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Plustek OpticFilm 7300The Plustek OpticFilm 7300 is a high-resolution film scanner capable of scanning 35mm slides and negatives. The Plustek 7300 model offers a high optical 7200dpi resolution and features Plustek’s new multi-exposure function for negative film. The Plustek OpticFilm 7300 is priced at £145 excluding VAT, available from Jessops in the UK.

Plustek Press Release

Plustek upgrades its film scanner range

OpticFilm 7300 comes with SilverFast SEPlus and multi-exposure function software for powerful scanning and superior image quality

Plustek, one of the global leaders in imaging and communication products, today launches the OpticFilm 7300, a high-resolution film scanner capable of scanning 35mm slides and negatives. An upgrade to the OpticFilm 7200, the 7300 offers a high optical 7200dpi resolution and features Plustek’s new multi-exposure function for negative film and a multi-sampling feature which reduces noise. Also included is LaserSoft Imaging’s latest SilverFast SEPlus 6.5 ME image editing software, which provides a powerful scan with high-quality results. The OpticFilm 7300 is priced at £145 excluding VAT.

At the touch of a button, the scanner is easy to use and is ideal for digital imaging enthusiasts, photographers, and home office users, for various reasons such as converting slides into high-quality images for magazines and other printed material, enlarging photographs, digitising collections of slides to create digital libraries, as well as sharing images on the internet.

The new multi-sampling function enhances the scan quality of the OpticFilm 7300 by minimising noise found in the image caused by varying factors such as low-level lighting or low resolution images. In operation, the unit quickly scans the slide four times with each scan generating four separate readings of the noise level on the image. These are then automatically averaged out to produce the final high-quality scan.

The OpticFilm 7300 also includes a new multi-exposure scanning function for negative film. Producing a high quality, detailed scan, multi-exposure accentuates fine details found in highlights and shadows, such as reflections and textured surfaces and also helps to eliminate noise.

Providing a 48-bit scanning capability, OpticFilm 7300 supports recognition of literally trillions of different colours. The result is a highly accurate colour repetition when compared to the original with even subtle details such as shadows and highlights being picked-up.

Also included is an illuminated slide viewer, allowing slides to be examined before being scanned. Two film holders are also provided for mounting slides and filmstrips.

Bundled software
The OpticFilm 7300 includes the following software:

SilverFast SEPlus 6.5 ME – world class professional scan software with SilverFast Launcher and TWAIN plug-in applications included, providing a powerful tool for scanning, editing and colour reproduction. The SEPlus version has powerful functions such as multi-exposure, SilverFast Basic, multi-sampling, AACO, SRD, auto-adjust, USM, SCC and NegaFix.
NewSoft Presto! PageManager 7.10 – award-winning photo/image management software, which supports over 100 popular applications, including colour OCR and full-text indexing functions
NewSoft Presto! ImageFolio 4.5 - comprehensive multimedia image-processing software which creates new images or enhances existing ones using ImageFolio’s powerful image-editing tools.

Availability and pricing
The OpticFilm 7300 is priced at £169.99 including VAT and is available from Jessops.

Plustek OpticFilm 7300

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#1 MIchael Fray

Danish user can find information about the Plustek OpticFlim 7300 + the OpticFilm 7500i AI and 7500i SE here:

2:59 pm - Thursday, September 6, 2007

#2 Karen Nicholls

Cannot operate have plugged usb into my comp and nothing. I have downloaded the driver for it to be functional but nothing. Am completely stuck.

1:19 pm - Tuesday, January 6, 2009

#3 Richard Myers

I cannot make OpticFilm 7300 work with SilverFastSE ME software. All I want to do is scan in my old collection of 35mm Kodachrome slides (many) to my PC and then edit them with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and save on my PC (eventually to DVD). Please provide me with the name of a software that will accomplish what I have described. Thank you

12:27 am - Tuesday, November 24, 2009