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Panasonic DMC-LX1Panasonic DMC-LX1 is announced today. The Panasonic DMC-LX1 is an 8.4 megapixel digital camera with a 4x Leica optical zoom lens equivalent to 28-112mm, optical image stabilizer and a 2.5 inch LCD screen. The DMC-LX1 is the world’s first digicam with a wide angle lens and 16:9 aspect CCD. The aspect ratio can be easily selected between 16:9 or 3:2 in addition to the conventional 4:3 by using a switch on the lens barrel. The Panasonic DMC-LX1 can also record moving images at 848 x 480 16:9@Wide VGA at 30 fps. The Panasonic DMC-LX1 will be available in the UK in August in silver priced £449.99.

Panasonic Europe Press Release

Panasonic is launching a new LUMIX 16:9 wide LX series with the introduction of the DMC-LX1, 8.4-Megapixel 4x optical zoom (equivalent to 28 mm to 112 mm on a 35mm film camera) full manual compact camera. This creative compact incorporates a 8.4-Megapixel CCD and a high resolution 2.5-inch LCD in its undersized body. The aspect ratio is easily selectable between 16:9 wide, 3:2 and conventional 4:3 with a switch located on the lens barrel to shoot in the framing aspect that best suits the subjectsf composition or imagefs purpose of use.

The lens unit is comprised of 4x optical zoom LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT Lens and renders superb picture quality. Like other LUMIX cameras, what distinguishes the DMC-LX1 from the rest is MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer), a key feature Panasonic considers should be standard in all digital still cameras. Unintentional handshake, the major cause of digital camera misshooting, is controlled by MEGA O.I.S. to allow every user to take clear, beautiful images even indoors or at nighttime. The newly incorporated Extra Optical Zoom extends the zoom ratio by using the center part of the high resolution CCD to achieve 5x for 5.5-Megapixel 16:9 image recording with minimal deterioration.

Extensive manual controls including manual focus and manual exposure can be smoothly operated with a joystick incorporated along with an omni directional cursor. Just pressing and holding the joystick shortcuts to a setting menu containing the frequently used white balance adjustment, ISO setting, image size setting and compression format.

Taking advantage of these outstanding features, the LX1 incorporates the high speed, high quality image processing LSI, the Venus Engine II. It boasts quick responsiveness that realizes the best-in-class level release time lag of 0.01 sec. For the AF, five AF modes are available; 9-point, 3-point high speed, 1-point high speed, 1-point normal speed and spot. The 1-point high speed AF boasts predominantly fast AF for stress-free focusing.

In addition, the DMC-LX1 is the first digital still camera that can record moving images at 848 x 480 16:9@Wide VGA, as smooth as 30 fps.
With a volley of features providing both enhanced image quality and responsiveness, the DMC-LX1 is an advanced compact offering elaborate manual controllability while being accommodating to entry-level users through a variety of scene modes and auto setting functions. Panasonic dares to introduce this artistic instrument suited to users at all levels who enjoy creative shooting.

1. 8.4-Megapixel 16:9 aspect CCD and 28mm wide 4x optical zoom LEICA DC Lens
The DMC-LX1 features the 8.4-Megapixel Industryfs first* 16:9 aspect CCD and 4x optical zoom 28mm wide angle** (equivalent to 28 mm to 112 mm on a 35 mm film camera) LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens. Incorporating three aspherical lenses provides high optical performance while preserving the compactness of the unit. The aspect ratio can be easily selected between 16:9 or 3:2 in addition to the conventional 4:3 with a switch on the lens barrel on a shot-by-shot-basis to best suit the composition of the image. Even after shooting, the 16:9 ratio can be converted to 3:2 or 4:3 with the camera according to your purpose of use.

The extra optical zoom, made possible by using the center part of 8.4-megapixel high resolution CCD, further extends the zoom ratio to 5x for 5.5-Megapixel image recording in 16:9 aspect with minimal deterioration.

* As a CCD of digital still camera, as of July 7, 2005.
** In 16:9 aspect ratio.

2. Image stabilizing technology MEGA O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabilizer) and high speed high quality image processing LSI Venus Engine II
MEGA O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabilizer), that Panasonic thinks it indispensable for all digital cameras, especially for compact models that lacks stability, is subsumed under LUMIX all line-up released in this year. Every slight hand-shake movement is detected accurately with the sampling frequency at 4,000 times per second and will be compensated to render clear, sharp images.

MEGA O.I.S. is equipped with 2 selectable modes. In gMode 1h, the O.I.S. lens continuously compensates for vibration and in gMode 2h, the O.I.S. lens suppresses hand-shake only at the moment the shutter button is pressed. In this mode, the lens can move in all directions at the moment to maximize its effect, and higher-resolution image can be taken by capturing the image as close as to the center of the lens. In consequence, since MEGA O.I.S. enables a beautiful picture shot without blurring at slower shutter speeds of more than three steps compared to the conventional models without O.I.S., you can enjoy shooting clear and beautiful pictures easily even in the situations using slow shutter speeds, like indoor shots for portraits and nighttime scenery for illuminated object, as well as in shootings using zoom or macro mode.
For the brain of the camera, high-speed high-quality image processing LSI Venus Engine II is incorporated to render clear images in detail, compensating for the color aberration at the edges subject to occur. It also compensates for vignetting and generates bright image in every detail. This engine boasts its high performance resulting in the industry leading level in class release time lag of 0.01 sec for achieving more stress-free operation.

*Not including the time for AF.

3. Joystick-operated intuitive manual control
The DMC-LX1 offers manual focus and manual exposure, and both are adjustable with a joystick independent of an omni directional cursor. A switch on the side of the lens barrel lets you quickly change the focus mode between MF, AF or Macro AF. When you focus in the Manual Focus mode, not only the focus distance but also the DOF (depth of field) according to the zoom range and aperture is displayed. An MF assist function enlarges the center of the image to make focusing easier. Both features contribute to easy and comfortable manual focus.

A joystick was incorporated to facilitate operational ease and thereby get the best technical advantage of the multitude of functions offered by the camera. You can quickly shortcut to frequently used variables containing white balance adjustment, ISO setting, image size setting and compression format just by pressing and holding down the joystick, even while monitoring a subject on the LCD.

Shutter speed extends up to 60 sec at slowest in Manual Exposure mode and adjustable from 1/2000 to 60 sec for wider ranging shooting opportunities. Noise reduction is available for images taken at slow shutter speed.

The AF/AE lock button supports free framing while keeping the focus locked or fixes the same exposure setting regardless of the color of a subject for taking multiple shots.

