Samsung Hybrid Camera System

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SamsungSamsung have announced plans to launch a brand new camera system that’s a cross between a DSLR and a compact camera. Samsung Hybrid cameras will feature an APS-C sized sensor, removable lenses that are smaller than current DSLR lenses, and a framing combination of electronic viewfinder and rear LCD screen. According to the report by Amateur Photographer, the first Samsung Hybrid model will be based on the same 14 megapixel sensor that’s used in the Samsung GX-20 DSLR, and will be launched in Spring 2010. Samsung’s announcement comes just weeks after Olympus and Panasonic unveiled plans for Micro Four Thirds, a very similar system to Samsung Hybrid. ‘Although we want to make the new system affordable, we are concentrating on achieving professional quality with this system. The most important point is that this is very successful in the market. A difference between Samsung’s system and Micro Four Thirds will be that Samsung will have a much bigger sensor.’ commented Samsung Techwin Executive Vice President Byung Woo Lee, who also clarified that Samsung’s Hybrid standard has no connection to Micro Four Thirds.

So what do you think? Is the announcement of the second brand new camera system in as many months a good thing? Who will win - Micro Four Thirds, Samsung Hybrid, or neither?

Website: Samsung reveals new Hybrid digital camera system to rival Micro Four Thirds

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#1 luc

I hope one of these systems will provide autofocus on a DSLR level.

5:44 pm - Saturday, August 30, 2008

#2 Neil

I really hope the LCD in the electronic viewfinder isn't one with the historic quality issues.

They are not normally very good in terms of resolution, speed of update, dynamic range (sunny days) or low light levels (indoor use). If they are aiming it at the pro market I would have thought an optical unit a better idea.

Still, they may have something new up their sleeves.

9:01 am - Sunday, August 31, 2008

#3 NYC.andre

I hope they do one smart thing: just buy the rights to Zeiss's Vario Sonnar lens used on the Sony R1 - at least add it as an option - this would put their camera right up with the best of the best.

Check existing reviews, it is rated at least as good as the best of even Nikon's fixed lens designs. Too bad Sony never followed up with an upgraded R2.

Larger sizes there

11:46 pm - Monday, September 1, 2008