Photographic Museum of Humanity Launches its Second Exhibition

March 15, 2013 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Websites | Comment |

The Photographic Museum of Humanity , the first Internet museum dedicated to high-quality photography, has officially inaugurated its second exhibition. Based around the theme “Where the Instinct Roams,” this exhibition is accessible online until the end of this month.

PMH Press Release

2nd Exhibition

Online until March 31st, 2013

March 12th, 2013: Photographic Museum of Humanity, the first Internet museum dedicated to high-quality photography, has officially inaugurated its second exhibition on its online platform

The Museum features a series of curated individual and collective exhibitions made with a selection of photos and works handpicked among those uploaded by the professional photographers of its community. The galleries are curated by a team of editors guided by Giuseppe Oliverio, the project founder, Ignacio Coló, photojournalist of La Nación and Alejandro Kirchuk, photojournalist winner of a World Press Photo 2012.

Photographic Museum of Humanity is the first museum actually accessible to everyone from every corner of the world, at any time and always for free. A space for photographers, made by photographers. A place where people regardless of their age, culture, education, religion and nationality, will have the possibility to learn about photography and its language.


The Museum second exhibition presents four galleries centered around the theme: “Where The Instinct Roams”.  It will be online until March 31st, 2013, when new one will be presented.

This is the detailed program for the inaugural exhibition:

I. A History of Violence | by Joshua Dudley Greer & Dmitry Lookianov

We live surrounded by different types of violence. Sometimes it is explicit, sometimes more subtle. This visual dialogue presents us the wildness through two particular photographer’s points of view, exploring the violence in a different way and in two different countries.

A History of Violence | by Joshua Dudley Greer & Dmitry Lookianov

II. Wild | by Ernesto Bazan

Italian photographer Ernesto Bazan shows us the importance of being versatile when we approach a subject. These panoramic photographs suggest a different view of our instincts.

III. From Untamed to Sacred | Collective Exhibition

A collective exhibition made up by 24 portraits of 18 photographers that wonder in between the instinctive and the sacred, exploring different aspects of our wildness, from the untamed side of life to the power of human nature.

IV. Tokyo Hotel Story | by Nathalie Daoust

Sometimes, when we are within four walls and no one is watching us, our wild side deploys more freely and crudely, giving rise to repressed fantasies. Daoust’s images make us wonder about those fantasies.


PMH 2013 GRANT: international photography contest to finance photographers and discover new talents.  USD 4.500 in prizes and a prestigious jury: Martin Parr, Kira Pollack and Sebastián Liste. Winners will be announced on April 1st, 2013.

BRAZIL TOUR 2013: to promote the project, the Photographic Museum of Humanity’s Blue Magical Van will be on the road again. The van, which has already traveled from Buenos Aires up to La Paz, is currently visiting Brazil.

Photograph: Ernesto Bazan

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