The Great Megapixel Shootout

May 17, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | Digital | Comment | |

Phase One P45Ever wanted to find out how the 39 megapixel Phase One P45 digital back compares to the Canon EOS 5D, Hasselblad H1 or Mamiya 645? Find out in a fascinating article over at Lumnious Landscape that compares the resolution of 11 professional cameras.

“For some photographers, statements comparing the image quality of different cameras are an emotional powder keg almost as sensitive as racial or gender comparisons. Any ranking I might make would likely ignite a flame war so I have decided not to rank the nine backs. I have accurately described the procedure used to make these JPEGs and you are welcome to draw your own conclusions. However, for any critical comparisons I recommend ordering the DVD with all the original camera RAW files and making your own personal comparisons.”

Website: Luminous Landscape - Measuring Megabytes