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Taking Pictures for Profit“Taking Pictures for Profit” by Lee Frost is a book that is aimed at amateur photographers who want to try and sell their photos, either just to cover the costs of their equipment, or maybe to try and earn a living as a photographer. The author, Lee Frost, is a very successful UK-based freelance photographer, whose images are regularly published in many of the UK photography magazines. So will “Taking Pictures for Profit” give you a head start on the road to selling your photos? Read my short review to find out.

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#1 Glyndon Townhill

This book sounds very interesting, though for me it might turn out to be just acting out a fantasy.
Could someone persuade him to do an updated version? I think especially that the absence of references to digital photography is serious.

9:26 am - Monday, August 2, 2004

#2 Suman Das

I have read the book (borrowed it from the library). It gives a good introduction and the tips on marketing, building up a photo collection, how to present a collection, etc.

Needs to be updated to take into account the changes in the professional protography industry in the digital age. A lot of professional protographers have moved to digital and it is the future medium of photography.

Fair review of the book.

5:13 pm - Friday, January 14, 2005

#3 Gary Fooks

I have a copy of this book from way back (pre digital) and it looks like it could do with an updating. However much of the book makes good sense and will help photographers wishing to move into the professional arena.

4:59 pm - Thursday, March 17, 2011