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The Samsung WB750 is a new travel-zoom digital camera. Boasting the company’s latest BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor, the 12.5 megapixel WB750 features an 18x optical zoom, 24x smart-zoom and 24mm ultra wide angle lens, 10fps burst shooting, and 1080p video recording. The Samsung WB750 will be available in September for £249.

Samsung UK Press Release

Samsung’s New WB750 Takes You Further and Faster Than Ever Before

Get even closer to the action without compromising on quality with Samsung’s latest long zoom offering

London, UK - September 1, 2011 – Today at IFA 2011, Samsung Electronics announces the launch of the WB750 – boasting the company’s latest BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor that ensures consistent professional images with a wide range of unique features. With its own innovative in-house sensor, lens and DSP 3 key component, this is the first time Samsung’s technology has been brought to the compact camera market. The WB750 also features the longest ever zoom in the company’s compact camera portfolio, with an 18x Optical Zoom, 24x Smart-Zoom and 24mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens.

The WB750 joins the WB700 as the perfect accessory for today’s traveller, guaranteeing a powerful optical performance so users never miss a special moment – be they travelling light on a romantic city break or hiking in remote mountain ranges.

With its 12.5 Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, the Samsung WB750 is easier than ever to deliver consistent professional images. Introduced to Samsung’s compact camera range for the first time, this pioneering BSI CMOS technology works to significantly reduce image noise and distortion in favour of clear, precise photos and video, even in low light conditions. Equipped with a high speed continuous still shot of 10fps and a movie recording speed of up to 1000 fps, the device ensures that incredible quality is delivered in real-time.

The Samsung WB750 gives users the best of both worlds: high-quality digital photos as well as Full HD video for incredible depth of colour and detail. Samsung’s sophisticated Dual Capture function unites the two, enabling users to take 10 Megapixel photos whilst simultaneously recording video in full 1080p HD quality.

When speed is of the essence, Creative Movie Maker enables users to instantly create a fun and shareable slide show on the move in just four steps. Rather than needing to upload content to a PC, this feature allows you to get creative by collating photos and videos into one themed file on the device itself, adding impressive effects and music instantly. Movie Maker ensures you can enjoy your travel moments in full quality picture definition for years to come.

Nick White, Head of Digital Imaging, Samsung UK comments: “We recognise consumer desire to capture the upmost level of detail in their shots and believe that the WB750’s increased zoom and ultra wide angle certainly meet these demands. Position is everything when capturing the perfect picture. The 18x Optical Zoom, 24x Smart-Zoom and 24mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens offer our customers the most up-to-date technology. In addition, its portable design makes it the ideal travel companion, ensuring you can do justice to your most memorable holidays. The unique features of the WB750 bring to market high quality imaging technology, fun features and the perfect tool to get creative, particularly for those on the move.”

Breathe life into your images
With its range of Panorama features, the WB750 helps convey a sense of dynamism to images. Whether vertical or horizontal, Live Panorama, 3D Panorama or Action Panorama, breath-taking scenery or an unforgettable holiday moment with friends, the multitude of options are guaranteed to fulfil your photographic needs. Action Panorama, for example, tracks a moving person or object with a static background to record movement within one, still photo, whilst the Live Panorama function allows the easy capturing of large groups simply by holding down the shutter button and sweeping the camera across the scene, allowing the user to preview the whole scene they’ve just captured via the LCD. The 3D Panorama, meanwhile, works to bring your photos to life even further, using one lens and one sensor to create a 3D image, to give family and friends a taste of your trip on your return home.

Consistent quality at your fingertips
The camera’s innovative HDR (High Dynamic Range) provides an abundance of colours that give an outstanding richness to the WB750’s images, opening up the colour spectrum for the most vibrant results. Providing the opportunity to take hyper-realistic images without the use of photo editing software, HDR brings an added level of clarity to images, whether you’re capturing a lake at sunset or a tree-lined street in the morning sun. The WB750 merges multiple exposures of shots to ensure images have an artistic finish, whilst creating a greater range of luminance results in perfect exposure across all areas. The camera’s HDR feature ensures that WB750 users capture their creative visions through the latest cutting-edge technology.

Smart Auto 2.0 identifies and automatically selects the most appropriate of its 16 photo and four movie modes, to help you achieve standout results. So, even when you are caught-up in the moment, the WB750 makes sure you can capture every special moment on your journey.

Customise your world
Creating standout images is even more effortless, thanks to the WB750’s Smart Filter 3.0. The extensive variety of effects and colour options lets the user customise shots with ease. New special effects include: Oil Paint, Cartoon, Ink Painting Colour and Cross Filter. These features can be enjoyed in preview mode and after taking the picture. In addition, Zooming Shot, which can be used in scene mode, makes creating unique shots even easier. By experimenting with the focus, you can highlight the centre of a shot whilst blurring the rest, thereby selecting a part of the image to stand out.

