SilverFast 8 for Canon 9000F Mark II

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LaserSoft Imaging has released an individually adapted version of SilverFast 8 for Canon's new CanoScan 9000F Mark II scanner. SilverFast offers a Multi-Exposure feature that increases the number of greyscale values detected by the scanner from 1.379 to 9.550. The software's NegaFix module stores more than 120 negative film profiles helping users get a correct colour rendition when scanning negatives. For transparencies, SilverFast's premium Ai Studio 8 and Archive Suite 8 versions offer automatic IT8-calibration, which allows to calibrate the Canon 9000F Mark II with a single mouse click.

Lasersoft Press Release

SilverFast 8 optimized for CanoScan 9000F Mark II Version

Kiel, Germany, October 17th, 2013 ■ LaserSoft Imaging now offers an individually adapted version of the professional scan software SilverFast 8 for Canon's new CanoScan 9000F Mark II. SilverFast 8 dramatically increases the dynamic range and in turn increases productivity.

Higher efficiency and superior image quality - these are the characteristics of the all new SilverFast 8 and the Canon 9000F Mark II. This scanner profits from various high end functions that are part of the new software and transitions from an office scanner to a high end flatbed scanner able to scan slides and negatives with extremely high detail.

The most important criteria for high quality results is the scanner's dynamic range.

SilverFast Multi-Exposure®, increases the number of greyscale values detected by the scanner from 1.379 (stock) to a staggering 9.550 (with Multi-Exposure).

The WorkflowPilot offers all necessary tools for both beginners and experts - only the tools needed for this specific job are displayed.

In addition the excellent image automatic settings offer a great help: More than 120 negative film profiles are available in the NegaFix®-Function.

The top-of-the line products Ai Studio 8 and Archive Suite 8 can additionally utilize the completely automatic IT8-calibration which allows to calibrate the Canon 9000F Mark II with a single mouse click.

During the software launch, all customers will receive a 20% discount on the Canon Mark II Version through the end of October 2013.

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About LaserSoft Imaging® AG:
LaserSoft Imaging was founded in 1986 by physicist Karl-Heinz Zahorsky who developed the concept of SilverFast in Kiel, Germany. Today SilverFast is regarded as the standard software for scanners and digital cameras for both beginners and professionals. The SilverFast range of products includes software for scanners, digital cameras, printers and for HDR imaging, as well as several specialized solutions. LaserSoft Imaging is fabricating quality targets for IT8 calibration in their own production. SilverFast has won the EDPAward for the Best Color Management Software of the Year 2008. With over 2.5 million copies sold and as a bundle partner of the major scanner manufacturers, SilverFast is the most successful scanner software in the world.

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