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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-XS1 is a slim, pocket-sized camera with a 16.1-megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom, Mega optical image stabiliser and 13 Creative Control filters. Available in a range of 4 different colours including, red, purple, black and white; the Panasonic XS1 comes with a 2.7” screen and offers 720p HD video recording in addition to stills capture. The Panoramic Shot mode enables users to easily take 180-degree panoramic images just by swivelling the camera. The Lumix XS1 will be in available in the stores and online from February. Two similarly styled Lumix compact cameras are also available from Panasonic in the shape of the DMC-FS50 and DMC-F5. The FS50 provides identical performance to the XS1 (minus Creative Control filters) in an ever so slightly larger package. The new, entry-level Lumix F5 retains the design and image stabiliser of the XS1 and FS50 but comes with a 14-megapixel sensor.

Panasonic Press Release

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-XS1: Slim and Stylish for the Photographer-About-Town

A combination of style and performance, the compact LUMIX DMC-XS1 offers a premium camera experience in an ultra slim, beautifully designed form.

CES, 7th January 2013 – The brand new LUMIX DMC-XS1 offers users the ultimate in compact style and substance, combining amazing camera performance with stunning design. With 16.1 megapixels and at just 14mm thick, the XS1 is the perfect accessory for anyone taking regular pictures on the go.

Small enough to slip inside your pocket, the XS1 is the perfect camera for all those unplanned photo opportunities – that beautiful sunset on your way home from work or an unmissable snap of friends on a big night out.

Available in a range of 4 different colours including, red, purple, black and white, there is a LUMIX XS1 to suit all personalities.

Ultra slim and stylish
At just 14mm thick, the XS1’s body is designed to fit perfectly into your pocket, so you can have amazing camera performance on hand whenever and wherever you need it, providing excellent picture quality results.

Whether you’re taking pictures on a big night out or have spotted the perfect photo while out and about, the XS1’s simple, sleek and modern design is the perfect accessory to complement your style.

No compromise on performance
Despite its small, slim yet stylish design, the LUMIX XS1 is packed with a host of features that provide amazing results in every situation.  A 16.1 megapixel lens housed in the camera’s slender frame means you are guaranteed amazing quality with every shot. What is more, an Ultra Wide Angle 24mm lens ensures that you get the most from your indoor and landscape photography.

With a 5x Optical Zoom, and 8x advanced digital zoom, the XS1 is capable of getting up close and personal at the press of a button, without sacrificing picture quality. Also, the LUMIX XS1 is not just the ideal camera for photography on the move, 1280x720 HD recording capability also makes it the perfect accessory for capturing impromptu movie content.

For both photos and movies, the XS1’s optical image stabilizing system (MEGA O.I.S.) makes sure that neither a shaky hand nor a bump in the road compromises your creativity. With MEGA O.I.S even the slightest camera movements are compensated for by moving the lens in the opposite direction.

A new level of creativity
Aspiring photographers can take advantage of the XS1’s wide range of creative and artistic features and functions. All-new Creative Control allows you to choose from a selection of 13 different filters before you take your photo. Options such as ‘Retro’, ‘Pop’ and ‘Miniature’ provide a new level of creativity and control to your photography, spicing up even the simplest of snaps. Stunning panoramic shots are achievable with the 180 degree panorama mode, and you’ll also be able to make any necessary amends after you have taken your picture with Creative Retouch. Applying your creativity could not be easier or more intuitive with a simple user interface and a large 2.7 inch LCD screen. 

Intelligent technology for perfect results
The LUMIX XS1’s Intelligent Auto (iA) capability can be set with one-touch and prevents out-of-focus photos.  With iA it is easy for any standard of photographer to take great photos anywhere, at any time.

The iA’s Intelligent Scene Selector automatically recognises your conditions and selects the perfect mode for you. Whether you are taking a snap in a poorly lit nightclub or a holiday shot in the midday sun, the LUMIX XS1 will do all the complicated work for you, ensuring amazing quality every time.

The best in form and function
Mark Robinson, Head of Imaging, Panasonic UK, said: “With the LUMIX XS1’s stunning design and slim shape, it is the perfect accessory for any fashion conscious photographer. Offering amazing performance and unbeatable control, users can capture high quality photos and movies and amaze their friends and family with their creativity.”

Key features:
Beautiful design: The LUMIX XS1 fits amazing capability into a stunning modern design that is just 14mm wide (17.6mm including lens)
Tailored to your style: 4 colours mean that there is a camera to suit any style and preference
Uncompromising performance: A 5x Optical Zoom lets you get up close and personal every time, and a 24mm Ultra Wide Angle lens means every detail of those special moments is captured
Stunning results in any environment: A 16.1-megapixel sensor provides amazing image quality even in low light and the intelligent Auto capability - including POWER O.I.S - ensures amazing quality, every time
Great quality movies: High Definition 1280x720 30p video recording allows you to make amazing quality movies on the go
Stay in control: The XS1’s 2.7 inch LCD screen and intuitive user interface mean you can get the most out of the camera quickly and simply
Do justice to your view: The Panoramic Shot mode enables you to take stunning 180 degree panoramic shots just by swivelling the camera
Explore your creative side: The Creative Control feature includes many creative filters such as soft focus, toy camera effect and retro. Creative Retouch also means you can fix any imperfections on the move.

The XS1 will be in available in the stores and online from February.

Two similarly stylish LUMIX compact cameras are also available from Panasonic in the shape of the DMC-FS50 and DMC-F5. The LUMIX FS50 provides identical performance to the XS1 (minus Creative Control filters) in an ever so slightly larger camera. The new, entry-level LUMIX F5 retains the stunning design of the XS1 and FS50 – as well as features such as MEGA O.I.S. and iA – and the inclusion of a 14.1 megapixel sensor make it an amazingly affordable option.

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