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Sony DSC-H5PMA 2006: The Sony DSC-H5 and Sony DSC-H2 ultra-zooms digital cameras are announced at PMA today. 12x optical zoom lenses, 7.2 and 6 megapixels respectively, 3 inch and 2 inch LCD screens. The Cyber-shot DSC-H5 camera will be available in May for about $500 and the DSC-H2 model ships in April for about $400.

Sony USA Press Release

ORLANDO, Fla., (PMA 2006, Booth #4150), Feb. 25, 2006 — Sony is expanding its high-zoom digital still camera line with two new Cyber-shot® models that are sure to zero in on the subjects you most desire. Clad in black, the new DSC-H5 model has a 7.2-megapixel CCD imager and extra-large, three-inch LCD screen. It also shimmers in silver along with the stage-worthy DSC-H2 model, which has a six-megapixel imager and two-inch LCD. Both cameras flaunt Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar 12x optical zoom lenses and focal length ranges of 36 to 432 millimeters (35 mm equivalence). “High-zoom cameras are one of the fastest-growing segments in the industry,” said James Neal, director of digital imaging products at Sony Electronics. “They are powerful enough to get those hard-to-see distant shots, and have the easy-to-use functionality of point-and-shoot cameras.

Ready, Steady, Shoot
Even without the steadiest of hands (or subjects), the cameras’ anti-blur technologies ensure challenging shots can be executed with ease.

These new models incorporate Sony’s Super SteadyShot® optical image stabilization to help reduce image blur caused by hand movement. Because these cameras feature high-light sensitivity settings up to IS0 1000, fast-moving cars and people along the boulevard can also be captured with considerably less blur and graininess. Sony’s Clear RAW™ noise reduction technology minimizes picture noise, making it easier to shoot at faster shutter speeds.

These anti-blur technologies are an advantage when shooting in low-light conditions, such as outdoor shots in the evening or inside dark museums. These shots can be taken without a flash, resulting in naturally-exposed images that truly capture the drama and atmosphere of the moment. And, you can get as close as you want with the cameras’ significant macro mode of three-quarters of an inch.

You Are Big! The Cameras Got Smaller - And Smarter
The new H-series cameras are substantial, without feeling bulky, and feature a comfortable grip with controls easily accessible by thumb.

You can count on detailed image previews using the H5 model’s three-inch, high-resolution LCD screen, with a pixel count of 230K and Sony’s Clear Photo LCD Plus™ technology. The LCD features high-quality color reproduction and displays pictures with vivid clarity.

Sony’s ultra-fast Real Imaging Processor™ circuitry increases both models’ battery efficiency for quicker start-up, faster shot-to-shot times, higher-quality movie capture, and longer battery life. The H5 camera delivers up to 340 shots on a single charge, while the H2 model offers 400 shots per charge.

The new cameras include auto-exposure and multi-point, auto-focus features along with pre-set scene modes customized for specific shooting conditions, all working silently in the background while you concentrate on the “center-stage” action. When greater creative control is needed, aperture/shutter priority and manual exposure modes are available options.

Both models have 32MB of internal memory, which can be expanded with an optional Memory Stick Duo™ media card or Memory Stick PRO Duo™ card, now available in capacities up to four gigabytes.

My Autograph, Please
Make the most of your close-ups by producing high-quality prints. Simply connect these models to a Sony DPP-FP50 digital photo printer and produce lab-quality photos at home. You can even create postcards for all of your budding fans with the printer’s supplied software.

With Sony’s ImageStation® online photo service, you can expand your options to print tens or even hundreds of pictures, create online photo and video albums, or make customized gifts such as photo books and calendars.

The Cyber-shot DSC-H5 camera will be available in May for about $500 and the DSC-H2 model ships in April for about $400.

Bundled accessories include rechargeable AA NiMH batteries, charger, lens hood with adaptor and lens cap with strap, and USB and AV output cables. Options include a wide conversion lens (VCL-DH0758) for about $150, a tele-end conversion lens (VCL-DH1758) for about $150, a close-up lens (VCL-M3358) for about $70, a jacket case (LCJ-HC) for about $50, and a soft carrying case (LCS-HA) for about $40.

Both models can be purchased direct at, Sony Style® retail stores (, and authorized dealers nationwide. Pre-orders begin today at and

Sony DSC-H5

Sony DSC-H5

Sony DSC-H2

Sony DSC-H2

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#101 Aparna

My friend had purchased a Sony DSC-H2 cam for me from US, and brought it down to India. I had taken abt 2000+ photographs with it, and absolutely loved the cam. Today morning i found that the shutter release button, stopped auto-focusing when pressed half-way down.
i was seraching online to find if similar issue was reported and could find a number of smilar issues. Frankly speaking, I am so depressed. i wud never recommend ppl to purchase a Sony cam. The make is so delicate :(
Anyways, i shall definitely try that one solution given by Elton.
Now need to find a good servicing shop.

4:57 am - Friday, September 28, 2007

#102 Chris

Joe - thanks for the wise words. I bought the H2 thinking it would be a nice intermediate camera; I could begin working with lenses and practicing with various settings on what promised to be a good beginner's camera. A step out of the point-and-shoot category.

I still believe the H2 is a good choice for what I wanted it for, but the malfunctioning button may hasten my decision to buy yet another camera. It is frustrating not being able to focus anymore.

The lag time has been irritating as well. My kids are the focal point of many of my pictures, and it is difficult to capture that perfect moment with such a long lag time between picture and picture and even shutter button release and actual shutter release (though that may have been related to the eventual failure altogether of the autofocus).

Everyone I've talked to likes the Nikon D40. I am curious, though, what sort of advantages come with the RAW format, having had no experience with RAW.

Thanks again, Joe. I look forward to your next post.

4:04 pm - Friday, September 28, 2007

#103 Joe

Hi Chris,

As mentioned, I like my H-2 for I have not had any real problems with it other than mentioned.

With regards to camera RAW...well look at in this way. Suppose you are given the opportunity to REDO a photo that you took and have the ability to make many adjustments to that image?

Well in camera RAW you DO have the ability. You can adjust your exposure, your focus to some degree, your ability to recover some of your exposure settings, your white balance, your lightness or darkness, your ability to add some fill-in lighting, some contrast, clarity, add some sharpness to the image, adjust the saturation of the image, and so on. Then you can work on certain areas of the image and in layers in Photoshop even further refine the image.

I have Photoshop Elements an even though I have Bridge/camera RAW my selections are limited. In a full version of Photoshop, you have even more choices and settings to rework the image.

You cannot completely rework the image but you can take a marginal photo and make it a very good one.

In a camera that takes only .jpg (.jpeg) images many of those features are not available. In camera RAW you have an image that is basically an unprocessed image allowing you very much control over the final image.

I even tried to get Sony to update their software to incorporate the camera RAW feature. No luck. I understand that the new Alpha has that ability now, which means that they knew a problem existed.