Panasonic DMC-LX14. Crystal-clear, large 2.5h LCD monitor
The 2.5h large LCD is excellent not only in size but also in the resolution, which is as high as 207 k pixels. The advantage is apparent when you check the focus during or after shooting, or when you display images even in tiny thumbnail size, across which you can move an omni-directional cursor to select. They can be played back in 9, 16 and 25 on multi-split screen in addition to the normal 1 frame playback thanks to the large high resolution LCD. This helps you to search for the image you want out of a number stored on the SD Memory Card, even if the images are in bulk. Furthermore, you can virtually checkmark your favorite images and keep them selected apart from the others to make a special slideshow with them only, or make concurrent deletion of the non-checkmarked ones if you do not need them anymore. Thanks to this feature, the LX1 can serve not just as a tool of shooting images but also as a digital album, to enjoy the seeing and showing of your favorite pictures.
To offer a clear view even in sunny outdoor conditions, the Power LCD function increases brightness by 140% just by pressing an independent button.

5. Excellent responsiveness, smart control and quick AF
The DMC-LX1 incorporates high performance image processing LSI the Venus Engine II in both speed and image quality. Thanks to the multi-task image processing, response has also been accelerated, resulting in the best-in-class level release time lag of 0.01 sec achieving more stress-free operation. For the burst shooting mode, it also boasts high consecutive shooting performance, providing shooting at 3 frames/second at 8.4-Megapixel full resolution. This function can be@instantly activated with the independent button*. Unlimited Consecutive Shooting function** allows limit-free consecutive shooting up to the capacity of the SD memory card.

An AF method can be selected according to the shooting situation: 9-point, 3-point high-speed, 1-point high-speed, 1-point normal-speed and Spot. The 1 point high-speed AF, initially incorporated in the high zoom line DMC-FZ5, dramatically reduces the AF time to realize stress-free operation. Although screen-freeze in high-speed AF is now minimized, if you take the picture of subject with fast movement, you can select 1 point normal-speed AF which does not have any screen-freeze while focusing.

* The button also performs as gDELETEh in playback mode.
** The speed of the unlimited consecutive shooting varies depending on the SD Memory Card.

6. Industryfs first 16:9 aspect Wide VGA moving image recording*
In addition to the conventional 4:3 VGA moving image recording, the LX1 can record moving images even in the 848 x 480 16:9 Wide VGA format at 30 fps, making the most of the industryfs first 16:9 CCD. Shooting is one thing but viewing is another, and you will be suitably impressed by the 16:9 moving image when it is displayed on a wide screen TV.

* As a digital still camera, as of July 7, 2005.

7. Easier and more comfortable operationality
Along with the joy stick and omni-directional cursor, a dial-operated mode shift also improves the camerafs controllability. The mode dial allows quick, direct switching between various shooting modes, moving picture mode and playback mode. In addition to the conventional ProgramAE, the LX1 is equipped with Auto mode, which caters for the entry level users. A total of 14 scene modes including Baby, Soft Skin, Food, Starry Sky and Candle helps you to take beautiful images easily in wide-ranging situations. Still it is easy to select the one out of them thanks to the Scene Mode Help Screen that shows the description of each mode and the knack for shooting of each scene and helps users to take beautiful image easily.

The LUMIX DMC-LX1 is like no other compact camera, enabling both high-end amateurs and entry-level users to explore the creativeness that surely enhances the joy of shooting.

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I see exactly what you mean about matching the ISOs. Never would
have thought of that.

10:44 pm - Friday, September 30, 2005

#402 Nick Pecukonis

Great review!! I agree with everything, altho he mentioned that the camera is "Pricey", I really don't think that is fair because his street price is nuts! As I mentioned previously, I just ordered another LX-1. We all are different in our needs and wants, the LX-1 is a wonderful camera that I really enjoy using, as a biker, we say "smiles per mile" when describing our feelings, like it must be like to swing on-to a Yamaha MT-01 ! I think once the IS eliminates the blurry pictures, and it's 16x9 image hit you, you guys will agree with me, it , is indeed, the only game in town for me. It is MORE than a "snapshot" camera, as you will discover! Alot of quality for less than $500!! Gary, you have, maybe, found the key to the filter thing!!! The lip that the cap attaches to does NOT unscrew, but that does not mean that the folks at Panaleica cant machine that lip TO-BE-A-SCREW-ON-PIECE , which means that there would be a thread mount for the "Cup" needed to encase the zooming feature of the collapsible lens, thus providing the filter option. As I mentioned before, I dont believe attaching any weighty attachment to the lens proper would be smart, tele adapters need the tripod mount screw route ( Even the tele screw on adapter for the meaty FZ-20 has a tripod brace ) Lastly, my attraction to the LX-1 is expected to be short lived, due to the reality that progress with grain, speeds, and just about everything else, is getting better and better REAL fast! I hope I'm around long enough to enjoy a digital camera that is affordable, and gives the quality, zoom and speed we all dream about, I am happy with the 10D/Sigma for the Zoom, the F-828 for IR and more, the LX-1 for the portrait/ scenic / snapshot, all round friend.

12:04 am - Saturday, October 1, 2005


The D-Lux 2 is now on the Leica website. There are 8 categories to
click on. I looked at them briefly, but still could not find a description
or picture of the Digital Adapter 2 (part number 42 303).

1:33 am - Saturday, October 1, 2005

#404 zymonk

How much do you like the grip on the LX1's body? I ask because as you've probably noticed, it's absent on the D-Lux2. I'm wondering if it would be missed.

It seems like a black body is not in the cards.

2:14 am - Saturday, October 1, 2005

#405 AA

Nick -
what do you mean you agree with everything? EVERYTHING? Everything that idiot dude Phil says?


See, if someone is used to using Nikons, the Nikons are always on the soft side of sharp. I'm always sharpening the photos in PS afterwards, just to get crisper edges.
So far, I like that the LX1 is sharp - may be a little bit noisy, but the samples also do not show us the variation in the levels of noise reduction, nor do they say whether OIS has been applied.
And why is it that he has to test shoot everything with the Aperture Priority setting? The comparisons are close, but the exposures are all so different that I wonder what would happen if all the cameras' samples are shot with the same manual settings, just to level the field even more.

I bet I could get some better results if I set the noise reduction, used OIS, flattened out the contrast and played with the exposures to suit the environment of the shots.

I can't wait to get my hands on this camera. It's only $500. So much camera for that price. I mean I spend that monthyl just on gambling! hahaha Now I just have to win a couple of big hands and the camera is mine! :coolmad:
I'm all in.......

4:49 am - Saturday, October 1, 2005


AA, while Phil does review the big Nikon's at DPReview, the LX1 was
reviewed by Simon Joinson, who has a totally different perspective.

