Samsung Full-Frame DSLR

April 14, 2008 | Mark Goldstein | Digital SLR Cameras | Comment |

Samsung GX-20Amateur Photographer are reporting that Samsung are currently working on a full-frame DLSR camera. Rivals Canon and Nikon already have full-frame DSLRs available, with Sony unveiling a full-frame prototype at the PMA show back in January. So it makes perfect sense for Samsung to join in if they’re serious about becoming a major player. The news that Samsung will also continue its close relationship with Pentax could mean that we’ll actually see two very similar full-frame cameras released at the same time, as with the GX-10/K10D and GX-20 (pictured) /K20D cameras.

“The news emerged during an informal discussion with a high-ranking Samsung official at an industry event in Seoul, Korea, attended by Amateur Photographer (AP) technical writer Barney Britton. Kyong-Kook Shin, assistant manager for Samsung’s digital camera marketing planning group, suggested that the firm is actively pursuing development of a full-frame CMOS sensor intended for use in a professional camera.”

Website: Amateur Photographer - Samsung hints at full-frame camera

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