Since buying my D40x (I also considered the Canon Rebel) I have purchased two additional lenses: the 70-300mm telephoto and the most recent lens, the 18-200mm telephoto which I love.

If interested, you can view some of my images at My user name is: frank983/joe. I place a number of my images on this site.

Thanks for your post.

Cheers, Joe

4:46 pm - Friday, September 28, 2007

#104 Avi

hi 2 all, furtunatlly i'm one of the unlucky guys like you, i also have the shutter release problem on my Sony Dsc-H5 which i bought about a year ago on my visit to Savannah Georgea, i am living in Israel but sailing around the world, so i found this camera fine enough for my second usage camera.funny thing for a Nikon user.....
I read ALL 104 above problems, and found that most of the problems are talking about the same problem -re:shutter release problems.i wonder also if this mess can be solved so easy by crying and looking for some solution. i have an idea beside lowering my hat for no.64 claim/sollution.
can we just send and bombard Sony customer service till they will be wake some how and ask for a modest sollution like having some easy way to repair our cameras.or by explaining a way of opening the shutter release part without breaking the 2 latches on the inner side, or having an access to their camera manual, or short and cheap way to order/deliver spare part abroad.
i wonder how Sony men feels about this problem as i could not find any comment on Sony web site concerning problems on their cameras... AND thinking I wanted (yes wanted) to buy Sony LCD TV.......

11:50 am - Saturday, September 29, 2007



5:36 pm - Sunday, September 30, 2007

#106 Kevin Ruiz

My DSC-H5 goes out of warranty in 2 days and I just got off the phone with the Sony Service Ctr. in El Paso, TX. They informed me that an internal Service Bulletin has been issued by Sony for the shutter release problem on this camera. What they could not tell me was whether the bulletin was released before or after the last time my camera was at their facility for the same problem. I questioned whether Sony would repair this problem again after the warranty expired, and was directed to call the customer service group at 800-222-7669. This lack of customer support is something that I would have expected from a company like GE, not Sony.

4:27 pm - Monday, October 1, 2007

#107 Kevin Ruiz

Sorry El Paso my mistake, the service center is in Laredo.

4:34 pm - Monday, October 1, 2007

#108 avi lugasi gal

shalom Kevin,
could you be more specified about the internal bulletin, i mean where we the customers can find it or read it ?? as I'm living on the dark side of the moon....
lately i heard on the news that Sony announced a call for returning back one of there digital model (do not remember what model) due to problems which can injured users. could it be also for the DSC - H5 ???

7:20 am - Tuesday, October 2, 2007

#109 Kevin Ruiz


I have just ended a 53 minute call with the Sony Support Center (800-222-7669). After reaching the the tird tier of support, I was offered an additional 90 days of warranty on my camera (you get 90 days after a repair anyway). Now they are telling me they have no Internal Service Bulletin, and the shutter problem is not a known issue to them. My only hope now is that Fed-Ex loses my shipment to the Sony Service Center and I get the $450 insurance for that paperweight Sony calls a camera.


5:20 pm - Tuesday, October 2, 2007

#110 Andrea

My 3rd shutter button is still attached (I think!) but I DO NOT understand why SONY thinks they can LIE and say "it's not a known problem"

I guess they've got the whole world fooled that they offer good quality products with good quality service. HA! We know better...

6:23 pm - Tuesday, October 2, 2007

#111 Andrea

My 3rd shutter button is still attached (I think!) but I DO NOT understand why SONY thinks they can LIE and say "it's not a known problem"

I guess they've got the whole world fooled that they offer good quality products with

6:57 pm - Tuesday, October 2, 2007

#112 Avi

can somebodey explain how to dismantle this bloody shuter release before i am going to break my camera ???

4:39 pm - Friday, October 5, 2007

#113 jason

I too have the same autofocus problem. I sent my camera in and the problem was fixed for only about 2 weeks. Now my camera has the same problem and is not autofocusing when depressed half way. I called Sony and they are not helping at all. Isn't there something we could do to hold Sony responsible for this?

1:24 pm - Saturday, October 6, 2007

#114 Kevin C. Ruiz

Our only say in this matter seems to be spreading the word about Sony's lack of product support, and voting with our $$$ by purchasing other brands of electronics in the future. I plan on contacting the credit card company that I used to purchase the camera to see if they have any power in this matter.

3:57 pm - Saturday, October 6, 2007

#115 mike

looks like sony made a revision to the replacement part or they could have just changed the part number but im going to order one to see and compare this is what the site lists as the replacement shutter button assembly

Part# X21083251 has been discontinued. This is the replacement part.


Currently In Stock: Yes
Unit Price (in USD): $18.61

9:14 pm - Tuesday, October 9, 2007

#116 mike

well i have to say one thing sony ships pretty dang fast i ordered the button yesterday and it was here today before noon less than 24 hours from kansas to south carolina any way after inspecting the new shutter button the button pin seems alittle thicker still made of plastic il let you know if it stays intact

10:51 pm - Wednesday, October 10, 2007

#117 Avi

i keep following the answers on this nice site, can somebodey add the correct address for ordering this buttons? can it be directly through the internet, although i am living abroad or out of the USA ?

9:29 am - Thursday, October 11, 2007

#118 mike

i orderd it from sony direct accessories andy they only accept orders being shipped into the united states but maybe give them a call and see what they can do

on the upper right hand side change the search method to part number and enter this
X21083252 and hit submit hope that helps avi

5:01 pm - Thursday, October 11, 2007

#119 Chris

Had the same trouble with the shutter button on the H2 popping off. And sorry but NO, for the Sony apologist/shill in post #27, the camera was NOT abused in any way, shape or form. Keep drinking that Sony Kool-Aid, jackass.

Naturally, the camera's warranty has JUST expired. Walked into the local Sony service center and was told by a rather rude "customer service" (ha ha) rep that this was NOT a known problem (my ass), and that it would cost $50 just for them to LOOK at the camera, or I could pay $225 up front for them to fix it and I would (allegedly) get refunded the balance subtracted from the actual repair cost. What an utter crock of shit!

Thanks for the info on the part # for the shutter release assembly, to the person who posted it. Not that I think I should have to spend a single goddamn penny on something that is clearly a deplorable design on Sony's part, but the reality is that $25 is a hell of a lot better than the ass raping without lube the service center wants to give me.

10:58 am - Sunday, October 14, 2007

#120 Kevin C. Ruiz

Well said Chris. I am still waiting to get my camera back from the service center. I intend to use the hell of it for 90 days, and send it back again under warranty if it has the same focus problem again. $6 shipping is less than $25 shutter button. Actually, my shutter button has never been loose or fallen out. My camera just will not lock focus.