Zymonk, would you settle for a D-Lux 2 Crumpler case in Black? :)

5:31 am - Saturday, October 1, 2005

#407 Nick in Japan

sorry 'bout that, I was responding to the question of concurring with the noise results... especially about the fringe disappearing.....About the Leica copy not having a raised grip assist, Yes! it would, indeed, be harder if you used your hand in a manner to use it, there are about 3 or 4 ways to hold the camera, I prefer my thumb along the bottom, my index finger pointing towards the sky, my middle finger pressing the shutter and my third finger lying across the IS button, as stabalization, along with my pinky also pushing up against the body. I'm big, and my hand is a bit large to use the raised grip assist effectively. If you have small hands ( Japanese size) the grip assist would probably work for you in a one hand useage. Very hand-holdable with one hand , I use 2 hands if the camera isnt in the hot shoe of the F 828 or 10D ( cant use wide shots while mounted on the Canon 10D with Sigma zoom due to the lens showing up in the picture, only zoomed out mode ) Left hand uses thumb and forefinger for holding. Remember this is one small baby! Aperture priority has been a habit for alot of us old shooters, ensuring that we get the best speed we can while shooting wide open. The larger the aperture the blurrier the background, and also a softening effect with high contrast head shots. Seeing that you dont do portraits that much, AA, this habit is probably strange to you. I dont think my old 85 1.2 Canon ever saw 1.4 or smaller aperture. My LX-1 is set to "A", only take it off if I have time to do some tweaking...The EV adjust pops up real easy for quick adjustment of exposure, use the grid most of the time, histogram sometimes for a double check.

6:12 am - Saturday, October 1, 2005


One thing I noticed in the LX1 review was the excellent performance
achieved in the TIFF and RAW modes using a 1 GB Panasonic PRO
High Speed SD card. Are you still using that cheapo 512K SD?

6:28 am - Saturday, October 1, 2005

#409 nick

I'm no expert Gary, I have never believed that there is a detectable difference in the image quality between cards, I do know that a large capacity card does seem to write/read faster. The image on a 8mb card may be exactly the same as on a 2 Gig card. People like to brag about products as if they are special.. read the credits in a camera magazine, they list ALL the products the photographer used! It is sickening!!! Do yo think the picture they are crediting is any better if the photographer used a an expensive Manfrotto, or a F--king Bean-bag??? It is all hype , smoke and mirrors for the "Bling People" out there. If I thought an expensive card was worth the cost I would buy them, large capacity cards scare me, ruin one, or lose it and you are out ALOT of pictures and replacement cost, I like "Cheapo" 512 cards, even 256 ones, still can put lottsa images on them too. I never plan to get a larger card for those reasons, even if the price drops dramatically. Only takes a couple seconds to change the battery and card at the same time in the LX-1... Got some great shots today, the cosmos are 100%, did the 828/LX piggyback thing... love to send some to you........

8:58 am - Saturday, October 1, 2005

#410 AA

Blah blah on the cards cards.......

I bought the FASTEST Lexar CF card, 80x speed, but a 4GB behemoth for my Nikon.
Let me tell ya - it's so damned slow, I have to wait at least a minute for the card to load its pictures from a blank screen.
I then learned to have a bunch of medium sized one that don't take so long to load. Sure it costs a little more - but what's a few missed meals? No big deal! Haha.

Anyways -

Check this out:
(don't worry, it's all in English)

and click on the box on the bottom right that says "Dynamic Dramatic 16x9 Special Delivery" -

some beautiful pics there.

Did that convince you? OK good... I thought so.......

Thanks Nick........


9:21 am - Saturday, October 1, 2005

#411 Nick in Japan

AA... That sure is a great site !! Thank you so very much! I have a feeling that you are a great photographer, I would love to see some of your work, can you direct me to some place to do that? Thanks again.....
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
PS.. I am not INTERPOL !

10:34 am - Saturday, October 1, 2005

#412 zymonk

Those Crumpler bags look good. One thing is for sure, I won't be buying another Domke bag. In no time at all they look like they have been through a shreadder. The rubber in the shoulder strap started to melt on my last big photo trip to S. Asia and trashed a few shirts.

6:55 pm - Saturday, October 1, 2005

#413 ronnie

hey all. the debates going on regarding this camera, whew! anyway aa as promised, here are a couple of pix with the efix data.

trying to get a photoblog going.

3:15 am - Sunday, October 2, 2005

#414 Nick in Japan

Ronnie.... How do you like the LX-1, as much as I ??? Seems like you are enjoying the little wonder! Where are you located? I'm in Iwakuni , Japan...

8:18 am - Sunday, October 2, 2005


Nice pictures, Ronnie. I like the idea of your own website.

Just a couple of suggestions.

1. For evalutation purposes, we need to see the original images as
well, at their full resolution.

2. We need to see higher ISOs. ISO 80 is no stretch for the LX1.

3. We need to see Quality settings, i.e., Fine, Standard, TIFF, RAW.

Keep up the good work.

6:28 pm - Sunday, October 2, 2005

#416 ronnie

hi guys. yeah, i'm having a great time with this little camera. still working the bugs out of the website thing. trying to decide on my own photoblog (dedicated url / css) and a hosted wbe/photoblog (the easy way).

right, iso 80 is no bigie for this camera. with the higher iso's noise is there, nut i think that it's about trying to nail the exposure in most cases - iso 200+. i expect to shoot mostly 80 - 100. thi IS2 works great.

ney nick. i'm in oakland ca. it's s nice day today. my wife and i are going out shooting. later guys.

7:26 pm - Sunday, October 2, 2005

#417 ronnie

7:27 pm - Sunday, October 2, 2005

#418 Nick in Japan

Ronnie... Thanks for the update, please be patient with me , I don't know anything about websites/ computer jargon , nor lottsa stuff in general.... Iv'e got a few years of Photoshop 7 , and recently , CS2 under my belt, and love to talk about cameras... I tried to log onto your blog site, but the code step shows an image rather than a word, cant get passed that point... maybe it is because you are still in the construction phase?? Anyway, I agree, entirely with Gary on the effective eval of just exactly what a camera is all about. The problem with a display of Raw/Tiff and images that haven't been resized is, that, alot of folks use servers that wont handle a large file... Nothing more upsetting than to write a long mail and attach a few pictures and have them returned due to being too large!!! AND, returned due to the adressee's mail box full! One parting shot, try a top click and get crank in about +1 or so EV for that sample pix in your site. If you use CS2 , the Highlight/Shadow selection is the greatest invention since..... well, It's Great! Thanks again, good shooting.. I like IS-1

10:26 pm - Sunday, October 2, 2005

#419 AA

It's funny......

on some of these sites, they are going goo-goo gaa-gaa over the Leica, and Nick, you can just sense their Bling-o-sensor working overtime for this one, eh?

I mean I read those websites everyday. EVERY DAY. I am a gadget freak. And it's funny to hear those real gadget freaks at those websites be so behind the times on this camera, and here we are, having been discussing it in detail for a good month or so!

Photos, huh, Nick........ may be I need to start a blog myself someplace...... let me work on that......

So how bad is the noise on this thing at long exposures?
The problem with little cameras with little sensors is that they're not very good on the long exposures - makes the photos be full of noise. Especially night shots when you want the dark bits to be dark. I still go back to film.
So I wondered if you guys have done some long night time exposures and compared those photos to other cameras?

