Ricoh GR DIGITAL III Firmware 5

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Ricoh will release the fifth and final function-enhancing firmware update for its GR DIGITAL III camera in mid-October. Changes include the addition of contrast bracketing, expansion of the ADJ. control settings, and a new ISO [AUTO-HI] setting function.

Ricoh Press Release

Ricoh releases fifth function-enhancing firmware update for GR DIGITAL III

Tokyo, Japan, September 15, 2011—Ricoh Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Shiro Kondo) today announced the planned mid-October 2011 release of the fifth function-enhancing firmware update for its GR DIGITAL III, a high-image-quality compact digital camera launched in August 2009.

Ricoh’s function-enhancing firmware updates are developed in response to opinions and requests received from numerous customers through surveys submitted at customer registration and other channels. These updates enable customers who already own a GR DIGITAL III to update their firmware to include the latest functions, thus making it possible for them to enhance the performance and usability of their cameras by adding new functionality and settings.

Introduced in August 2009, the GR DIGITAL III features an F1.9 large-aperture lens and achieves high image quality in a compact body.

The function-enhancing firmware and instructions for using these functions can be downloaded free of charge from the Ricoh website. This is the final function-enhancing firmware update for the GR DIGITAL III.

GR DIGITAL III function-enhancing firmware: Release 5

Enhanced functions

1. Addition of contrast bracketing
You can automatically record three images with different contrast settings. The contrast can be adjusted on a five-level scale.

2. Expansion of ADJ. control settings
You can assign five functions to the ADJ control (currently four). The assigned functions can be directly changed without going through the menu screen. 

3. Addition of ISO [AUTO-HI] setting function
When using ISO [AUTO-HI], you can specify settings for switching the maximum ISO and for the point (shutter speed) for changing ISO sensitivity.

4. Addition of vignetting setting function for high contrast B&W
For high contrast B&W, you can adjust the vignetting. The vignetting setting options are off, weak, and strong.

5. Support for the GL-1 metal lens cap (with power button lock mechanism) 
This firmware addition provides support for the power button lock mechanism of the GL-1 metal lens cap, which is a new option to be introduced in mid-October 2011. This prevents the problem of unexpected extension of the lens since the lock function is in effect if the power button is pushed.

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