Saturday Shout: Wi-Fi Memory Cards

May 6, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | Saturday Shout | Comment | |

Saturday ShoutWi-Fi has started to appear as a built-in feature in a few digital cameras, most notably with the Kodak EasyShare One, but earlier this week a company called Eye-Fi revealed plans to make Wi-Fi available to a whole lot more digicams by embedding wireless into an SD card. In an earlier Saturday Shout you gave your opinion on whether Wi-FI was a good thing, the general concensus being that it needed more support to succeed (more camera, software, networks support etc). So do you think a Wi-Fi SD card would open up the market and create more interest in this feature? Is this the best way of adding Wi-Fi capabiliy to digital cameras? Would you buy a Wi-Fi enabled SD card for your camera? Shout out now…

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