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November 16, 2011 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Software | Comment |

Zoner Software has released a new version of its flagship software Zoner Photo Studio. Among the most important new features are new editing functions - such as Tone Mapping and ‘Fill with Surroundings’, CUDA/OpenCL support, and direct integration with the Zonerama web photo sharing service. Zoner Photo Studio 14 PRO is offered at a price of $69.99, while the HOME edition is available for $34.99. A free, 30-day trial version can be downloaded from the developer’s website.

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Zoner Press Release

The New Zoner Photo Studio 14: In Every Picture’s Story

(November 16th, 2011) Renowned digital photography company Zoner Software has brought to market a new version of its flagship software Zoner Photo Studio, a comprehensive digital photography suite. With its ease of use and its advanced management, editing, and sharing tools, it has found its way to the hearts of millions of users around the world. Among the most important new features are new editing functions, CUDA/OpenCL support, and direct integration with web photo sharing.

Ales Hasala, development team director, is glad to comment on the features of the new version. “What we’re most proud of this year is the great strides we’ve taken in speed. This is mainly thanks to the fact that we can now use the GPU for calculations. We have the world’s first digital photography processing software that can effectively take advantage of CUDA and OpenCL. Add that up with the improvements to our 64-bit edition and you have one of the fastest programs around. Ultimately what we do is, we save our users time that they could spend taking pictures.”

Users will definitely also appreciate the new editing features. The already wide range of features like clone stamping, curves, and advanced red eye reduction has been enriched with new functions and tools. Tone Mapping makes it easy for anyone to create magical scenes from even a single photograph, giving a new dimension to the art of HDR photography. The new Deform tool helps with popular tasks like slimming a person’s figure or advanced facial adjustments. Fill with Surroundings can remove an object from a picture effortlessly, replacing it with its surroundings so convincingly you’d never know it was there.

Zonerama, meanwhile, is a new, attractive web photo sharing service that gets users’ pictures looking great on the Web. “What Zonerama means for users is easy photo presentation,” explain Zonerama’s creators.  “Even though it’s on the web, there’s no need to visit a website. You can work from inside Zoner Photo Studio. The service also does exceptionally little shrinking of photographs during uploading. In short, users get their own impressive and easily edited web gallery. I like to think of all the people who would otherwise be afraid of the complication of a web gallery, but will get past that fear and go on to enjoy its benefits thanks to us.”

Zoner Photo Studio 14 PRO is offered at a price of $69.99. As always, users of older versions are eligible for discounts. Less demanding users can also purchase the HOME edition, for $34.99. It is also newly possible to extend a license to all computers in a whole household for one flat fee: $29.99.

Zoner Photo Studio 14 can be tested completely uncrippled, free for 30 days. It is available for download at

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