Unseen Colour Photos of Dachau Camp Surface on Vintage Everyday

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The Vintage Everyday website has published a set of never-before-seen colour photographs showing inmates in a Nazi concentration camp. The Daily Mail, which also carried the photos, has talked to an unnamed expert who said the shots would most probably have been taken in the Dachau camp sometime after its liberation on 29 April 1945 by US Army forces. With the exception of one photograph depicting dead bodies in a railway carriage, the rare colour images feature exhausted but fairly relaxed-looking men of various nationalities, among them Russians and Poles. In some of the pictures one can also see French and Yugoslav flags being flown, underpinning the assumption that they were taken after the camp had been liberated. (The prisoners weren’t able to leave immediately after the arrival of the Americans as the war was still raging, and many of them didn’t have the means to return home on their own.) The original source of the images has not been revealed.

Photo: Vintage Everyday via The Daily Mail

Update: PhotographyBLOG has managed to trace back the images to the original source.

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#1 Richard Tack

Another reason they didn't release them right away; they wanted to make sure none of the camps Nazi personnel were among them.

9:02 pm - Wednesday, March 27, 2013

#2 shamel

Better hide them, they are very contradictory with the usual shots from walking skeletons one has shown to people once. Maybe some day the truth will hurt some among my people. But truth will always emerge some day, one can not live with lies for eternity. I have seen shots that mine had done there, my uncle died in Buchenwald from Thyphus. Some of ours have told me what happened there and that was a totally different music from the orchestration heard at Nuremberg, despite it where not days of glory. I do not give further comments on this, it might hurt some people. Shalom for all those that died there, by what ever the cause was. They better has included Churchill, Stalin, Truman, and Roosevelt, in this trials for uselessly murdering millions of civilians in Russia, Germany and Japan. The real criminals are not always where they are told us to be.

3:18 pm - Thursday, March 28, 2013

#3 http://www.al-s.org

thank you sir

12:08 am - Monday, July 1, 2013