Rollei Presents 4 New Add-on Lenses for iPhone

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Rollei has revealed four new add-on add-on lenses for the Apple iPhone 3G/4/4S. The new range includes the Rollei 12x Tele (€49.99), 9x Tele (€39.99), 0.5x Super Wide (€29.99) and 0.28x Fisheye converters (€19.99), which can be affixed to the iPhone via the supplied hard case. All of the new Rollei conversion lenses are available now.

Rollei Press Release

Sensational perspectives for the iPhone 3G/4 and 4S*: Rollei presents four new telephoto lenses

Hamburg, 05 June 2012

With its four new Rollei telephoto lenses for the iPhone*, Rollei is expanding its range of products to include the 12x Tele, the 9x Tele, the 0.5x Tele super wide and the 0.28x Tele fish. Professional photography is made easy with the new telephoto lenses.

Simply attach the Rollei telephoto lens hard case and discover entirely new perspectives with the iPhone 3G/4 or 4S*.

Rollei 12x Tele
With this lightweight product (dimensions: 94 mm long, diameter 33 mm, 118 grams) made of high-quality aluminium and optical glass, your shots will be magnified twelve-fold with a field of view of 12°. The 12x telephoto lens can be fixed onto your iPhone* in no time at all thanks to the supplied hard case.

Rollei 9x Tele lens
The Rollei 9x telephoto lens (dimensions: 79 mm long, diameter 30 mm) offers nine-fold magnification with a field of view of 12°, impressively enhancing the image in the magnified viewfield. Subjects far away are now larger than life and clearly visible.

Both telescope lenses consist of eight glass elements in three groups and have a base of 9.6 mm. Ideal for fans of detail, portrait photographers or landscape experts. The excellent lens design prevents errors that may arise in the picture. The focus adjustment is carried out using a traditional lens ring with a scale from three meters to infinity.

Rollei 0.5x Tele super wide
With this new super wide-angle lens made of aluminium and optical glass you can create unique wide angle images (magnified by 0.5x) using the iPhone 4/4S*. The lens comprises two glass elements in two groups. The short focus limit is 40 mm. The particularly elegant and small telephoto lens (dimensions: diameter 26.3 mm x 16.6 mm) fits in any jacket pocket and weighs just 10.2 grams.

Rollei 0.28x Tele fish
The Rollei 0.28 Tele fisheye lens in the gleaming colours silver, red, green and black is particularly well suited for snapshots and party photos. The high-quality lens made of aluminium and optical glass is made up of three glass elements. The short focus limit is 40mm. Measuring in with a diameter of 26.4 mm x and length of 17.3 mm and weighing in at 11.4 grams, you can have the fisheye lens on you at all times.

Included in the package:

12x Tele and 9x Tele:
1x telescopic lens each, 1x mini aluminium tripod and bracket for iPhone 3G* or 4 /4S*, 1x hard case for iPhone 3G*, fabric pouch, cleaning cloth, lens cover and operating instructions in 16 languages.

0.5x Tele super wide
iPhone* bracket, 1x 0.5x super wide-angle lens, 1x lens cleaning cloth, 1x pouch, 1 set of lens covers and operating instructions in 16 languages.

0.28x Tele fish
iPhone* bracket, 1x 0.28x fisheye lens in the colours silver, red, green or black, 1x lens cleaning cloth, 1x pouch, 1 set of lens covers and operating instructions in 16 languages.

Availability and price:
All Rollei Tele lenses are available for purchase now:
-    The Rollei 9x Tele is available in shops at a recommended retail price (RRP) of EUR 39.99.
-    The Rollei 12x Tele is offered at an RRP of EUR 49.99.
-    The Rollei 0.5x Tele super wide is available in aluminium at an RRP of EUR 29.99.
-    The Rollei 0.28 Tele fish is available in shops at an RRP of EUR 19.99 in the colours silver, red, green and black.

*The “iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S” are not included in the delivery. “iPhone” is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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#1 Nigel

Lenses for sheep!

7:00 pm - Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#2 SeanG

Why not post the equivalent focal length?

1:32 am - Thursday, June 7, 2012

#3 Chris

The 12x lens looks exactly like the £30 12x vtec lens I have. They are probably the same thing, not made by Rollei. I also have the wide angle.

The vtec lens is crap to say the least, very hard to focus even if the subject is stationary. The quality (if you can actually call it that) is atrocious.

The wide angle is not too bad, but has distortion and vignettes.

Focal length...
12x 420mm
9x 288mm
0.5 18mm
0.28 is 9mm

If you want some quality optic go fore the Schneider iPro lenses for iPhone. The reviews are very good.

2:38 pm - Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Have any specific lenses for iPhone 5? I am choosing Rollei 9x Tele lens,can it be effective for iPhone 5?

7:38 pm - Saturday, July 13, 2013

#6 Aldo

are there any new optics for the upcoming iPhone 7 yet?

2:46 am - Wednesday, January 13, 2016