Photojojo Announces SLR Lens Mount Adapter for iPhone

July 8, 2011 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Camera Phones , Accessories | Comment |

Photojojo has announced what must be the craziest iPhone accessory yet: an adapter and case that allow you to attach a Canon or Nikon lens to the device. Turning your valued SLR optics into an add-on accessory for a smartphone does not sound like the greatest of ideas, especially given that you obviously lose auto focus (and aperture control too, at least with Canon lenses and most modern Nikkors), not to mention that if you’re willing to lug around a bulky SLR lens you might as well use it on a real camera - but we’re sure it’s crazy enough to ignite the imagination of many iPhone aficionados looking for some telephoto reach and shallow depth of field. If you’re one of them, Photojojo will be happy to sell you the case-adapter combo at $190 (for the iPhone 3) or $249 (for the iPhone 4).

Website: Photojojo’s iPhone SLR Mount

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