera around here for me to check out, so I am playing the waiting game right now.

And no, Ronnie was not alluding to the fact that the 32MB card doesn't hold many pictures - he was saying that the SD card never came in the package.
Don't you think that's rather odd?

Anyway, I'll wait for a local retailer to get one, so that I can get a better deal on a warranty. I think I may end up waiting for the Leica, so that I can buy it from Samys where I know some people.

4:50 am - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#383 zymonk

Trying to get people to pay extra for accessories that are included is an all-to-common scam in NY. I'd avoid a store that conducted biz in such an underhanded way. I'm not sure how theese guys get away with this kink of shit. Usually the supplied accessories are listed in the manual.

Ronnie you should demand your card. Even if it's not all that usefull. The thought that you haven't been taken advantage of is worth something.

5:01 pm - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#384 ronnie

hello all. put in a call to the customer service at boradway photo. all the wanted was my order number and the serial formm the lx1. they're mailing me out a 32 SD card. tried to sell me a few other things too. i bought a table-top tripod :-).

and aa, thay've had the lx1 in stock since September 19. The only thing that gets me is the price flux. While I paid 509, the camera currently lists for 485.

5:19 pm - Thursday, September 29, 2005


Keep that 32 MB SD card with you at all times. You never know when
you'll need it to put under the leg of a wobbly restaurant table. :)

6:33 pm - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#386 Nick in Japan

The cameras I buy in Japan NEVER come with a card, the Canon, Sony nor Panasonic. I am not used to expecting one so it doesn't hurt so much, the only time I use a 32, anyway, would to store a certain kind of specific "E-Mail" shots in a multi-card reader.. kinda like a folder of sorts,lottsa handy e-mail sized shots can be stored on those small cards, I use a 8mb SD, CF, MS too, just for e-mail pix.... I have used them as gifts too, at a shoot, I'd copy a neat pix on a small card and give it to someone as a gift. Table adjusting/leveling is another use too, as Gary mentioned!

10:38 pm - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#387 AA

Yeah well Ronnie, I hope that they didn't throw your package against the wall before they sent it, especially if you refused the warranty package they tried to sell you along with all the other crappy things they tried to sell you....... hahahahaha and don't come crying here when your LX1 stops working in a couple of months like the one that the guy at DC Resource was using!
Do you hear that rattling in the camera? Hahahahaha

BroadwayPhoto is sketchy sketchy sketchy

10:44 pm - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#388 Nick in Japan

Ronnie... Never mind AA, he's on the rag most of the time, you will grow to love him as we all do.......! He used to be profane, he's FUN now!!!!

10:48 pm - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#389 zymonk

Lets get back to idle speculation. Leica didn't make a black version of the first D-Lux so they probably won't make a black D-Lux2. Of course, I hope they have come to their senses.

10:50 pm - Thursday, September 29, 2005


Leica and Panasonic are the same company, do you really think, other than logo change that you are getting something BETTER?? You guys and your "Bling"!!!!

11:11 pm - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#391 AA

Nick, I am sooooooooo offended! You sexist bastard Pig!
How will you wife think about you now! Shame on you!


11:49 pm - Thursday, September 29, 2005

#392 Nick in Japan

My wife doesnt listen to me any more, I bash the Japanese too much! You are lucky you dont live here, your blood pressure would really be alot higher. Thanks for caring... ! Oh, my friend from Hanford went to Yosemite this past weekend with a friend he knew here that is visiting him, he took a shot with a digital camera,to send me, and some with one of his F5's, Looks like a place you would visit when the leaves start turning there.... Hope your PMS is over soon!!

1:36 am - Friday, September 30, 2005


Zymonk, the Digilux 1 and 2 were both black bodied cameras ... well sort of.

2:01 am - Friday, September 30, 2005

#394 Carsten Ranke

Back to the LX1 - see DPreview´s verdict, only "recommended". Nearly "above average", because of the noise.

5:11 pm - Friday, September 30, 2005


It's certainly discouraging. What now?

The LX1 received excellent marks for image resolution, performance,
manual functionality, construction quality, and design, not to mention
its 16:9 aspect ratio for which it is the only game in town. There was
also a suggestion to minimize the noise problem by shooting in RAW,
and then post processing with third party software.

Nick and Ronnie, do you concur with the DPReview noise results?

6:53 pm - Friday, September 30, 2005


Nick, now that I've seen close-up pictures of the LX1, it looks like the
piece to which the lens cap attaches has a seam in it for unscrewing,
which would expose threads for attaching the digital adapter. That's
how Leica attached their digital adapter to the Digilux 1. Does it look
like that piece may be removable? If not, it would be a simple matter
to make it that way on the D-Lux 2.