Staying in creative control
Purpose-built and powerfully-personalised shooting options ensure the advanced user has full manual control, allowing images to be tailored just as you need. Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority settings let users experiment with shutter speeds and depth of field, so shooting fast-moving images in low light has never been easier.

Keeping it fun
Magic Frame further builds on this creative theme, allowing you to express yourself through adapting photos to reflect your mood and personality. Frame templates include Wall Art, Old Film, Ripple, Full Moon, Old Record, Magazine, Holiday, Classic TV and more, and are incredibly simple to achieve - just point the camera at the desired subject, fit it within the on-screen template, capture and - like magic - your frame appears.

Intelligent Face tracking
When the action begins, or your subject starts moving, it can be hard to keep the camera focused. The Intelligent Object Tracking feature automatically focuses on an object while in motion, letting you easily track the action. So, even if you’re trying to capture special images of fast moving animals on safari or loved ones at the beach, you’ll never miss a perfect shot.

Image sensor Type 1/2.3? (Approx. 7.76mm) CMOS
Megapixel 12.5 Megapixel
Lens Focal Length Schneider-KREUZNACH f = 4 ~ 72mm
(35mm film equivalent : 24~432 mm)
Digital Zoom Still Image mode : 1.0X ~ 4.0X(Optical x Digital : 72.0X)
Play mode : 1.0X ~ 9.4X (depends on image size)
Smart Zoom 1.34X (Optical x Smart Zoom : 24X)
Image stabilization Dual IS (OIS + DIS)
* OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), DIS (Digital Image Stabilization)
Display TFT LCD, 3.0” (7.62cm) hVGA
Modes 1.Smart Auto, 2.Program, 3.Aperture Priority/Shutter Speed Priority/Manual, 4.Dual IS 5.Scene, 6.Panoram, 7. Creative Movie Maker, 8.Movie
Smart Auto Portrait, Night Portrait, Backlight Portrait, Night,
Backlight, Landscape, White, NaturalGreen, BlueSky, Sunset,
Macro, Macro Text(with Smart Guide), Macro Color, Tripod,
Action, Fireworks
Still Image Smart Filter Nomal, Miniature, Vignetting, Soft focus, Old Film, Half tone Dot, Sketch Effect, Fish Eye, Classic, Retro, Oil Paint, Cartoon, Ink Painting, Cross Filter
Image Adjust Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation(5 steps)
Slide show Slide show with Effects & Music
Movie Clips Features - 18X Optical Zoom enable (Max Recording time : 20min)
*Due to the noise while optical zooming, user can select to record sound or not.
(Voice recording selectable : Sound Alive On/ Sound Alive Off/ Mute)
Smart Movie Landscape, BlueSky, Natural, Green, Sunset
Edit (Playback) Pause during Recording and Playing, Still Image Capture
Interface Digital Output Connector USB 2.0 (Micro USB)
Video output AV : NTSC, PAL (user selectable)
HDMI 1.4 (CEC) : NTSC, PAL (user selectable)
(Built-in HDMI Type D)
Special Features - 12.5M BSI CMOS
- 24mm 18X Zoom (24x Smart Zoom)
- 3.0” TFT LCD (hVGA)
- 1080@ 30fps Movie recording / H.264 Format + HDMI (D Type)
- Dual IS
- Dual Capture (1080p + 10M Photo)
- Creative Movie Maker
- 3D/Live/Action Panorama, 3D Photo
- Sound Alive
- Advanced HDR
- FD+FR+FT (Face Tracking)
- Smart Auto 2.0
- Smart Filter 3.0
- Magic Frame
- Movie Recording button
- Wheel Key
- Built in HDMI Type D with Anynet+(CEC)
- Built in PC S/W (intelli studio), supporting F/W Update

All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, to benefits, design, components, performance, availability and capability of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2010 consolidated sales of US$135.8 billion. Employing approximately 190,500 people in 206 offices across 68 countries, the company consists of nine independently operated business units: Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, Digital Imaging, Memory, System LSI and LCD. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of digital TVs, semiconductor chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCDs. For more information, please visit

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#1 Markac

It seems to be missing the lovely AMOLED screen used on the WB650?

9:47 am - Friday, September 2, 2011

#2 Marvin8

Yeah, I noticed the lack of AMOLED as well. Tis a real shame. I absolutely LOVE the AMOLED on my TL350. I also notice that this camera won't shoot raw. tsk tsk tsk.... We'll have to see how this camera stacks up against the Nikon S9100 and the newly announced Fuji F600.

2:00 pm - Friday, September 2, 2011

#3 Markac

Marvin8. I have the same camera (TL350/WB2000) and the AMOLED is very good. A friend has the WB650/HZ35W which also has the AMOLED. He is looking at upgrading to the WB750 as he wants the new sensor with better noise performance, but is dismayed it doesn't have the AMOLED screen. As to RAW, I think the only Samsung compacts to include it are the TL500/EX1 and the TL350/WB2000.