7:10 pm - Sunday, October 14, 2007

#121 Mark Goldstein

(Posted on behalf of Avi)

hi Chris,
mine too. shutter release is focusing, i can hear the bip, but when i try to take the picture, (pressing all the way down ) i feel no space or moving down. its like a broken spring inside. contacted Sony and the are not explaining or giving info, just the price for the shutter release it self which is different from DSC-H2. (mine is DSC-H5) 22.50 dollars plus shipping.
yet i am not sure if this shutter release can be dismentaled internally or externally. waiting for some bodey to react back

1:43 pm - Monday, October 15, 2007

#122 Kevin C. Ruiz

Just got my camera back from the Sony Customer Disatisfaction Center in Laredo. It is not focusing on about every 5th picture. The receeipt says that they changed the following parts; (X21083252)Release Assy, (147969921) Switch Block, (875325697) ACX541AKA-1. The receipt also states that the camera was tested to factory specifications. Customer service sometimes has as much to do with how you resolve the problem than the fact that there was one. Since the paperwork says that if for any reason I am disastisfied they would like to hear from me, I guess I will waste some oxygen on them in the morning. They also peeled my Delkin Sun Shade off of the LCD screen, making it useless. What that had to do with the release button, I will never know. SONY you really suck!

1:09 am - Tuesday, October 16, 2007

#123 Marcos

I have problems with my H5 in pre-focus. I need of Manual Repair for thi cam. Anybody could help-me?

5:11 am - Sunday, October 21, 2007

#124 Jason

I have just reshipped my Sony DSC-H2 for the 2d time to Sony because of it failing to focus when I depress the button halfway down after it was repaired only 3 months ago for the exact same problem. I told them this was a common problem and it was rediculous that Sony has not provided more support or addressed the problem. The tech I spoke with actually stated that they know it's a problem, but since Sony has not officially sent Laredo Repair center any bulletins about the issue, they cannot treat it as a known defective part(allowing a more liberal repair policy for users). Also, I did not have my receipt the 1st time I returned and they fixed(well not really as it's broken again) without the receipt. This time, they said they would not fix the problem without the receipt even though I reminded them, the issue was exactly the same thing I sent it in for in the first place. I was able to track down the receipt since I had a squaretrade extended warranty to prove the camera was still under the manufacturer's 1 year warranty. Their response now was that I send the camera in and they will provide my warranty service with an estimate. I quickly reminded them the camera was under the 1 year warranty and Sony is responsible for all costs, as it is rediculous how Sony is dealing(or not dealing) with this issue. We will see how long it takes me to get my camera back, since I am overseas in the military and shipping APO sometimes takes a little longer. Just for a laugh, here is the exact reply I received after sending the proof of purchase date to the repair center. (Note: the camera is still under the 1 year warranty)
Sony's reply: "This is to inform you that you can send the unit for service. However you will need to contact your extended warranty, so they will cover the repair charges. When the unit arrives it will be process with an estimate, which will need to be given to the extended warranty. Please provide your repair information, so the extended warranty will contact us for a response. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

Best regards.

Laredo Customer Satisfaction Center

Miguel Arenas
Customer Service Rep.

phone (866) 357-6230
fax (956)728-2132
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I left the contact info in case anyone in this forum needs it. I contacted Miguel via phone and reminded him I would not be using my extended warranty and he then said ok, the camera should be covered under the mfg warranty.
Sorry, for the rant. This is ridiculous.

10:57 am - Sunday, October 21, 2007

#125 Kevin C. Ruiz


When I raised the same issue with Sony, they extended my warranty for 90 more days past the one year. In addition to that, everytime the service center works on a camera you get 90 more days of warranty. The problem as I stated in a previous message is that the camera came back from them and it is still not working. I have been leaving messages all week for the supposed Operations Manager - Anulfo Gonzalez, but received no response. The name may just be a front that they put on all returned corespondence. Let us know how your situation comes out, and thank you for serving our country.


2:57 pm - Sunday, October 21, 2007

#126 Cesar

DAMN!!!! i have had the exactly same problem as everyone with the shutter button of my DSC-H5. I AM SO ANNOYED cuz im still paying for the cam!!!!!!..... the shutter button just fell off by itself, cuz i take care a lot of my cam. Why can we do about this? anyone knows if Sony has eny kind of page where we can complain? they have to respond for this!!!!..... we are too many with the same issue!!!!!!!!!!

4:13 am - Monday, October 22, 2007

#127 Ron

Glad to know I'm not when your shutter button on the H5 pops off..what is the part to order? Is that button and the "ring" it sits in all one piece until it becomes seperate parts?

2:57 pm - Monday, October 22, 2007

#128 Brian

My turn to complain about the same problem. I found today that my DSC-H5 will no longer autofocus when I press the shutter button halfway down. I bought the camera one year ago less 10 days, so at least I have a few days to get the camera returned for service. I treat my camera equipment very carefully, so abuse is not the issue. After reading all these posts, I guess I'm in good company. I have avoided buying Sony equipment in the past (i.e. bought HD TV, digital camcorder, audio equipment, etc. from other vendors) but bought this camera because I found a great sale price and it had the features I wanted. I guess I learned my lesson - I should have continued to avoid buying Sony equipment!

11:29 pm - Saturday, October 27, 2007

#129 dawn

We too have the same problem with our Sony DSC-H2. We have ordered the release assembly from for about$30.00. It's interesting that their service knew the name of the part immediately. Part number is 6360027. Phone # is 1-866-925-7278.

10:44 pm - Monday, October 29, 2007

#130 giu

Sorry guys for your bad experiences, but I just I'm happy about this crowded thread. About one year ago I was thinking I didn't know how to use this kind of cameras and I was the one who broke twice the release shutter by misuse!

9:38 pm - Tuesday, October 30, 2007

#131 Guidocascarria

Another angry ex-sony customer, this one from Argentina. My girlfried suffered from the fliying shutter sindrome this afternoon, she couldn´t find the spring but rescued the button. When i noticed that pressng the button half way didn´t focus but directly captured a picture, i didn´t paid much attention to it, now i see what the problem was; an incredible crappy design. Since it is almost imposible to receive spare parts here, i will try to fix it myself, hence if someone could post or dend me some picture of the button in one piece (that is before it is broken of course) that would be very helpful.

3:01 am - Wednesday, October 31, 2007

#132 avi

my turn to help
attached is a website i found with some help to all of us who suffers from this bloody shutter release assembly

i can add that according to readers advice, i opened the upper nickel plastic cover, turned it unti clockwise and with my nail below it i poped it up slowly. i found inside a very small broken plastic pin, about 2 milimeter long and 1 milimeter thick. also i found a small black washer spring.i have decided to save 25$, and instead to order the assembley part, i have just glued the broken small tiny plastic part very very very carefull with a little help of loctite glue- 3 second glue which cost less than 1 $.
now i have my camera working again. i just hope this temporary repair will be 3 ever.
hope i help you guys.