Thanks...... and I'm sorry to keep bugging you guys with questions until I can get my own hands on the camera......
But I appreciate all the info.

5:26 am - Monday, October 3, 2005

#420 nick

AA, You are absolutely right...From another galaxy, "retrolicious" you gotta be me, talk about uugly! The Leica folks are surely on something!!! Thanks for the consideration of your own blog! I haven't done a long exposure, sun goes down and I'm about done, 0500 comes early. You gotta get this camera , AA, your energy and appreciation for neat stuff will be rewarded, long exposures may not be something that this camera does as well as some will do that have bigger sensors. We are at the beginning of quality digital stuff, we cant expect everything right now, soon, real soon. Gotta get this to you before it gets too dark there!!! Thanks again....Oh, my back-up came today, yen is better, came to $477. Momma will have a wonderful Christmas!

6:46 am - Monday, October 3, 2005

#421 Li

Hi all,

I've been following your discussions right from the beginning. I was very keen on the LX1 and would have got it by now, if not for dpreview's remarks about the noise. Now I'm not sure if I should still go ahead and get it.

I'm a beginner and have used only one camera before (Sony P8 3.2 mp) which was a P&S but did a good job. Now I want to learn more about advanced photography and take better pictures. DSLRs are ruled out because of the bulk since I would like to carry my camera with me ALL the time.

Mostly I take pictures of my kids playing (P8's shots are mostly a blur), nature, family/friends and some indoor movies. Occasionaly I print one of the good shots to big poster size.

For these requirements, would you advise me to get the LX1 (I'm really impressed by the features already). Specifically, if I can't use iso 100 or above, what is that I can't do?

12:30 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005

#422 stupidlammer

Noise is never a problem, just run it through neat image. If u use the LX1 profile, the cleaning up would be even better with less loss of data.

12:57 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005

#423 Nick in Japan

Li.. I'm sure the guys here will add alot of good advice along with my thoughts..First of all , I want to commend you for doing the kids picture thing, smartest thing I ever did was take a picture of my kids every day, too bad I started doing this with my last born! Anyway, we have been discussing the LX-1, I believe, because it is a break-through model that has the first wide view picture combined with an IS system that really works great. Most cameras will give the kind of pictures you want if they are at least 5mp or above, I have seen posters done here in Japan from 5mp cameras that are excellent! I am biased toward the LX-1 because of the great images I am getting. I dont do alot of action shots but the LX has a mode that insures fast speeds, combine that with the IS and quick shutter and you probably be happy with it. I just got another LX for both back-up and for my wife to use. I am near my 1020th image , and, have never had so much satisfaction with a camera as with this one. A step up from 3.2 mb is , indeed, something you should do. Research and see what other folks are talking about, Christmas suprises may be coming from some makers, no telling what new things are in store, what ever you decide on , please consider the 28mm (equivelent) lens, lottsa folks think a 38 is wide enough, it isn't, full frame portraits at near range can done unless you have a 28, you may regret it if you settle for the common 38 which most makers dump on the public. Good luck and let us know what you decide!

1:07 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005

#424 Li

Hi Nick, Stupidlammer,

Thanks for the quick response. I've almost decided on the LX1 for these reasons:

28 mm - looks really great for nature.
IS - handheld shots for kids.
16:9 - for viewing on my widescreen.
compact - to carry in my trouser pocket.

I've done a LOT of research and there is no other camera that meets these requirements.

By action shots I just mean walking/running kids. I hope the LX1 will cope with that sort of thing - sony P8 definitely doesn't.

Yes, kids are the only reason I started using a camera. Nothing like it!

As you said, I'll wait for a couple of more weeks and see if there are any 'christmas surprises'. But I don't think we'll see another camera with better specs than this before christmas.

3:01 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005

#425 stupidlammer

Im just deciding between the D-lux2 and the LX1. Indeed there is nothing like it, to opt not to get it primarily due to high noise levels would be rather silly, since Neat Image takes care of that. I feel that its benifits far outweigh its con, noise, which can be solved easily.

6:14 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005


It's official, the D-Lux 2 does NOT have a lens thread. Its adapter for
a spotting scope clamps to the camera via the fixed portion of its lens,
similar to the filter adapter invented by our good friend, and visionary,
Nick. I imagine the spotting scope adapter will also mount to the LX1
in the same manner.

This information was provided by the good folks at Leica via email.

6:40 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005

#427 zymonk

Well we can all go back to hoping that Nextphoto makes an adapter. And I can place my LX1 order when they are available again. I wonder what the real reason for the delay is? As much as I like Leica (I have two) I don't see much reason to wait for the D-Lux 2 now.

7:06 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005


The only reason I can think of would be if you found the LX1's finger
rest a detraction. At least now, you will be getting the black camera
you have wanted from the beginning.

7:16 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005


Li, while the LX1 sounds like it would be an excellent camera for your
needs, you should be aware that two of its claims are misleading.

(1) The LX1's lens goes to 28mm Wide only in the 16:9 aspect ratio.
For the standard 4:3 aspect ratio, it goes only to 34mm Wide, which
is more in line with the run of the mill digicams.

(2) The LX1 is really not an ultra-compact, because its capped lens
when stowed protrudes another inch beyond the 1 inch body, giving
a total depth of 2 inches, not the 1 inch claimed by Panasonic.

Another camera which you might find interesting is the Ricoh R3. It
has a true 28mm Wide, 7.1x optical zoom lens, and really is only an
inch deep when the lens is stowed. I am sure the 7.1x optical zoom
would come in handy when photographing your kids.

The R3 does not have the 16:9 aspect ratio of the LX1, so if that is of
major interest, the LX1 is really your only choice. Also the R3 has yet
to be reviewed so we know nothing about its noise characteristics, but
I cannot imagine it being any worse than the LX1.

Here is a link to the Ricoh website for the R3. Be sure to click on the
Features, Specifications, and Accessories links provided on that page.

7:28 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005

#430 Darrick

Two differences between R3 and LX1 really stick out to me: One, R3 has a smaller CCD than LX1; Two, R3 LCD screen is roughly half resolution of LX1 which seems significant because neither cameras possess optical viewfinders. Otherwise a toss-up because of stabilizer system in R3 and greater optical zoom. Your thoughts on CCD size difference?

8:26 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005


Excellent point about the R3's smaller CCD; however, you should also
notice that the R3 is a 5 megapixel camera, which yields an increased
pixel size, and keeps it within the limits of good noise characteristics for
that size CCD.

Excellent point about the lower resolution LCD. No excuses here. You
need to decide whether it is a worthwhile tradeoff for the "7.1x" zoom.

Another thing about the R3 is the positioning of its flash being diagonally
opposite to its lens, which should reduce the occurrence of red-eye, due
to the increased separation from the lens, if that is important to you.

8:53 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005

#432 Li

I think LX1 is still better than Richo R3 because -

16:9 - essential if you view the photos mainly in widescreen.
movie mode is very poor (only 320x240).
No manual controls, no aperture/shutter priority - I've never used them but keen to learn.