Of course, this may all be a "mute" point now. :)

8:43 pm - Friday, September 30, 2005

#397 AA

I wouldn't pay much mind to what that dude says over on DPReview.
I've been reading his reviews and analysis for a couple of years now, and let me tell you, he is very biased. This dude loves Nikons, and all his reviews of Nikons have always been favourable, even if the results showed that other cameras of the same type from other manufacturers have been better. He would never say that Nikon's use of a Sony chip in all their cameras as "unforgiveable" - when it is. I think a company like Nikon should be making their own sensors that blows away the competition, but they went for the mickey-mouse method of doling out a piece of their work to someone else. And admittedly, Canon have eclipsed Nikon, but reading reviews from a dude like DPReview will always make you THINK like Nikon is still at the top of their game, when they clearly are not.
I'm a Nikon user, and I know that I am pissed off and angry that Nikon refuses to release full-frame DSLRs.
And it is unforgiveable that Nikon will not programme their DSLR such as the D70s to have a Low ISO of better than 200 - and it's using the same CCD that was made 5 years ago. Sure, there is nothing wrong with the CCD - it's just that most people would think that they could've put a new one in it. I LOVE filming with a ISO 50 film for landscape photos. Let me tell you how frustrated I was when I had to shoot with ISO 200 on the DSLR.

Anyways back to the review -

Ever since the LX1 was announced, I have not thought of this camera as anything but an OUTDOOR LANDSCAPE camera. I don't ever expect to shoot anything higher than ASA 100, and if I expect to be shooting my family and friends with it (which I don't, really, haha), I would shoot it with a flash anyways for those stupid party moments that I always end up throwing away. Haha.

No, I am not on the rag today, Nick. :bug:
Just got the stupids from being so stoned last night. :zip:

The high noise is, and CAN BE, a major problem.
I would like to have seen more Long Exposure test shots in that review, and well composed landscape shots on a tripod instead of just handheld shots. Of course, since the thing has OIS, a comprehensive test was needed for that.


The High ISO noise problem of the BLUES is sort of redundant -
because most of the time if you were to shoot with High ISO, it is because the shot is dark - which means that the BLUE is most definitely unpronounced. And you wouldbn't go around shooting a Blue Sky with a high ISO anyways, right? Get my drift?
The noise can look like a problem if you enjoy high-contrast photos where the blacks are very black and the highlights are crisp, instead of a more even, flatter looking photos. The problem I do see here is that the blacks are turning sort of mushy and grey-ish - but on the flipside, this effect will make some darker photos appear to be lighter! Which is good for an amateur photographer, who won't haver to worry about exposure that much, because the camera will do the job for you to "bring up" the darker areas.

Sounds to me like the camera is NOT a point-n-shoot. That you need a tripod with it, control the exposure and then shoot, if you see what I mean.

9:05 pm - Friday, September 30, 2005


Excellent points, AA. You definitely categorized the types of shooting
for which the LX1 would and would not be good. It sounds to me like
you are still interested in the LX1 (or D-Lux 2).

One thing I do not understand (which has nothing to do with the LX1)
is your dislike for the lack of lower than ISO 200 settings for the D70s.
It was my understanding that the reason Nikon did not use any lower
settings was because there was already virtually no noise at ISO 200.

BTW, I hope you are not anywhere near those fires?

9:32 pm - Friday, September 30, 2005

#399 zymonk

Good review. Thanks for the tip Carsten. I was kind of expecting the noise comments. It's a problem in the tests but if you look at the pictures in the gallery at the end of the review it doesn't really appear to be a problem. They don't seem to mind the inability to attach a filter to it either. All in all, I'm still on the fence about buying one. I guess I need some certainty about the filter question with it and the D-Lux 2.

10:15 pm - Friday, September 30, 2005

#400 AA

No noise? Well, compared to small sensors, obviously the noise is not as much of an issue - but it's the old understanding of "latitude" we used to refer to in the days of film.
(Wow that just sounds so post-modern to think that we no longer have film

Well - when I have taken the same shot - one with film at ISO 50 and one with digital at ISO 200 and have tried to come up with the same exposure and settings to achieve the same shot without all the tweaking in the computer later -
just looking at the basic photo taken, as is, I find that the digital one is so much more contrasty and clipped-looking than the film, which is more gentle yet sharp and rich.
I've tried printing the same digital shot on to a 10x13 velvety paper that I like that I use on the film prints at the professional lab - and the results are quite different.
The noise is not so much an issue in this case, as I do make adjustments for it - but the ISO settings are, and in trying to achieve the same ISO 50 from the ISO 200 on the digital - I end up sort of ruining the intrinsic value of shooting a pure digitally set photo, as it is, instead of trying to match it to the film's feel.

Do you see what I mean? I hope I made sense.

With the LX1, since it does have a small sensor, I am not expecting spectacular things with it. I'm in it for the novelty for the 16x9 framing sensor. Just to own the very first one of these is novel enough for me! But I am also a very practical person, so I will make good use of it, and use it WITHIN its limits. The sample pics on DPReview is about what I expected.

May be Panasonic will come out with a firmware to alter the noise level slightly - but noise control is an issue more about how sharp the picture looks, than just about losing the details in the shot.
Personally, I hate any sort of BLUR, or softness in the shot if I didn't mean it, so DAMPENING the noise shouldn't be a problem. Sharpening a soft picture is impossible.

As far as the FIRE in SoCal, I'm about 5 miles away from the fire living and working in the Flat area - but the ASHES have fallen EVERYWHERE, everybody's cars and houses have bits of ash all over the place, the entire San Fernando Valley and parts of West L.A. smell like smoke, just walking around. Traffic is haywire as they had some lanes blocked off on some freeways.

10:32 pm - Friday, September 30, 2005