11:25 am - Thursday, November 1, 2007

#133 Miguel

Does your shutter button on Sony H5 popped off? Well, It happened to me too. And I want you to know what you have to do in this matter. First, go to this website: then order the Release assembly part #: X21083262 (you will pay $22.31 for the item, $1.11 and $6.95 for regular shipping. With a total of $30.37. Once you get the part make sure to replace it very gentle because you can break it very easy.
Save yourself at least $150.00 repair and time. Personally, I won't recommend to put any type of tape or using crazy glue or triyng to fix it the cheapest way possible. Know that trying to put a bandaid on a gaping wound will not cure the problem!!! Remember that sonner or later it will bring problems again. Just do it right at one time. Well, I hope this helps for those people who have the Sony H5.

Also, I want to thank most people here because they helped to fix my camera as well.

Hasta Luego

6:21 am - Tuesday, November 20, 2007

#134 constance

I am so protective of this Camera. I have noticed the "focusing" issue but thought it was me, or battery power issues or low light. I have taken this camera all over the world an captured some great shots, as well as tons of action shots of sports.

I have noticed hue issues compared to my old kodak and my child's Kodak Easy Share One, but just thought, as I'm a graphic designer that I was expecting "too perfect", from a non-SLR. I do some color balancing in photoshop to correct this.

Today…1st time ever, I let me husband borrow it for work and it came home with a loose button but no spring. I'm so glad I came across the info here, as I think I may be able to save a ton and fix this myself, as well as forgive my husband, as I've been blaming him for what seems a common issue.

Bottom line…I love this camera, but I do need a shutter button that works. Right now the camera is defunct!

Has anyone gotten any results from Sony? My serial number is 3564072, purchased from best buy May 2006.

6:20 am - Wednesday, November 21, 2007

#135 Kevin C. Ruiz

Sony support is useless on this issue. It is so unfortunate that a camera that can take such great photos is limited by a little piece of plastic and a corporation that refuses to stand behind quality.


1:11 pm - Wednesday, November 21, 2007

#136 Miguel

To the person who wrote a comment on Sony camera with serial number: 3564072!!!

If you have a Sony H5, then you have to read what I wrote on paragraph 133.

Good luck

4:33 pm - Wednesday, November 21, 2007

#137 constance

Thanks… My camera is H2 and I have ordered the part… Now I just have to get it and put it back on without further damage… I'm not good with super glue.

6:14 pm - Wednesday, November 21, 2007

#138 Alan

I have a dsc-h2 which I have used for over a year with good results.
Today, the shutter button fell out. I was in a park and there were leaves on the ground.
I had walked 50 feet or more before I realized the problem.
I did not find it.


4:37 am - Sunday, November 25, 2007

#139 Amy Newell

I spoke with Sony Repair in Laredo today. My DSCH5 button fell off spontaneously twice before Precision Camera in CT replaced the camera. Then the button fell off of the new camera. Laredo repaired it 3.5 weeks ago and guess what happened earlier this week?! You guessed it! The cameras have been at Sony repair centers more than they have been with me! I asked for my money back today but they said to send the camera in. I feel like I was very clear in stating that I do not want ANOTHER Sony camera! The customer service has been very tedious, time-consuming and frustrating. I wish I had bought the Cannon!!!!!!

3:29 am - Tuesday, December 4, 2007

#140 len

Bought H5 Oct 2006, 6 weeks later exchanged it for another with the above problem. Now, Nov 2007 same problem arised, cam's now at service dept, to replace switch block. If they charge me I'l chuck out their window to show my disgust in their product. Someone should make a pdf of all these complaint's and send it to their chairman !!

2:34 pm - Wednesday, December 5, 2007

#141 Don Hamilton

Bought an H2 about a year ago but noticed at times it wouldn't focus. Recently I started taking a lot of photos of small items for ebay listings. Yesterday, in the middle of my shoot, the camera stopped focusing properly. I thought it was me or the improper settings until I looked online and found this blog and others all complaining of the same problem. I'm inclined to get the replacement part and fix it myself. However I need the correct part number for the release assembly for the H2 and the correct direction to turn the bezel to release the shutter button. I have seen postings that say clockwise and others that say counter-clockwise. Which is correct for the H2? Also , is any other part needed besides the release assembly. Help!!!

1:57 pm - Saturday, December 15, 2007

#142 Constance

Below is what I ordered for my H2 from sony. It includes everything needed, bezel, button, washer and spring.

There are grooves on the camera for the tabs on the bezel, insert and turn counter clockwise. I broke the old bezel getting it off. On the H2 it only goes back on one way as the other direction will leave a gap. I practiced with the old broken bezel prior to putting the new one on. It is sort of a link a pill cap, downward pressure with a twist. I had no issue with reassembling. I am still not happy with the focusing, but at least I have a shutter button and can use the camera. My next camera will be a Nikon!

Part(s) Ordered:

Description: RELEASE ASSY
Part No: X21083252
Status: In Stock
Price: $18.61
Qty: 1
Amount: $18.61

Subtotal: $18.61
Shipping Charge: $6.95
Tax: $1.80
Total Charged Today: $27.36

Shipped via: Standard Service

3:19 pm - Saturday, December 15, 2007

#143 Greg

Is the release assembly (Part No: X21083252) all I need to make the half-way pressed focus lock work again, or do I also need the switch block control (Part No: 147969921) mentioned in messages 69 and 122?

2:47 pm - Tuesday, December 18, 2007

#144 582ND3R5

Hello all,

I just got off the phone with Sony Support. Their number is 1-800-488-SONY (7669)

Ask for warranty support. If you are out of warranty they will not fix the camera for you even if you had them repair the camera on more then one occasion. In my case the button was repaired twice and broke three times. I suggest that when talking to the call center person that you ask to file a complaint. By asking to file a complaint they actually take your name and statement and input into their system. I really think otherwise they don't bother register your call.

I hope that if enough people actually take the 15 minutes to complain, Sony will be inspired to either refund or give credit to a replacement camera to AT LEAST those who took the time to call and complain.

4:37 am - Wednesday, December 19, 2007

#145 Infobord

I bought my H5 in Aug '06 and have found that my photography has developed the more I have used the camera. It was a toss up between creative compact and D SLR, but the expense of lenses etc put me off hence the H5. What a good decision. For my level of skill I have found it to be very complementary and it certainly can do more than I need it to. I have produced images since last Aug which I now sell to florists (great macro with little distortion) and have done several portrait/group shoots with good success. Of course, the usual gripes with high ISO etc so we wont go over old ground, but if you stick to ISO 200 or less and use a tripod (the image stabilisation has it's limits) you wont go wrong. There are more expensive compacts out there with higher resolution, but the balance in sensor size and pixel count I think is spot on. Love the fact it uses normal batteries too. I did my research and handled many models before I plumped for this one and overall, think it was the right choice. Don't be afraid to go for full manual control and experiment - you may surprise yourself and invest in a 58mm close up filter. Use it whilst on Macro and the close up's are brilliant. Also good is the fact that you can tone down the power of the flash in the menu. Overall a very good camera, just missing a couple of minor bits (see below).Recommended.
Here are some great video reviews about the power of this model: Sony H5 video reviews


Not really a camera issue, but so you know, the wide conversion lens from Sony widens the angle well, but does distort badly at the very edges of the frame so be warned.

