PhotographyBLOG Review: Digital Photography Captured (Volume 1)

March 7, 2004 | Mark Goldstein | PhotographyBLOG | 2 Comments | |

Digital Photography Captured (Volume 1)Digital Photography Captured (Volume 1) from KnowledgeTrek is the first in a series of DVDs that aim to help you understand digital photography and imaging. It is aimed at anyone who is considering buying a digital camera, whether they are just getting started in photography or switching from a film camera. Find out whether this software is for you in my latest review.

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#1 Rory Cameron

What annoyed me with this one is that you are expected to pay for the next volume whereas the FocusON DVD from Alienideas is a complete series on the one DVD - have alook in the photographyblog forums I've been posting some questions there and have already got some feedback. I'm looking to buy about 80 copies for my club and needed reviews. Whats more is that Alienideas e-mailed me to say that with the emerging digital standards from the Institute of quality assurance their product is the only one to adhere to these new rules - giving a clear simplified method of training. Other reviewers and their website says it is an e-book with 90 mins of video clips - a much more pro job and better presented in my opinion.

Hope this helps


3:33 pm - Monday, September 5, 2005

#2 Jayne

Have just bought the Alienideas DVD as I feel it does a better job as a 'total' training course. Because of the format it is in it is useful as course notes or a standalone course.

The above DVD book however is a well thoughout example and very useful but aimed more at the first time user - the Alienideas DVD is aimed at the student or pro.


3:30 pm - Thursday, September 15, 2005