For my purpose 7x zoom may not be very useful because if I need to get close to something I would just walk nearer :-)
On the other hand 16:9 is very good because I don't print the pictures at all (except for occational posters) but just use the widescreen to view them. Of course you can edit the pics to 16:9 format but its too tedious to do for all.

Regarding the point mentioned in 431, will it be any better if LX1 is used in its 5 MP settings where bigger iso is needed (for example, low light photos)?

10:52 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005

#433 nick

I'll let Gary respond to your question about using 5 vs 8, personally , the advantages of using 8mp ALL THE TIME , overshadows everything else... anyway, zooming in a program like Photoshop is a viable alternative to buying a higher zooming camera, and, remember, digital zoom will degrade pictures tremendously ! Someday, reasonably priced cameras with 12mb wide sensors will be here , and alot of our problems will go away.

11:50 pm - Monday, October 3, 2005


If you are very interested in 16:9, and not very interested in 7x zoom,
the LX1 wins hands down.

If your question is whether or not using the LX1 in 5 megapixel mode
will improve its noise characteristics at higher ISOs, the answer is NO,
since it will not change the size of the pixels. Picture a checker board
with 5 millions squares vs. the same size checker board with 8 million
squares, and then cropping the outer squares of the 8 million squares
checker board to leave the inner 5 million squares.

Hope that answers your question.

12:04 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#435 Nick in Japan

Nicely put Gary... All factors remain the same as far as picture quality, cropped edges are missing and you are left with a funky 4x3 , or 3x2 ratio. TVs are transitioning to wide screen, the future is here with the 16x9 size, I cant wait for ths Panasonic sensor, hopefully with more pixels, to show up in either a Panasonic or Canon DSLR ( Got a lot of Canon lenses to use )

3:06 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005


Nick, I think the next big development will be incorporation of CMOS
image sensors into ultra-compacts. Besides the advantage of lower
power consumption, they offer lower noise and increased resolution
compared to similarly sized CCDs. With a CMOS image sensor, the
LX1's ISO 400 might actually have been usable, and maybe even an
ISO 800 could have been squeezed in.

4:50 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#437 Nick in Japan

Exactly! I get into the habit of shooting the 10D at ASA 200, with great results, the added speed helps when I reach out to max with the Sigma, my rule of thumb is to try and maintain 1/250th min. Being f5.6 gives me a great blur for background and also sharpness at focus. The CMOS has a different look to it, almost soft... Love it! There is a new storage device on the horizon ,and a USB based card, plus advancements with batteries, these things mean more space to play with when designing these little beauties, really exciting to try and keep up with it.

5:06 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005


Another trend which has already begun is incorporation of 3.0" LCDs
into ultra-compacts. Two such cameras in the last two days. One of
them, the Sony Cyber-shot N1, even has a separate internal memory
for storing 500 640 x 480 images, so the camera can also be used as
a photo viewer. Each time a full-resolution image is stored on its card,
a reduced resolution image is stored internally for subsequent viewing
on the LCD display. I like that idea since, in addition to a new camera,
I was also planning on buying my wife an Epson P-2000 Photo Viewer
(or similar) for her birthday.

5:22 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#439 Nick in Japan

I saw a product from "Creative " , cant remember where, stored and displayed, may be of interest to yo, they have a product line, I'll try and get a number for you.....

5:33 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005


I think you mean the Creative Zen Vision that was recently reviewed.
I looked at that one, but it was not as good as the Epson, which just
came out with a new model, the P-4000.

5:41 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#441 nick

Exactly! also, that 640x480 auto store mode probably was designed to facilitate e-mail... I like to tweak my emails and do the size so that if someone likes a picture , they have the pixels to make a small print with a bit of quality, 640x480 is great for email but restricts printing alot!

5:50 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#442 nick

Gary, my rule of thumb for e-mailing a picture is 180 ppi for verticals and 220 ppi for horizontals. I use this for 2x3, 3x4 and the LX's 4.5x8 . give me an address and I'll send some I did from Little Joe's Sport's Day last Sunday, I used the Canon (2x3) and LX, left the Sony at home. Slipped the LX int the hot shoe of the Canon to carry, pulled it off for some wide shots.....

6:10 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005


The N1 gives you the option of storing your photos in 640 x 480, for
viewing on the 3" LCD or on a TV, with music and slide show but no
emailing that I know of, as well as the option to store the images on
a Memory Stick Duo, for subsequent printing at full resolution. The
LCD is also a touch screen, which I am not sure I would like.

Thanks for offering, but I will wait to see the pictures on your future
website, :)

6:48 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#444 nick

Sorry, as I mentioned long ago, I'm not interested in that sort of vanity, like to keep it all 'within the family"...anyway, I understood the dock for that N1 had an output for the stored images in your slide show, maybe I just read that into it, seems kinda stupid not to be able to do that, huh? Too bad they couldn't squeeze in IS, 28mm and 16x9 (other than at 2mp!!!duh!!) Love the 3" screen and .8" thickness!!!! they almost got it right!!!!

7:10 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#445 nick

Gary, at least tell me where you are in the world, It's 1515hrs. here in Iwakuni

7:14 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005


So I guess you won't mind if I reserve :).

I have to get going. I was just looking at that APS size CMOS sensor
in the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1. Incredible. If I owned your F828, it
would already be gone. I know you prefer the F828's faster lens, but
with that size sensor, you can live with a slower lens. Just look at the
noise and resolution differences between the two. At DPReview, they
are comparing it with two Canon dSLRs, the Digital Rebel XT and the
EOS 20D, to which it compared quite favorably.

At least you would own one camera that isn't noisy. :)

Catch you later.

7:45 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#447 nick

I'm happy with the 828, only problem is the fringeing, and I know how to compensate... How abot "Nicpicing" ?

7:51 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#448 nick

Maybe I'll get an R-1.. For a boat anchor!!!!

7:54 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#449 AA

Can't sleep so I thought I would shop around -

and look here:


there IS a problem with the supply. I mean most of these cameras are coming from the UK or Japan. Either Panasonic USA released a few and realized there's a massive glitch with the camera and recalled whatever didn't reach the retailers, or they ARE waiting to double-release it with the Leica, so that people can actually make a physical comparison? I know that sounds sort of crazy, for the companies to canaballize each others' money, but I honestly think something fishy IS going on......
Come on, we're talkiing about eBay here, I should be able to find hundreds of sellers by now, don't you think? I mean how can there be so FEW of the camera? I don't understand. With all other cameras I've ever seen that has had an official "release" date, you couldn't get away from them in the stores. You'd find them everywhere, including your local Best Buy. On the day. Promoted to the gills. But this.....????????

Either way I am not buying from one of them sketchy NY sellers with all their "extra" gear in their packages of stuff I do not want, all I want is an extra battery!

