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Pompidoo is a new brand for stylish camera bags aimed at female photographers. Made of natural leather, Pompidoo bags sport a modern and elegant design and a well thought-out form, and accommodate an SLR camera with lens and other accessories. The bags are available for €284.99 through the website below.

Website: Pompidoo

Pompidoo Press Release


A purse, home keys, a mobile phone, a cosmetic bag, an organizer…what else? A DSLR camera on top? Everything in one bag and still stylish? Impossible…you might say.

Not anymore. POMPIDOO is a modern answer to all women who respect style and quality, who are passionate about photography and aesthetics. POMPIDOO is a new brand for stylish camera bags where natural leather and well thought-out form are only a small part of all offered advantages. Modern design and functionality, which form the basis of the brand, creates a perfect tandem for those who value convenience and originality.

The idea of the invention has been developed by a professional photographer from Baltics Irina Kuzmina who knows exactly from her personal experience what a female photographer encounters on her everyday run. POMPIDOO camera bag is an alternative to a usual handbag – stylish, spacious and reliable. It is created to answer numerous issues of a female photographer: are you annoyed of looking like a tourist with a massive rucksack or a professional photo bag? Do you feel shy when carrying a photo rucksack not actually being a professional photographer? Don’t you want that thieves would put an eye on your photo bag? Are you tired carrying two bags – everyday handbag and a professional photo bag? Finally, do you want to match your camera bag with a dress and high-heel shoes? In this case a new stylish camera bag POMPIDOO meets all your expectations: for style and functionality.

Not only your mobile phone and notebook deserve a proper and stylish case. Now also your camera can be perfectly and conveniently packed for your everyday application, together with any other things you need and use. Equally cool for modern fashionistas and busy moms, active teenagers and serious business women, with POMPIDOO bags the functional becomes stylish. And POMPIDOO will not stay there – men will also become stylish with a male POMPIDOO model, which is coming soon.

POMPIDOO – we make functional things stylish!
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#1 Mark

What a great idea :-) I know of one lady who would love this bag.

2:01 pm - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#2 Laura


3:02 pm - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#3 Anita

Epiphanie bags (http://epiphaniebags.com/) does this, only better - 5 designs (instead of just one) in multiple colours, customizable organization with movable dividers, and about half the price. They've been in business for over a year now.

Not saying it's not a great idea or a good product, just not the absolute innovation it pretends to be.

4:19 pm - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#4 Laura

Hi Anita,
Thanks for the tip! I'll check their website.
I've been looking for a nice camerabag/purse for a long time.

4:28 pm - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#5 Astarta

What a beautiful bag! I've checked their website - at least they are situated in Europe, no EU shippings! Will wait though - maybe they will launch a new model anytime soon..

9:12 am - Thursday, July 21, 2011

#6 Jkmuf

I would be glad to save on this bag with Epiphanie, but it's a pity they use synthetic leather only...and grandma type desings. Pompidoo, waiting for your new models!

9:44 am - Thursday, July 21, 2011

#7 Svetlana

I would say it's simply the greatest idea ever! I know what I am talking about!
Photography's been my passion and hobby for many years already. And through all this years each time, when I wanted to take my camera with me, I had a decision to make - comfort or functionality. Not even saying about style!
And now, when I started my way in professional photography, and own a big camera and several lenses, POMPIDOO became a saver for me!
I just adore this bag. Since I got it, I always have my camera with me, and there's not a chance, that I'd miss a nice picture to be taken!
Enough with compromises - style and photography all in one - that's the answer! :-)

As for Epiphanie brand. I guess their bags are functional as well, but for me personally - synthetic material can't be a real fashion. Seems, that Epiphanie is more for students and urban girl on the budget, when POMPIDOO is a luxury product for stylish girls, moms, business women and etc.
I love the quality of my bag and the way so many things fit inside.. very rightly.. I'd say :-)

And I'm sure, that very soon there will be many more models for us - style hunters! ;-)

10:15 am - Thursday, July 21, 2011