Saturday Shout: Your Most Embarassing Moment

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Saturday ShoutWe’ve all done something really stupid as photographers, haven’t we? Whether it’s leaving the lens cap on, shooting at a high ISO speed in bright sunlight, or leaving those freshly recharged batteries at home, every photographer has a story of mishap and woe. You might have missed the shot that would definitely have made the front cover, upset the relatives at a wedding, or included several of your fingers in the picture. So this is your opportunity to hold your hands up in the air and share your most embarassing photographic mistake with the whole world wide web. Go on, get it all off your chest and make yourself feel better by shouting out now...

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#1 Brian Burrows

I once spent the whole day photographing steam trains at a Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Gala with my polarising filter on!
It was fairly dull and i could'nt fathom out why I was having to use different exposures from everyone else.I was having to up the ISO rating as the light faded in the late afternoon and it was only as I put the camera in the bag after taking several hundred shots that I realised my mistake.In spite of my error I got some pictures but that taught me a lesson to always remove filters after use!

9:34 am - Saturday, April 14, 2007

#2 Mike

I shoot for a Fire Dept. and after running 4 back to back calls we got back to the station and I took out the battery on my EOS to recharge it and walked away. No more then a few seconds later the bells go off and I grabbed the camera and forgot all about the battery sitting on the desk in the charger. I hopped in the Engine and was halfway to the call when I looked down and noticed the big hole in the side and what I had done. I had left my spare battery in the camera bag but because of the type of call, I wanted to travel light and had just taken the camera and nothing else. Thankfully I always carry an Oly 4040 in a pocket so I was still able to get some good shots but no one could figure out why I was using the tiny Point and Shoot when I had that big fancy camera. Since then I always keep a third battery in a pocket justttt in case. But I tell you what, I still love my oly!

10:23 am - Saturday, April 14, 2007

#3 Nicholas

My most embarrasing moment was when I was almost finshed shooting a roll of film when I realized that I had no film in the camera.
Another good reason for going digital.


11:38 am - Saturday, April 14, 2007

#4 Bill Ballard

The majority of my work is with the nude figure. This incident occurred a few years back, during a session with a very nervous model doing nude work for the first time.

We had shot two rolls of film already and the model was beginning to relax. After a film and lens change, my assistant handed the camera to me; I climbed the ladder and fired a shot - then another - then another - and something didn't sound right. That's when I realized my assistant had neglected to load a fresh film roll into the camera!!

Not really a mishap, and certainly no "tale of woe" but an embarrassing moment nonetheless!

12:31 pm - Saturday, April 14, 2007

#5 Simeā„¢

I have been known to take the odd "stealth" picture.. you know the one, put the SLR away and get out the P.A.S (for that needed silence!) hold it down by your side and snappity snap, a nice old woman or a child doing something funny etc etc... well, there was this group of very animated chess players by the side of a bus ticket place in croatia and I saw a cool shot but being to scared to ask - I went stealth... NOTE: When shooting stealth, always turn the flash OFF ...I stepped up along side the table amongst the queue full of travellers trying to buy bus tickets, lined it up as best I could and fired off a shot - the whole table was illuminated, they all looked at me, everyone in the busline looked at me... I tried to pretend my camera had "gone weird"... bright red me.

3:16 pm - Sunday, April 15, 2007

#6 Jon Harrowven

I attended the annual Lowestoft Air festival armed with my first D-SLR. I was busily snapping away all morning and towards lunchtime I noticed my battery was nearly flat. I was going to walk to the local camera shop to buy another battery, but didn't bother thinking I wouldn't miss too much. That afternoon the Harrier Jump Jet crashed in the sea about 300 yrds in front of us, with the Pilot dramatically ejecting. My wife caught this on her compact while I couldn't even turn my camera on....... lesson learned!

9:42 pm - Sunday, April 15, 2007

#7 david winton

I shot 10 rolls of Tech-pan in 2003, of war protests in Austin, TX. I developed them back in the lab, astonished at the images I'd gotten. they were immediately becoming my favorite pictures. Until. I looked a tad closer. I'd pushed the back button on my QD back to check the time at the beginning of the trip, and voila, I'd ended up Quartz-dating the entire lot. tech-pan. quartz-dated. wtf.

10:53 pm - Sunday, April 15, 2007

#8 Dan

When I was in college, working as a co-photo editor on the student newspaper, I made the mistake of shooting an assignment at the wrong ISO. I had the camera loaded with HP5+, but had the ISO set to 50, since I had been using Fujichrome 50 earlier in the week. My co-editor was gleefully grinning, thinking that I was screwed, but I managed to save the film by cutting my development time drastically. Boy, was he pissed at me.

12:29 am - Monday, April 16, 2007

#9 p14wry

while in new york this month i was in times square it was really busy and i wanted to get a picture i went to lean against / sit on a bollard on the side of the road and before i knew it i was on the floor trying to keep my camera from breaking meant i had no hands to use to stop myself falling so down i went
the bollard was made of plastic so when hit just crumppled my wife just walked in to the billabong shop and left me with the people all laughing (got the shot a day later lol)

6:03 pm - Monday, April 16, 2007