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Cypress Innovations has launched a major update to piRAWnha, the first app to enable raw processing on the Apple iPad. Version 5.2 adds iOS 7 support and numerous new features, including Live Unsharp Masking, Levels and Curves adjustments for intensity, red, green, or blue channels, and access to all of your raw images in Dropbox. piRAWnha 5.2 is available on iTunes for $9.99.

Cypress Press Release

Cypress Innovations launches piRAWnha v5.2, a RAW image developer for iPad

Develop, adjust and perfect raw images with piRAWnha

SAN FRANCISCO— October 1, 2013 – Cypress Innovations Cypress Innovations has launched a major update of piRAWnha for iPad, a fully‐featured app to enable raw processing on the iPad. piRAWnha enables iPad users to edit the raw data and once the settings have been optimized, a high‐quality JPEG image file can be exported to the Photo Library.

piRAWnha 5.2 has just been released and is updated for iOS 7 while maintaining backward compatibility with iOS 6. It contains numerous new features for serious photographers including Live Unsharp Masking, Levels and Curves adjustments for intensity, red, green, or blue channels, and online and offline access to all of your raw images in Dropbox.

As the most‐advanced raw‐image editing software for iPad, piRAWnha enables numerous raw editing features including Exposure, Highlight Recovery, White Balance, and Wavelet Denoising. A large number of image editing tools are also available including: Gamma, Brightness, Saturation, Contrast and Mid‐Level, Hue, Vibrance, Crop, Rotation, Filters, Live Unsharp Masking. piRAWnha supports the use of presets and has the ability to create thumbnails for raw files when not automatically generated by the iPad. piRAWnha offers ratings/keywords support using XMP files, vibrance control and camera‐specific white‐balance settings.

piRAWnha works with all raw files supported by Apple (a complete list of cameras is here:

This full‐featured photo editor enables users to export their developed images to their photo library or to Dropbox, Facebook or Twitter.

Learn more at www.piRAWnha.com

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