Still recommended...

6:32 pm - Thursday, December 20, 2007

#146 Greg

Want to actually see the interior cause of our problems?

I updated my blog post about the DSC-H2 problem and included pictures that show the replacement release assembly and the dented membrane inside the camera:

And I answered my own question; a new release assembly does not solve the focus lock problem.

9:24 am - Saturday, December 22, 2007

#147 Scott Tibbles

Let me pile on with the Sony H2 problems. Christmas Day 2007 my DSC-H2 stopped focusing when the shutter was being pressed halfway down. Like many others I thought I was doing something wrong. I even did a system reset on the camera. Nothing doing. Camera is only 15-16 months old and is in great condition. Any Class action lawsuits being put into place. We paid $350.00 for this camera. You would think this would have been built better. I've been considering a DSLR, but if Sony thinks they are going to get my business, think again.

Niles, MI

5:58 am - Thursday, December 27, 2007

#148 Wendy Wegenke

Merry Christmas!Another Sony H2 with the shutter button falling off. I paid $400 this camera and it is still in great shape.Very dissappointed.

6:54 am - Friday, December 28, 2007

#149 Dusty

I too had the shutter button fall off my Sony DSC H2 during Christmas 2007. I have sent Sony a link to this website. I will let you know how it goes....

5:36 am - Thursday, January 3, 2008



8:57 am - Sunday, January 6, 2008

#151 Kevin C. Ruiz

Cameras are for capturing the most precious images we choose to preserve as a record of our lives. Thanks Sony, for causing us to lose so many of them with this poorly engineered product. The problem we are all having with the camera bothers me, but not as much as Sony not acknowledging it and providing the solution. Those of you like myself that are on you third or fourth button assembly can surely understand what I am talking about.

4:36 pm - Sunday, January 6, 2008

#152 C. Cable

Two problems seem to be on the same thread here: the shutter assembly/button issue, and the autofocus issue. I purchased a new shutter button assembly in the hopes that would fix my autofocus problem on my H2, but no dice. I wasn't impressed by the cheap plastic construction of the assembly, though. I do have a cheap fix for those who don't trust Sony to fix their autofocus problem, or would rather spend their money on another camera from a more reputable manufacturer (I fall into the latter group). This is a "fix" only in the sense that it keeps this expensive investment from becoming a paperweight. You can still salvage some pictures by setting the focus to the CAF, or continuous auto focus, option. I am still squeezing some use out of my camera in this fashion, but expect to use it only in ideal light conditions. Additionally, you can use the manual settings for focal distance for portraiture.

I'm still limping along with these workarounds until I can afford another camera. Like most here, I don't expect to buy anything from Sony ever again.

4:34 am - Monday, January 7, 2008

#153 charlie

The shutter of my DSC-H2 failed to focus when depressed halfway. It was repaired once under warranty in May 2007 at Precision Camera in Enfield, Connecticut.

When the problem recurred in December 2007, I called Sony at 1-888-449-7669 to receive an Event #, then wrote to:

Sony Electronics
Attn: Executive Review Committee
12451 Gateway Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33913

I also wrote to Sony executive offices in New York and San Diego, including an excerpt from this blog.

One Sony representative called me and offered free shipping to a repair facility and a 6-month extension on my 1-year Sony warranty, since it was about to expire.

Later a second Sony representative called me to say that a solution to the shutter problem had been developed 3-4 months ago. He said the top of the camera had been redesigned to keep the shutter button from popping off and that the problem with the shutter button not focusing when depressed halfway had also been fixed. He said that Precision Camera had just been informed of the fix. He said that my repair should be done at the Sony repair facility in Laredo, Texas.

I am hoping that the solution that has been described to me will prove to be a permanent fix for the problem.

I hope this helps others on this blog.

1:45 am - Monday, January 14, 2008

#154 Scott Tibbles

At least you got a response from Sony, I called and wished to file a complaint about the camera just after Christmas, and the Sony Representative said that someone would follow up with my complaint regarding the camera and the proposed $180.00 fix.

So it seems that Sony has agreed that there is/was an issue with the button, as they have come up with a "fix". Yet they still want me to sent it in for repair at $180.00, despite my camera is only 16 months old.

I bought the camera in September/October 2006 for $350 at Target ( the H2 for clarification ), I add another $180 for repair, and now I have $530.00 invested into a camera that they know is having issues.

We're talking Digital SLR money now.

I do not plan on spending the money for the repair, as I would rather put it towards a Nikon, Canon, Olympus... NOT A SONY!!!

I plan on sending my defective H2 to a high ranking Sony official and tell them they can have it, and instead of upgrading to a Sony A700 ($1400.00) which I was thinking about, I'll put my future spending into DSLR camera body, lenses, flash.... into another manufacturer.

Nice way to do business Sony!!! You just lost a future customer and my money.

4:20 am - Monday, January 14, 2008

#155 Lynn PErsson

I too have had the shutter button fall off 4 days after warrenty and after after a day of frustrating customer service interaction with Sony, decided to buy the release assembly part (actually 2 of them given the above dialogue).

I managed to get the old part off - but can't get the new part in to stay. I am trying Contance's (#142) approach "There are grooves on the camera for the tabs on the bezel, insert and turn counter clockwise. I broke the old bezel getting it off. On the H2 it only goes back on one way as the other direction will leave a gap. I practiced with the old broken bezel prior to putting the new one on. It is sort of a link a pill cap, downward pressure with a twist. I had no issue with reassembling. I am still not happy with the focusing, but at least I have a shutter button and can use the camera." I don't seem to have the same luck with the downward push and counterclockwise twist.

Oh why couldn't Sony just post the repair instructions or at least send them with the part. For those that have had success with the part replacement - could you give me more hints. Thanks

11:50 pm - Wednesday, January 30, 2008

#156 Ian

I have two DSC h-2 camers and am pleased with them. I too have had the shutter button replaced twice - I have managed to find the spring and button each time and sent it away to Sony. Fortunately I took out an extended guarantee and they repaired it without charge.

I wonder if anyone knows if it is possible to buy a connector for the camera to attach it to a telescope. Any advice would be appreciated.

11:20 am - Thursday, February 14, 2008

#157 takenagain2008

Wow,,I can't believe it. Thought it would be so simple to order a part.Has anyone ordered a part for 22.31 and then once you hit submit was overcharged by 200 dollars? Of course i call Sony, but all they can do is refer you to their customer service center. Yup, gonna be a long day I can tell trying to get my money back. They really need to be shut down.