Gary may be you could contact Panasonic for us with your charm and chit-chat skills and find out what happened? I would sincerely appreciate it..... sounded like you got through to Leica, so I thought may be you can get some info from Panasonic. If I was made to do it, I'd go no where, since I am so hopping mad already, they'd hear no end of me! Hahahaha......

May be they are fixing the firmware and are trying t reduce the noise from the CCD....... who knows......

8:11 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#450 AA

Oops - I guess the eBay link doesn't quite work like this.......

anyways type the camera's name and see for yourself....

8:13 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#451 nick

Leicasonic may be retroliciousing the LX1 for the big run on the "Bling of the Year"

8:20 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#452 AA

So I've been checking the Panasonic USA's site every now and again to see the change in the availability for the camera if I were to order it through Panasonic -
and the availability is later by 2 days every time! It started by saying 11/14/05, and now it says 11/18/05!!!!

What is going on here? OK so we know there is SOME demand for this camera - there cannot be THAT MANY for Panasonic to be out of supply! Right? Or do you think they did not anticipate enough the demand for this thing by people like us?
I'm sure there's plenty left on Japan's store shelves!

I'm seriously frustrated here.

Now I definitely can't sleep!

I can't wait to find out what the hell is happening!

8:34 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#453 nick

AA, my friend near Vancouver can't get one either! I'm sure all will get straightened out soon.

9:02 am - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#454 zymonk

I think there must be a problem with it. One of the review sites had to send theirs back because it was defective. The review was delayed.

I propose a moratorium on the non-word "bling". Please.

4:34 pm - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#455 AA


9:00 pm - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#456 zymonk

AA, I think I hear your mom calling you.

9:18 pm - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#457 Nick in Japan

Geeze, that is always a problem with buying a new model, we get a sense of security with a product line and forget that new models do get tested, but there is only one real test and that is "Time with the Comsumer" We are , in fact, a test bed for the companies, and in reality we all may be getting a sort of "Beta' model , a test for the next best thing....Sony's H-1 had some real good things, a super zoom too, they screwed up my purchase cause they forgot to put English as an option in the Japanese version!. I broke the rule and bought an untested LX-1, have about 1020 pictures (rain yesterday and today) and decided at about 1000 pix that it was worthy of a back-up.. I haven't had a problem yet. I hope that if I do have a problem, that Panaleica will honor it's warranty like Canaon and Sony did on their products ( I lost the LED screen on one of my GRT-170s at 1 1/2 years, Sony folks from Hawaii authorized a free replacement even tho I was 1/2 year out of warranty, and my first 10D had a row of pixels missing thru the center of the sensor, my store replaced it on the spot with a new camera right over the counter. I will report any problems that I encounter with the LX-1 to you guys. Was the defect found by the review identified? If not , it may have been a non-event, something like dirty work in advertising.. the less panasonics sold equates to more Canons/Ricohs and Fujis sold!!!

10:26 pm - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#458 zymonk

Nick, You are certainly a foil to any doubts I have about the reliablity of this camera. Maybe Panasonic should put you on the payrole as a beta tester.

There is no explanation at about just what the problem with their sample was, so who knows.

10:42 pm - Tuesday, October 4, 2005


Did someone say "Cheese"? Nick, I take back that crack about you
not having any low noise camera. I forgot about your 10D. What do
you think about its CMOS image sensor? Although, it's probably not
a good example, since they've made many improvements to CMOS
in the last couple of years.

10:51 pm - Tuesday, October 4, 2005

#460 Nick in Japan

You are up mighty late Gary, I think you are in Sinapore with the manager of this site, Mr. Goldstein! We all utter things we regret, don't we ! I love the CMOS and I really didn't test it closely before that CF card insert from the 10D into the F-828 for the zoom/trimming thing. I was amazed at the image retaining it's sharpness via all the zooming and re-processing. I , will probably get the 20D, for the sensor size, gives me the 1.6 factor that will eventually be done away with.....Being a Canon lover since my first FTb ( Black )I have grown to appreciate their products, in fact, they make some pretty nice digital mini stuff too!.... Thanks!

11:06 pm - Tuesday, October 4, 2005


We are all beta testers and the more we buy , the more $ goes into R&D, and things get better and better in the way of product upgrades. I would love to see a real ad that read the truth , like..." We spent lottsa bucks with this new sensor, we are lying about the camera's width so that people will order it thinking it is as slim as a Sony N1, and then discover that it isn't!, but be so happy with the new image size, and forget about the width lie." I sure wish Panaleica or Leicsonic would make a statement about why AA can't get her LX-1, alot of folks are anxious to read what other folks think about the camera, nothing will come out of the Japanese consumers, they are so intoverted and out of touch with the real world that their evals will never be seen by us ( Doesn't bother me a bit either!)

12:24 am - Wednesday, October 5, 2005

#462 ronnie

hey guys. i am having so much fun using this little camera - noise be damned! in all acutality the noise doessn't really get me. it's only very adverse when looking at the high iso images full 33 x 50 or whatever large size they display in CS2. other than that the images are very nice and sharp as a tack. got a little kata bag and this and my travel tripod have been going everywhere with me lately.

i still take my D70 out when i want to shoot, shoot, but this little camera is so nice - timed exposures, great aperture, etc. did some image comparisons with the nikon 70-200 vr last night while shooting the sunset last night.

still trying to work out the web site thing, but can email images to anyone who wants to see.



12:01 am - Thursday, October 6, 2005

#463 Nick in Japan

FINALLY!!! I thought I was alone in my emotions for this gem, Ronnie, you nailed it, a sense of fun that has been missing. I find 2x3 and 3x4 old fashioned now, and kinda boring, something that is easy -on-the -eyes about the 16x9 aspect. Thanks for your comments!

1:06 am - Thursday, October 6, 2005

#464 Nick in Japan

How can I get some of my shots to you Ronnie?

1:10 am - Thursday, October 6, 2005

#465 ronnie

hi nick. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

1:34 am - Thursday, October 6, 2005


AA/Zymonk, have you ordered yet?

Using the PhotographyBlog link, I found the LX1K for
$699.95, shipping in 1 - 2 business days.

The LX1S is only $599.95, but is not yet available. It seems strange
there should be that much of a price difference ???

10:17 pm - Thursday, October 6, 2005

#467 nick

I figured out that the price I pay in Japan ,$477 for the 2nd one, is because they dont give you a SD card...That was at the 113 / 1$ exchange rate....Wish it would go to 125/130 again!! OR, 277, the rate when I got here in '80.

10:27 pm - Thursday, October 6, 2005


I would much rather buy it without the included 32MB SD card, and
put the money saved towards a larger SD card, but only if I knew it
was a reputable dealer.

10:40 pm - Thursday, October 6, 2005

#469 zymonk

I haven't ordered one yet. I'm waiting for the next batch to be released. I think there must be some problem with the first batch. I want a black one but I'm not willing to pay a $100 premium for it-that's absurd. I don't care if it comes with a card, in fact I'd rather it didn't for exactly the same reason as you. I have a 1GB Pro Panasonic card and a 1GB Lexar platinum (which is nowhere near as fast as the Pana) just waiting for this baby. Has anyone heard the offical reason for the delay?

