PhotographyBLOG Portfolios: Sturla Strand

March 31, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | PhotographyBLOG | Comment | |

James ShullThe 66th PhotographyBLOG Portfolio has been submitted by Sturla Strand.

“Taking black and white photographs is for me the most natural way to express myself artistically. I try to envision the subjects I am shooting without color, which I often find a distracting element. This way I can concentrate on lines, shapes, forms and shadows - the little details that people for the most part overlook. When it comes to the subjects I choose to photograph, I have found that certain places have a special kind of attraction to me. These places I visit over and over again under different lightning conditions, trying to capture them the way I want. Some of my best black and white photographs are taken only a few hundred meters from where I live. This proves the point that you do not have to travel to exotic places to find good motives. I often feel that the motives come to me, rather than the opposite. I am constantly trying to improve my photographic skills in terms of expression and motives.”

Website: Sturla Strand