4:45 pm - Saturday, February 23, 2008

#158 Ngunyi Defang

My shutter button has fallen off twice already.I had to buy a broken H2 from ebay to replace it.The second one still fell off after a month.I didnt get a warranty so i ate it.I've been so frustrated and thought i check to see if i was the only one with this problem.
I'm travelling to Europe in March and thought i fix this shutter 'cos i trust this camera to give me the quality pics we know it produces.I'm calling to order that part first thing.

7:28 am - Tuesday, February 26, 2008

#159 Anderk5

Well, I just got off the phone with Sony. They acted like they never heard of the "shutter Problem". So I just ordered the part and cmpleted their survey. Low score of course. I've been practicing with the old button, which popped off without much effort. I see the tiny taps referred too and will go the crazy glue route if I break them (accidentally). I too am off the Europe and would fight this battle if not for the fact that my DSC-H2 is currently my only camera! UGH! I will NEVER buy a Sony again. This particular camera was a mother's day gift so it has sentimental value (since it no longer monitary vaule). Thanks for the info everyone.

6:12 pm - Thursday, February 28, 2008

#160 charlie

This is charlie again. My last post was #153. Sony fixed my shutter malfunction on my DSC-H2 by replacing the switch block #147969911. They also agreed to extend my warranty by 6 months.

However, they had led me to believe that the switch block was a new design and that turned out not to be true, so I fully expect the part to fail again.

I believe the switch block is an internal part that has a membrane that is subject to failure, as suggested in post #89 by elton.

The site for searching and ordering parts from Sony is:

The switch block for the DSC-H2 is part #147969911 and lists for $55.52. The switch block for the DSC-H5 is #147969921 and lists for $62.91.

According to Constance in post #142, the external shutter button replacement part for the DSC-H2 is called the Release Assembly, part #X21083252, $18.61.

According to Miguel in post #133, the external shutter button replacement part for the DSC-H5 is called the Release Assembly, part #X21083262, $22.31.

According to the Sony Parts web page, the above two Release Assembly parts are replacement parts. #X21083252 is a replacement for #X21083251, and #X21083262 is a replacement for #X21083261. So perhaps these parts have been redesigned to fix the problem with the shutter buttons popping off. Can anyone who has one of these replacement parts installed in their camera confirm that the replacement part no longer pops off the body of the camera?

1:06 am - Saturday, March 1, 2008

#161 Kevin C. Ruiz

If the shutter button is not popping off, the camera is not autofocusing. This camera is a piece of junk. I wish a lawyer would join in so we could a class action case going against Sony. I am amazed at how many people on this blog keep buying and installing the same defective parts.

1:31 am - Saturday, March 1, 2008

#162 Army

I too have an issue with my H2, but it's not the shutter button! My camera suddenly stopped extending the lens one day for no reason. I've never dropped it, I've never gotten it wet, nothing. It's been treated like many of yours: photo, case, photo, case, etc. I contacted Sony to find out why my camera died JUST outside of warranty (about 30 days, actually) and they said "We have no idea. Send it to us and we'll take a look." One small problem... that costs $180, minimum. I could honestly buy a comparable camera for that price, and that's not even covering the repair. That's the basic fee, everything else is extra! When my lens doesn't extend, the camera won't stay powered on. I've tried resets, and everything else. Nothing works. Hopefully someone will have an idea, or suggestion! Thanks

4:22 am - Sunday, March 9, 2008

#163 Constance

I have not (knock on wood) had this issue with my H2, but my daughter had similar issue with a kodak. I was told it could be grit preventing the lens from fully extending and causing the camera to shut off. I tried several things and finally used a linen business card slid down the outer edge of the lens, and this cleared the obstruction.

I doubt this is the issue with yours, but just a thought…

$180, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… This must be the standard response. I did not send mine in I fixed it myself, but I just wonder how much more they actually charge. $180 was my minimum on the shutter issue too!

4:42 pm - Sunday, March 9, 2008

#164 Miguel

This is in response to Charlie in post #160: I have not had any problem with the replacement part since I installed it. I can take pictures like before and have no problem at all. I'm actually surprised with all the complaints I have seen in this website. I guess it is sad to find that this sony h2/h5 had many problems with shutter button, focusing, etc., but what's worst is that Sony does not admit the problem they have with these two models. I personally don't have anything against this camera, on the contrary I find the sony H5 very good camera with beautiful pictures and good resolution. However, I think is time for me to go to the next level and get a professional camera, which will be a Nikon. Don't think I will get a Sony again. Nothing personal Sony, but I guess this is due to you highly poor customer service and your pathetical excuses used to justify the camera's problems.

3:35 am - Monday, March 10, 2008

#165 giu

The focus lock stopped working for the 4th time! Unfortunately, the warranty has already expired so... I will use the continuous focus untill I'll decide to repair it by myself.

8:43 am - Sunday, March 16, 2008

#166 Paul

If you're serious about photography and want to step up to the professional standard then unfortunately you have to use the right equipment. Miguel, I think that you would be much better off with a Nikkon as these are professional cameras used worldwide, having read these reviews, I don't think I'd ever buy a Sony!

5:24 pm - Friday, March 28, 2008

#167 Kurt

And hear I was blaming my son for braking my camera! He was the unfortunate one using the camera when the shutter button fell out. Now I know that Sony is to blame for the shutter button failure. I too will buy another brand for my next camera. Thanks for the info on the $25 parts repair. Hopefully the parts will give me a little more life out of my investment.

5:46 am - Saturday, March 29, 2008

#168 OldParrothead

Count me in the "shutter button" group. My poor 11 yo was so careful with Mom's camera. He had it strapped to his neck and k-ching, off comes the button. We were ready (so we thought) for a change, as we purchased an extended warranty from Circuit City. However, since the button fell off, it is not covered. If we had the "doesn't focus" problem, they would have covered it. Can you say Bend OVER!
Now I get to never buy a Sony or shop at Circuit City!

9:29 pm - Friday, May 23, 2008

#169 Kevin C. Ruiz

Well, I did it again. I brought my H5 to my cousins wedding only to wind up with blurry pictures of peoples shoulders and ears. I once again missed capturing the moments that only happen once in a lifetime. Even the video now pulsates in and out of focus.

Thanks Sony,

2:56 pm - Monday, May 26, 2008

#170 Jean-Pierre Parent

I am another person with the problem of the shutter button(focus). I bought the camera in october 2006, and the problem happen this week.
I have also the problem with the batteries, they really don't last.
Do you know if we can group everybody to make a reclaim to Sony.
Thank you all!