7:46 am - Friday, September 16, 2011

#4 Lanson Chua

Yeah, it is pure silly to not include AMOLED in WB750 travel series. It would ramp up Samsung`s camera sales & reputation. Very obviously people are taking notice of Samsung all because of TL350/WB2000 despite its not so encouraging sales performance. Lowering its cost by omitting AMOLED is a suicide for Samsung`s market at the moment when a lot of attention is on the impending Nikon & Canon`s mirrorless launch. Sony is grabbing the headline with her recent A65, A77 & the NEX series. Somehow or rather, Samsung has to niched the market for attention and reputation through two or three series or models. Many I know have just recently beginning to take notice of Samsung as the next good camera market player. Sadly it retrograde in something that many have seen and tasted. FYI, I am from the electronic industry, Samsung is the biggest producer of AMOLED aggressively taking on the world for its TVs, Cell phones & computers lines. At the preview foot note it says that they reserve the right to make changes to the specs. I really hope that Samsung will make a change to an AMOLED for WB750 this last minute before launching.

11:49 am - Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#5 Markac

I think the WB750 is due for imminent release so I'm not sure if Samsung will be able to upgrade the display? The TL350/WB2000 was delayed for a while and arrived with a faster lens, but the WB750 is way overdue compared to it's WB700 sibling. It seems that maybe Samsung is keeping AMOLED displays only for use on it's premium NX series. However it's odd that it hasn't started using it's SuperAMOLED Plus display on cameras yet. Perhaps that will arrive with the NX20?

It's a bit unfortunate that the TL350/WB2000 has been largely overlooked by the camera buying public. Starting with the NV24HD, then the TL320/WB1000 and finally the TL350/WB2000, that line of cameras has been progressively evolving into a decent little camera. I do that hope Samsung hasn't abandoned it? Even the TL500/EX1 seems to be waiting a long time for a replacement.

12:32 am - Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#6 Lanson Chua

To be honest, the general public do not know much about the feature packed complexity of a good camera. It is unlike a TV where the brand & movie clarity alone sells. A camera is by no means going to sell like a TV to a camera pro or enthusiasts. But to sell to the general public, they equate the clarity of the LCD display to the sharpness of the image. As such, the first impression other than the brand name, the design coupled with a good first sight of an impressive screen display is enough to impress ignorant buyers. Seriously, very few today are looking at their shots in 5R prints.

Mobile phone has similar complexities of a camera but then again users are more interested in the calling & reception aspects & they along the way easily acquire other needful features from the apparent demands of their friends. That by itself, is education among themselves.

I picked up the exciting knowledge of a good camera from enthusiasts who know better. The others are talking so much about the design, the form rather the substance. Thus we often read knowledgeable photographer critics brushing away certain unproductive features.

Coming back to AMOLED, it is thus important since WB750 hasn`t got an optical view finder. This camera is suppose to entice the general public perception of a good & special camera through 4 obvious tangible features, design, size, zoom & clarity of a display screen. The rest is by word of mouth to move it a level up. Like I mentioned earlier, Samsung should have position certain models or series to break the ice.

I have said earlier that the general public do not understand much about cameras but much through the perceived popularity numbers being held in the hands of the people out there. TL350/WB2000 was actually not overlooked for its impressive performance but much because of its bad predecessor`s records and no one is going to pay an ounce of their attention when a new one is launched. Non impressive technology cannot be around for too long for it will be stereotyped along with its whatever reputation for a long time. A good rejuvenation is a must every now and then. Similarly, without blaring the unique features of a,.... let`s say WB750 in the media, I foresee the doom as much as the disappointment encountered by TL350/WB2000.

The market was either cold or lukewarm to Sony & Lumix before, but because of the SLT & micro 4/3 the world is paying attention to now and they have become a threat to dominant Nikon & Canon`s market. Apple ipad tablet is another good example and Nokia is a bad example.

I would have bought the WB2000 had it been made available in my country after launching for more than a year. Now Sony`s latest range are all here & I am turning my attention to Sony. What is the point of producing when the network of making them available is slow and non existent.

Well to me, I am a hobbyist and I can always wait till a good refreshing technology takes the center stage. That is where having a few in hand is the market too.

4:01 am - Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#7 Rob

When will this camera be available in Canada? Samsung said October,mid October but nothing! By the way, I have the ST5500 with amoled screen but honestly I don't see the difference with a regular lcd display. The amoled display on the samsung galaxy phone much better than amold on the samsing st5500 camera.

7:38 pm - Friday, October 28, 2011

#8 MarkS

I purchased my WB750 Dec 27,2011:
In AutoMode, what camera functions can be turned off to speed up camera-processing so that I do not need to wait 3 to 4 seconds for individual pictures to be processed befor I can take the next picture?

5:35 am - Sunday, February 19, 2012