11:01 pm - Thursday, October 6, 2005

#470 AA

What's the link, Gary?

No, I haven't ordered one either. I am going to wait and see what's really going on. I find it strange that there have been no explanation from anyone as to why the supply in regular REPUTABLE retail stores is ZERO. Not one place, not even Frys/Outpost, CompUSA, BestBuy, CircuitCity, Staples, OfficeDepot, and even online places like eCost, eBay, PCMall, do not have them. WHY?

Gary, let me know when you get yours in 2 days time. Haha.

Zymonk, I still think we should wait, like you say. I want the black one too.

Hey Ronnie - you still haven't posted any photos of the PACKAGING that you shredded as you opened your box for the LX1. I want to see what that looks like, since I cannot find any photos of the what the CONTENTS of the box look like. In fact, DPReview is usually good about showing what the contents look like and they don't even have a pic. So Ronnie, I still do not believe you. Haha.

Nick, I think you're crazy. If the exchange rate went back to what you suggest, Japan will collapse. The world economy will be off-kilter. If the WTO and the IMF is to keep working for the "World" and not just the old "Mighty Dollar" - the Dollar cannot have its strength as a currency, ever again.

11:53 pm - Thursday, October 6, 2005


Here is the "official" reason why the LX1 has not shipped. Panasonic
had some spies out checking all the blogs (probably Nick on this one)
and realized the problems with the LX1. Rather than shipping out the
stockpile they already had ready to go, they decided to halt shipment,
unpackage the cameras, remove their finger rests, paste a red Leica
emblem over the Lumix silk screen, and then ship the cameras off to
Leica for repackaging as their D-Lux 2.

These repackaged cameras will look identical to the D-Lux 2, and the
only way to tell if you have one is to steam off the Leica emblem and
see if the original Lumix silk screen is underneath it.

The good news is that when the LX1 does ship in the USA, it will have
a threaded lens, a wide-screen format LCD, and much improved noise
performance with usable ISOs all the way up to 400.

12:03 am - Friday, October 7, 2005


Zymonk, if I just give you the link, that would defeat the purpose of
using the PhotographyBlog link to get there. Instead, I will give you
all the steps.

BTW, they have corrected the price on the black model to $599.95,
same as the silver.

1. Go to PhotographyBlog "Home" page.

2. Click "Shopping" link at left of "Home" page.

3. Click "In Association With" emblem.

4. Click new "In Association With" emblem.

5. Click "Camera & Photo" link under "Electronics & Office" at left of page.

6. Click "Digital Cameras" link under "Featured Categories".

7. Click "Panasonic" link under "Browse Brands".

8. Click "See entire list" link.

9. Scroll down to items #19 and #20.

Let me know if you have any problems.

12:28 am - Friday, October 7, 2005


I meant AA.

12:33 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#474 nick

Gary, please verify your "Official" information, Improvements are always being done, I'm not sure about your comment on threads on the lens, gotta see what that's all about.... AA.. The Japanese economy has been on the verge of collapse for a long time, with the 10%+ consumption tax due here in a couple years, things are gonna get bad for these folks, the mark-up on stuff here is tremendous,we Gaijins, can get great discounts if we don't tell any Japanese about it, and the shops still get a great profit. 120-130 will give lottsa folks like me the incentive to buy lottsa stuff that we wouldn't even consider now.

1:06 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#475 AA

Thanks Gary.

I see it! Should I do it? Hmmmmm..........

I'm have to think about it.

2:07 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#476 ronnie

aa, i've posted pics of the camera for you here: taken with my trusty d70

if you want a pic of the box. 'll have to bring it home from the office over the weekend or if you really wanna see the "box" i can mail it to you. :-)

ohh, the frame pick behind the camera in the second shot is of me and my wife. it's purposely blurred aa, so dont go postal.

hope you find your white wale (lumix or lecia) very soon.


5:56 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#477 rlchriss

aa, by the way. nick is right. the lx1 retails for about $475 - $480 US in japan. a simple yahoo search soule pull that up. just slip over the hiragana and katakana and just look at the $$

6:00 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#478 Nick in Japan

Love that sunset picture!!! Did you inhance at all in PS, or is that the original color from the LX? Thanks for the info, I don't think you need to intentionally blurr for AA!!!

6:17 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#479 AA

Yawnnnnnnnn.............. Oh..... Huh? What? Did someone say something? Heeheehee......

Ronnie's scared of me, Nick.

Yes, well, the exchange rate does show that the camera is costing less than $500, but what's the point? To actually get the camera at that price, I would have to pay someone like Nick to send it to me and that'll cost extra cash with the import tax, as well as shipping - or the extra money just to fly there to get one! So it's going to cost the same in the end anyways if I buy it here in the U.S.

But thanks for the down-home photo of the LX1 on your table, it's a much better representation of it than the glossy commercial shots that we're so used to seeing. Nice touch on the Nikon lens cover - now I can get a frame of reference on the size of the LX1.
Shame about the silver lens cap for it though - makes it look kinda silly, it should've had a matching black lens cover, even thought the lens pieces are also silver. It's like a car, you know, a two-tone paint job!
I do want to see the packaging too! And also the power cord and battery charger, please, and the back of the LX1 too. Oh and also the bottom of the camera? I'd like to inspect this machine thoroughly based on your photos, if you don't mind!

I think if I see it long enough and get more feel for what the photos look like from the camera, I will be convinved to buy one sooner rather than later.

Your wife? Tell her I said your husband is a very lucky man, undeservedly so. Heeheehee

6:51 am - Friday, October 7, 2005


Comment on Panasonic's choice of using "Quick Time" for the movie format..NO THANKS!!!!!!

6:52 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#481 ronnie

hi nick. thanks. that's pretty much out of the camera. resize / sharpen in pscs2. that's about it.

i don't know nick, aa seems a little picky. i want to be technically sound.

talk to you later.

6:53 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#482 Nick in Japan

If I can help you out AA, I'd be happy to, only problem would be the shipping back to me if you encountered a problem, and all the profanity I would have to endure!!!

6:57 am - Friday, October 7, 2005


After seeing Ronnie's pictures of the black body with silver lens/cap,
I've decided I like the silver body better.

7:31 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#484 Nick in Japan

Quick Ronnie, put one of those pictures I sent you of the Piggy-Back LX and 828 in your site so Gary will see how nice Black really is!.. Before he gets a sissy lookin silver model!!!

7:54 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#485 Li

Hi pkonisdbonus,

Quick Time is a real pain but we don't have much choice because most of the cameras now seem to have this format for movies.

Its bad because you can't view these movies in windows media center from the sofa. You need to download the QuickTime software from Apple to view the movies. But you still have to buy the QuickTime Pro software to export the quicktime movies to AVI format so that it can be used in the media center.