2:02 am - Monday, June 9, 2008

#171 Diana

Hey i just got a problem with my H5. ave been wit it for a year now and handle it extremely well. The Shutter button just cant work. it has not dropped off but it wont shot, it seems stuck. At first i thought it had locked it self but after reading the probs from this blog i now wonder if its a malfunction. Any body with this exact problem and how can it get fixed?

10:53 am - Monday, June 16, 2008

#172 Margaret

I had to get my H5 (purch 08/06) shutter button repaired twice under warranty & now it is malfunctioning again. Batt life & flash charge time both stink. I was so excited to have saved up for this camera but I have to admit now, almost 2 yrs later, I'm very disappointed in it. The H7 & H9 came out very shortly after. My son bought the H9 1 yr ago & it seems to take better pics & has better flash charge & battery life. No problems with the shutter so far, but he does not take nearly as many pics as I do. I think the H5 had serious design flaws. (Class-action lawsuit in the future?? I wish!)Their reaction when I wrote them that I was unhappy with the H5 & would like to trade up to the H9 was pretty much "so sorry" and they would have given me like a $50 trade in when I spent over $400 on the camera 6 months earlier! I'm not a happy Sony customer. It CAN take some nice pictures, but I have to do a lot of computer editing most of the time. My next camera will probalby not be a Sony.

3:05 am - Friday, June 20, 2008

#173 tracy

I have a Sony DSC-H2 camera and the shutter button fell off of it after 16 months. I am going to try to buy the parts to fix it after I complain to Sony. Meanwhile, I have a perfectly fine Olympus camera that has worked great for 16 years!

3:20 am - Monday, June 30, 2008

#174 berkan ozturk

Hello there
I have used my camera (SONY DSC H5) for nearly 2 years and now there is a half-click focusing problem.

I learned that service work requries too much money.
What do you suggest? I really like my camera actually.

It does great.

2:32 pm - Monday, June 30, 2008

#175 Margaret

Reply to #174: Read the posts above yours. There is some info about how to get the parts and possibly repair it yourself. If you don't want to do that, you are out of luck. Either pay the 180 bucks or trash the camera. As for me, I'll never buy another Sony ANYTHING after this. If they would make things right they would sooth it over with a lot of customers. But I see them loosing many, many of them because of their terrible attitude and treatment of us "victims."

4:28 pm - Monday, June 30, 2008

#176 Mike

I have had an H2 for about a year and a half and thought it would be a great mid priced camera. I actually specifically sought out this camera for what I thought was a "quality" Sony product.
To reiterate what many have said here it CAN take good pictures. However, its auto-focus problems, terrible construction and even worse customer "service" has left me disappointed. I paid $350 and a $25 (shipped) new button assembly ($180 for service to fix a defective product? I don't think so). This has left me with a camera that I need to use the continuous auto focus and cross my fingers that it takes a good shot.
Due to its pathetic excuse for service Sony has lost another customer.

I am mainly writing to warn anyone considering this camera (H2, H3, H5...). Ask the salesman if it comes with the extra parts you will need to fix it every time it breaks. Then bu a different brand.

2:28 pm - Thursday, July 3, 2008

#177 Margaret

If you go to their website, you will see that they don't even sell the same cameras any more. They've totally revamped the H line. They've left us in the dust with no recourse. I'll never buy Sony again either. ANY product, not just cameras.

6:49 pm - Thursday, July 3, 2008

#178 Alexander

I have been using the Sony Cybershot DSC-H2 for the past 2 1/2 years as part of my job. I am a writer/photographer for a daily newspaper, and the Cybershot has come in handy on more than one occassion. We actually use one now as our official newsroom camera.

At any rate, I'm on my third model for this camera. The first model eventually stopped accepting memory cards, and then the button came off.

Second model, button came off.

Third model, button came off and now it won't take memory cards anymore. If not for limited internal memory I'd have no camera right now.

I like the Cybershot DSC-H2. I really do. It's got great focus and with the exception of night shots takes great photos.

But the defect in this sucker has become too great. I'm now looking elsewhere for a camera and I really don't trust the smaller Cybershot version Sony now has out as I type this in July 2008. I'm going with Nikon or POSSIBLY Fuji.

7:28 am - Saturday, July 5, 2008

#179 Mike

I was hoping someone could recommend a mid-priced replacement for the H2, for a novice user. I have just begun to research it and I am considering an Olympus or Nikon.

I would like to find a camera with similar features (the good ones)to the H2. Ideally quick multishots(preferably with flash, H2 did not), 10-12x zoom, auto and manual focus,

I was reading the initial posts about the CCD, MOS, CMOS sensors. How important is this for the quality of picture and what should I be looking for in this price range?

3:27 pm - Monday, July 7, 2008

#180 MAHIR

well guys..... i took the risk and grabbed my toolbox and opened my H2 camera after having the half press shutter stopped working for the second time (the first time i took it to sony services where i paid $85 for replacement of a large part including power button, mode selector and many other buttons).... ok.... so now i opened the camera and i wasn't able to reach the shutter button without removing almost all the camera tiny parts and disconnecting the confusingly complex numerous wirings..... at last, i reached the part (that was previously replaced) and took it off... at the base of the shutter button located the half shutter button which is a two plastic films close to each other and there was a pit in the middle causing continuous contact between the two films due to the daily use of the shutter..... so i took this film button off and separated the two films from each other and pressed the pit up from underneath.... and then came the HARD part when i have to return everything to their original place... and surprisingly it was done and the camera now works perfectly with the half press shutter working as usual... i know that i might experience the same problem with time cause this pit can develop with repeated use... but i know that it can hopefully be fix it again
sorry for my English

6:52 am - Wednesday, July 9, 2008

#181 Mike

Thanks for your post, Mahir.
I originally tried to take the H2 apart but began to see the complex wiring structure and assembly as you described. After the first couple of 'layers' and seeing many more I decided this was a little too advanced for me (and likely most users). I suspect it would take a few hours minimum to dismantle and reassemble this camera.

Unfortunately, I will have to look for a more capable camera with <hopefully> less defects.

By the way, your English was good...

12:05 pm - Wednesday, July 9, 2008

#182 MAHIR

thanx MIKE....
it's bad that i didn't have another camera to take pictures to my H2 while opening it, so we all can make use of the experience...
the most important thing is to disconnect the wires from the connectors which have locks on (that can be unlocked and locked) and the three parts that should be removed are: 1.the lcd(with the back panel attached), 2.the main board with the large plastic base including the battery case all in one piece.... and then last is: 3.the lens unit... by that time you can get the shutter unit out....
if you have another camera you can take pictures of each step to know each screw's place
i relied on the fact that there's nothing to loose if i broke the camera... cause i think that without the half press, the camera is useless


7:51 pm - Wednesday, July 9, 2008

#183 Alice

Yes it happen to me today; the button fell right off my Sony DCS-H2 (Serial# 3521504,purchase date Jun06). No pictures of the AF Thunderbirds for me.

