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Kenro has just launched the Reflecta Super 8 Scanner, which allows users to digitise their Super 8 films in HD or Full HD quality. The device scans a 15m roll of Super 8 (5.78 x 4.01mm) cine film in just over 2 hours and 45 minutes when connected directly to a PC. Key feature highlights include a CMOS sensor, automatic film transport, LED light source, 24-bit colour depth and AVI output. The new Reflecta Super 8 Scanner is now available in specialist shops at an SRP of £1,710 including VAT

Kenro Press Release

Kenro announces the Reflecta Super 8 Scanner

Kenro, the official UK and Ireland distributor of Reflecta (the respected German manufacturer of cutting-edge digitization products) has provided those with Super 8 (5.78 x 4.01mm) cine film archives with a new, revolutionary way of digitizing films quickly and easily - the Reflecta Super 8 Scanner.

The latest innovation from Reflecta has a resolution of 1920x1080p (Full HD) or 1280x720p (HD) and a colour depth of 24 bit. The Scanner features a CMOS sensor and uses an LED light source. Scanning time is 5 seconds per 2 pictures and its video file size is 190MB per 15m of film in HD quality, saved in AVI format.

One of the key benefits of the Super 8 scanner is its ease of use. Simply connect it to the PC via the included USB cable and open the provided Cyberview software while attaching the (colour or monochrome) film spool to the scanner. Then users are ready to go. The film will be transported automatically and initially scanned frame by frame. Cyberview not only allows users to scan their films but has the added option of adjusting brightness and contrast as well as cropping.

Product details

* Film type: Super 8 roll film (positive or monochrome film) 18 images/sec or 24 images/sec
* Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) or 1280 x 720 (HD)
* Colour depth: 24 bit
* Scan speed: 5.0 seconds / 2 images (about 2 hrs 46 min for one 15m Super 8 film roll)
* Video file size: approx. 190 MB / 15 m film (HD)
* Scan size: max. 5.79 x 4.01 mm (no 8 mm film possible)
* Film transport: Automatic
* Sensor: CMOS
* Light source: LED
* Interface: USB 2.0
* Film format: AVI


USB cable, power adapter, scan software CyberView, operating instructions, empty reel

System requirements

* PC: Windows XP with SP 2, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (32/64 bit)
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or higher
* RAM: 4 GB minimum
* Free hard disk memory: min. 35 GB
* Required memory for 15 m film: 3 GB

Technical data

* Dimensions: approx. 213 mm (H) x 143 mm (W) x 232 mm (D)
* Weight: 2.7 kg

Paul Kench, managing director of Kenro: "For those with valuable memories captured on Super 8 Cine Film, this scanner is a 'must have'. The Super 8 scanner is also a great opportunity for mini labs and processers to add an extra, value-added service for their customers. Reflecta is renowned for its innovative and exciting products created for practical needs and this new scanner is built to a very high specification."

The new Reflecta Super 8 Scanner is now available in specialist shops at an SRP of £1,710 including VAT

For further information call Kenro's head office on 01793 615836, or visit the website at

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#1 Glenn M Alperstein

I live in a suberb of Los Angeles, California and I am 80 years old and have recently purchased a reflecta super 8 scanner. I wish to scan selected (by me)specific individual photo frames from my super 8 film reels to my Sony PC (with Windows 8.1) and then download the same to my photoshop "lightroom" program. I am unable to do this myself and wish to know if you help me set up this program on my computer? Or, if not, can you recommend a reliable person to so assist me.

Glenn M. Alperstein

6:44 pm - Thursday, July 2, 2015

#2 David Shaw

Just received the machine. UPS was on time! First off - you can tell where this thing is made. The take-up reel provided is floppier than a Tupperware. The reel arms are very loose. The loading system is wholly auto thread - which is a no-no in film the world. The guide rollers don't even release to unread any damaged film. The unit is also NOT 1080HD as advertised. Camera output is only 913, so that means the software is up-scaling, also bad news. So your best bet is to record in 720P, downscale and leave it alone. SAD! A shame the manufacturers have to essentially lie about performance. Lastly - and this is where I stop and ship it back - The cheesy software wont even go into CAPTURE mode! I have reloaded it, and done everything in the book. So - as a 60 year film guy, in my opinion this thing is junk and you should just save the money and have your films professionally scanned on a Rank or Flash Scan. if you planned on getting into the transfer business - keep your day job!

Glen - I can help you with your project.

4:44 pm - Thursday, January 28, 2016