Incidentely, sony is still sticking to the good old mpg format so it can be used straight out of the box. That is one of the reasons I'm still waiting to see if sony comes up with a LX1 equivalent.

BTW, Nick, if you enjoy your kids photos so much you should also try the short movie option in LX1 - its even better!

9:29 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#486 Li


Is it possible to post the full version of the sunset picture? The small version don't show the camera information. If it is not possible to post the full version, can you let us know the settings, especially the iso?

9:32 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#487 Nick in Japan

I did a short clip of little Joe at Kinryu, the wide view is awesome , but I was put off by the QT format. I sometimes bring my Digital 8 camera for movies, seems like I just never got into the movie mode of a still camera, probably cause I'm thinking picture stuff and just don't think about movie too. I'd send the clip to you but it is 16mb, your server probably couldnt handle it.

10:05 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#488 Nick in Japan

Also... Been kinda rainy here this week, we plan to go photo some Cosmos fields in the mountains of Hiroshima Prefecture this long weekend, kinda fallen behind in my picture taking, weekend is supposed to be nice, Sunday and Monday.

10:10 am - Friday, October 7, 2005

#489 zymonk

As a Mac user I'm glad it uses Quick Time. When in film mode is B&W and option? I'm guessing yes but maybe Nick or Ronnie can clarify.

I'd much rather it had a black lens cap too.

There is a new review of the FZ-30 at:
Some of this probably applies to the LX1.

3:49 pm - Friday, October 7, 2005

#490 ronnie

li. i can email you (or anyone who want's it a full sized pic). post your email address on the blog. i'll post the exif data here in a sec when i can figure out how to easily do so.

4:26 pm - Friday, October 7, 2005

#491 ronnie

also, if anyone wants a pdf of the LX1 manual, i can email that to you as well. B/W is an option.

4:47 pm - Friday, October 7, 2005


For those of you that haven't read all previous 491 posts on this LX1
thread (something I would recommend doing at least once per week,
or as I do, on a daily basis), some of the names on this thread have
several aliases, by which they have posted, or been addressed, as
shown below.

"Nick", a.k.a., "Nick Pecukonis", "Nick in Japan", "nick", "pkonisdbonis"
(this was probably his nickname in the Marines), "Mark Goldstein" (on
behalf of Nick), "Mr. Mom"

"AA", a.k.a., "Amazingly Amazed", "Absolutely, Amazingly Amazed",

"zymonk", a.k.a., "Zymonk"

"Carsten Ranke", a.k.a., "Carsten"

"stupidlammer", a.k.a., "Stupidlammer", "S'lammer"

"ronnie", a.k.a., "Ronnie", "rlchriss"

"Li", (no known aliases)

"GARY POGODA", a.k.a., "Gary", "Gary you the man", "Gary you're
a genius" (this one has not actually been used yet)

7:55 pm - Friday, October 7, 2005


Gary, you're conceited. Heeheehee

But that was good. A cool post. I am sure there are people out there who finally find an informative blog about the LX1, only to give up reading what we have to say about the subject within the first 2 or 3 posts when they realize that we're just here to take up some space! Heeheehee

And that's

Eh? EH? to you

11:21 pm - Friday, October 7, 2005

#494 MGySgt. Nick Pecukonis Ret.

Almost right Gary, I was "Top P " in the Corps, used to send out my "P-Grams" every morning.. One of my sons is in prison, he got interested in stuff AA probably can elaborate on, worked for a chemical company and , well, his future looks brighter now that his special vacation is about half over, HIS nickname was "Pkonisdbonus" ( I wonder why?) I picked up on the great way it sounded, not the implications in an illegal way. I would like to add to this break in tech ramblings, that I am new to blogging and I think that I was fortunate to find you guys. Like AA implied, this is a real neat band of brothers that has explored , in depth ,each others ideas and thoughts in a very special way, unlike the commercial blogs out there. I knew this was a special place when Mark responded to my first e-mail, and then added his own entry for me, that helped me feel right-at-home. Forgive my cuts every now and then, I guess I'm anxious for some reply to something. I hope our future together doesn't disappear..
Semper Fi, Top P

12:03 am - Saturday, October 8, 2005

#495 AA

Hey now, take it easy on the elaborations..... I've never been to jail, and never would want to go there, and have no desire to know what sort of no good deeds that go on behind bars or between convicts and ex-cons.

Chemicals? I know some chemicals involved in developing and processing film, and some used to clean up the mess around the awful stench and stains that that particular process leaves around sinks and tubs, but that's about it!

May be you need to stop drinking those suped-up power & energy & caffeine drinks they've got in hoards in them vending machines over there in Japan and instead sit quietly and sip some green tea while staring at the lovely stone garden they've got around them parts! Heeheehee you sound so amped up all the time, bro! Chill, ya hear?



1:47 am - Saturday, October 8, 2005

#496 Nick in Japan

I apologize if I somehow implied you were some sort of criminal,AA, I was referring to your #397 of being "Stoned". I gave up alcohol along time ago, Kirin used to be my favorite, love "Maccha",except for the excessive caffeine!

5:13 am - Saturday, October 8, 2005

#497 Li

ronnie, can you mail the sunset pic to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) please?

Nick, if it is possible, you can send the QT movie and any of your favorite pics to the same id? Full version is better, so I can look at the camera information.

My friend in Germany says LX1 is not available in any store including panasonic website. So probably they are working on some sort of (firmware) fix for the noise issue ?? Lets hope so.

7:53 am - Saturday, October 8, 2005

#498 Nick in Japan

Li.. movie has been sent , and 1 pix, untouched.... I doubt if the movie will get to you 'cause it is 16+mb... I will send a couple more pix now that I have tweaked Tweaked pix will have a "b" suffix, original will just have the sequence number, an "a" suffix is a resized image for e-mailing... I'll find one image with all 3.. OOPS! Movie was rejected !!! Gomenasai!

9:00 am - Saturday, October 8, 2005

#499 Nick in Japan

Li, Movie didn't make it, glad you liked the images.. You are free to use them anyway you want, I'm in this just for the fun, smiles per mile!

9:21 am - Saturday, October 8, 2005

#500 nick

Gary, I think I have it!! Version #7 of why the LX-1 hasn't made it to the majority of stores, hows this, An un-named product maker saw the future with this new wide sensor, bought-up as much stock as they could for the intent of extracting the sensor for use in THEIR next-big-thing, maybe even the patent! It may take a while to see the results, but, maybe that is why NO-ONE ELSE has it, nor, has eluded to it being in their future. The ONLY other 16x9 sensor I have seen is in about 5 Sony video camera models. All this talk about up-grade and defective doesnt hold water because there ARE models out there , performing well, VERY WELL. I'm anxious to see who shows up with this sensor, maybe even before Christmas, when folks want something good from Old Saint Nick!

11:30 am - Saturday, October 8, 2005