Zantins Offers Responsive Web Design for Photographers

February 5, 2014 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Websites | Comment |

Professional Web developer Glen Elkins has launched Zantins, a new, dedicated responsive website design and development service for photographers. "Photography is a major interest of my daughter's, and while I was researching for her I noticed a lot of websites in the industry  are not responsive… meaning they are poor on mobile devices," Glen says. "[Zantins] has been researched and designed to be quick, cheap and simple enabling the artists to focus on their work and have a working responsive site without having to learn or pay huge prices." The company's "All-in-One" service package is available for £19.99 a month.

Website: Zantins

Zantins Press Release

“Responsive web design for photographers is now more affordable than ever!”

With the ever increasing rise in the use of mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads it has become vital for businesses to own websites which appear correctly on devices with varying screen resolutions.

More and more people now complete comprehensive research online before paying for a product or service and a lot of these people are performing their research from a mobile device. In the case of a photographer this means that if a website is not responsive then business is potentially lost as a result of people not being able to clearly see online portfolios.

Many web design companies throughout the UK have started to offer responsive websites however the fees can often be outrageous, running into thousands of pounds.

Recently a company by the name of Zantins has emerged as a dedicated responsive website design and development company for photographers. They have started something new within their industry that is making their competitors and photographers stand up and take notice.

Zantins create responsive websites specifically for photographers however they manage to do this for only £19.99 per month. Think about this for a second - £19.99 equates to only 67p per day (Less than half of the cost of a decent cup of coffee!)

Speaking with Glen Elkins, the owner and lead developer at Zantins, we asked how it is possible to provide websites that are traditionally so expensive for just 67p per day and his response was very honest and open.

“With responsive web design for photographers we’re not inventing something new. The thing that we do well is to understand the needs of our customers and to streamline the process of giving this to them. This all results in low overheads and a finely tuned conveyor of trained staff that can work quickly and accurately to create responsive websites quickly.”

He went on to say

“Responsive web design is not brain science but it is a very specialist area that requires the right mind-set and skill-set to do well. We have taken an industry (photography) that we are passionate about and applied the skills that we worked hard to attain to give our customers something that is outstanding in quality, performance and price.”

Mr Elkins has happily taken heat from competitors within the web design industry to continue to provide a low cost solution for photographers and he has no plans to increase his prices at any time soon.

More information on Zantins and the services that they offer can be found here

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