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Xsories have launched a new range of pocket-sized digital projectors that allow you to share your videos, photos and other images. Comprising three units, the line-up includes a £349:99 'Pro' model that measures 10.5x10.5x3.1cm and a LED lamp providing 80 lumens of illumination. The projector has a resolution of 854x480 pixels and an image size of up to 305cm on the longer side. The range also includes the medium-size, £259:99 'X-Project' model and the tiny, £239:99 X-Project Micro (pictured), which is not much larger than a smartphone.

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The ‘X-Project, a range of three projectors from Xsories, allows you to share your videos, photos and images with your own mini cinema. You can now project material directly from almost any device - camera, smartphone, tablet, computer, hard disk, whatever.

The ‘Pro' , the larger of the three, is pocket sized, even for very small pockets. It measures 10.5cms x 10.5 and 3.1 deep. Or if you prefer, 4"x4" and about an inch deep. In order to ensure that the projector is compatible with most devices it comes with a range of adaptors can be connected via ports: HDMI, USB, cards, and video cable.

"When you have finished the day's action you can now share it with others without crowding around a computer screen or playing pass the camera," said Gordon Way, of Ultra Sport, UK distributors for the USA ‘Xsories' range "When I saw the tiny unit I thought that it would be impossible for it to project decent pictures. But it does."

The LED technology provides 80 lumens giving brilliant colours and good contrast combined with an excellent soundtrack. The projector supports an image size of up to 305cm with an 854x480 pixel resolution. The unit can be run from the mains or from its built in rechargeable battery which lasts for two hours. The screen can be set up from anything which is available - a light coloured wall or sheet provides excellent pictures.

The next model is the X-Project, even smaller than the Pro, and it too works directly with any device. Finally the tiny X-Project Micro which is not much larger than a smart phone. As well as being a projector it can recharge an Android smartphone with its battery acting as a power bank, It is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Samsung MHL cable adaptor), S2, Note, Nexus, HTC One X, OneS and One XL. For use with Apple devices the Lightning digital AV adaptor or 30 pin Av adaptor are required and are not supplied with the unit.

Prices (inc vat): Pro £349:99. X-Project £259:99. Micro £239:99

Go to http://www.xsories.com/x-project-pro.html

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