Selina Maitreya Announces Facebook Promotion, Free Teleseminar

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Consultant to Photographers, Selina Maitreya, has announced a Facebook promotion that offers photographers multiple chances to win prizes that valued at up to $1,500. The promotion will run for four weeks and each week a winner will be chosen on a random basis. The prize package, valued at $1,500, includes four MP3s with over twenty-eight hours of Clarion Call expert information (plus transcripts), two hundred and eighty “strategies for success” and a two-hour, one-on-one personal consultation session with Selina herself. Additionally, Selina is also offering a free teleseminar tomorrow, 27th March at 4pm EST. You can register at the website below.

Website: Identifying Habits That No Longer Serve | A Free Teleseminar by Selina Maitreya

Press Release

World Wide Photo Industry Expert Selina Maitreya is Offering Photographers Two Great Opportunities to Help Their Business Thrive

All photographers want to succeed in developing a business that meets their creative and financial goals, yet many still have ingrained habits that keep them from success.

Consultant to Photographers, Selina Maitreya, Launched a Facebook Contest this week that offers photographers multiple chances to win prizes that valued at up to $1500.00.

Four winners will receive a $1500.00 consulting prize package!

4 mp3’s with over 28 hours of Clarion Call expert information
280 strategies for success
Hundreds of pages of transcripts form 28 hours of information
a 2 hour 1on1 personal consult with Selina

This package of goodies is worth $1,500.00 and each week a winner will be randomly chosen.

For full details on the contest visit 

On March 27th, Selina is also offering a Free Teleseminar.  Invited are photographers ready to build a business that will thrive.

Selina will examine the common habits that trip up many and will share her thoughts on how to transform through all too familiar stumbling blocks.

Participants will learn:

How living “out of integrity with self” hinders your professional growth.
The 3 tasks that most photographers cant afford to avoid, but always do!
How you can fast track the important tasks you’ve been backburnering for years.
How to set up accountability systems in order to be consistent in your efforts.
How to set realistic goals and put in place the steps you need to accomplish them.

This event requires registration at

Selina Maitreya, photographer mentor, portfolio consultant has spent three decades advising photographers about what they need to do in order to succeed in the world of commercial photography. She’s the author of “How to Succeed in Commercial Photography: Insights from a Leading Consultant” and “Portfolios that Sell”.

She has lectured by invitation over 100 times throughout North America and has been featured in and written for numerous international publications. Her MP3 program “The View From Here ” has been sold throughout the world to great acclaim. Clarion Call II, is Selina’s latest effort in her quest to share information with commercial photographers that will help them to build businesses that will thrive.

Photo: Selina Maitreya (c) 2010 Susan Huszár

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