1:43 am - Sunday, July 20, 2008

#184 Brian K

here's a link that shows you where to get the replacement part GHEAP and tells how to install it. Camera/Sony/DSC-H2_Shutter_release_button

4:53 am - Monday, July 21, 2008

#185 Brian K

that link above got broken here's a shorter one that will work.

4:55 am - Monday, July 21, 2008

#186 Ed K

Sony must have sold millions of these Hx series for the hundreds of shutter button problem reports to have ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT. My H5 is 6 months out of warranty and the half-press problem just appeared. 45 minutes on the phone with CSR and supervisor yielded no results. No acknowledgment of any problem whatsoever. Simply utterly amazing. There has got to be someone at Sony brave enough to admit a problem. I'm not through with them yet!

7:01 am - Wednesday, July 23, 2008

#187 berkan öztürk

Ed K, my SONH H5 is,now, working , I do not know how because the focus problem was just occured, Ok.

We support you.
Please let us know what is going on in Sony.


12:35 pm - Wednesday, July 23, 2008

#188 Kevin

I wish lawyers new how to take pictures, we could use one here. The link above showing how one user modified a thumb tack to replace the inferior Sony shutter button assembly is great. Based on all the postings, there is a market for anyone willing to produce and sell it.

1:30 pm - Wednesday, July 23, 2008

#189 Ed K

Well, I have to report that I've broken down and ordered some parts from tigerdirect.

I could find absolutely no evidence on the web of anyone breaking Sony down. It's sad that they won't stand behind a otherwise excellent product.

6:57 am - Wednesday, July 30, 2008

#190 OldParrothead

Well, I broke down and figured for the $18 I would try the button fix. After being bent over for the shipping (like $9 or so), I received a simple plastic bag with parts. Thanks to a previous poster, I was able to install this with relatively no issues. Anyone doing this, please pay attention to the comments about the angle of the button coming off. This was the only issue I had at all. There were small parts broken inside the install area (noted in comments) and it was a lot of help to use a rubber glove to grab the old button. This fix, if it lasts, will be well worth the money. I do not have the auto focus problem, just the button falling off (like that's not enough!). If the larger chains put pressure on Sony and didn't charge for this fix it would create a TON of goodwill.

2:27 pm - Wednesday, July 30, 2008

#191 Ed Krimmer

Goodwill or the want of same appears to be sorely lacking in today's business environment. Good luck with your fix - at least my button remains attached and I can take photos (that is until I get in there a bollox it up!)

2:31 pm - Wednesday, July 30, 2008

#192 Kenda

Same problem! I've had my H5 for 18 months, take good care of it, have studied photography, and the auto focus just stopped working. We were 1/2 way into our vacation and I was scrolling through menus, tearing my hair out thinking I had done something. Then, I found this, and another site that confirmed the defect! Thankfully my Visa extended the 1 year warranty and the estimate is being prepared right now, but I can tell you, I will use the money Visa will pay, not to fix this camera, but to put toward a Nikon. I just called Sony too as a poster had suggested, and asked to file a complaint, as they reiterated that there is no known problem with the H series cameras. Whatever. I was pretty happy with the camera otherwise, but after a useless Sony dvd recorder we had purchased, I now firmly believe it's Sony producing junk for consumers. So disappointing! Incidentally, the Nikon comes with a 2 year warranty off the bat. Stronger belief in their product I guess!

7:54 pm - Thursday, August 14, 2008

#193 Constaance

Yesterday in Dayton, Ohio after a day of photographing John McCain and Sarah Palin at the Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio, I was having a late lunch at a local eatery when all by itself…off pop the shutter button. I did get the button and the spring this time.

I've been expecting this for a couple of months as the button has been sticking and having focusing issue. I really wish I had ordered a new shutter button to keep in reserve, as I have no camera in reserve.

In two hours I will be at a friends and family event that is up close and personal with the Busch Clydesdale Horses. I am very upset that I won't get pictures unless I can "rig" the button for today.
Furthermore, my daughter's 9th birthday is Monday. What a weekend to loose you camera.

SONY IS CRAP!!! They really should help us. Wish me luck with a quick temporary fix. This button lasted seven months!

2:10 pm - Saturday, August 30, 2008

#194 Greg

Constaance, you've fallen under the DSC-H2 presidential curse, which apparently encompasses candidates as well as current and past presidents.

The focus lock failed and the shutter button popped off my first DSC-H2 when I was preparing to photograph a speech by Bill Clinton.

The focus lock failed on my 5th DCS-H2 (I kept trading them in via an extended warranty) right before I photographed George Bush.


Incidentally, the replacement button on my fifth DSC-H2 has stayed on, which is a record for me, so far. The focus lock function never returned. I carry a replacement button in my camera bag, just in case. The Office Max extended warranty on the camera will expire next May, at which time I'll trade it in for a gift card or credit on another camera, if this one lasts that long.

12:10 am - Thursday, September 11, 2008

#195 Constance

Funny…I remember reading your story year ago and thought how horrible it would be to have something like that happen before a great photo op… At least mine pop off after the shots. With my self repair (duct tape) I got great shots of the Clydesdales with great focusing!!! Right now my old button (repaired with super glue) is taped on. I've not yet purchased button number three… Believe it or not my focusing issue seems to be fixed,and the button can't possibly pop through the duck tape! Duck tape may be the best repair!

12:26 am - Thursday, September 11, 2008

#196 David Norman

I had the same problem with my DSC-H5. The autofocus stopped working. I bought a shutter assembly but the one in the camera looked OK to me. As mentioned by someone else in this blog or another, I noticed a dimple in the membrane that gets pushed by the shutter's tiny shaft. I'm guessing this membrane is part of the CONTROL SWITCH BLOCK, Part # 147969921 ($62.91). Does anyone know how to replace this part or can point me in the right direction?

1:31 am - Thursday, September 18, 2008

#197 Juan Jose Najar

Hi Everyone! just to tell all of you that I GET THE DEFINITIVE SOLUTION TO THOSE DSC-H(1 to 9) SHUTER AND AUTOFOCUS PROBLEMS! FOREVER AND EVER! Do yo wanna know how it has been possible?

Visit my blog:

Infortunatelly is in Spanish but in a few days it will be in English too! (i´m working on that).

3:14 am - Monday, September 22, 2008

#198 Mike

Nice work! I don't know Spanish but I saw the detailed pictures. Tried using Google to translate. It works on most of it but some things get 'lost in translation'. Looking forward to the English version.
Thanks for sharing your solution.

4:53 pm - Monday, September 22, 2008

#199 Juan Jose

Thanks Mike, you are the first how see my new blog. Just be patient! I´m working on English... it is important you understand it clearly.
Recommend do not lost the link!

10:15 pm - Monday, September 22, 2008

#200 Timir

I lost my shutter button today. Sony is asking $180 for repair.

4:52 am - Thursday, September 25, 2008